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How to Become a Model: The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Modeling Career as a Professional Model

by Liza Jo Laney

If you want to learn how to become a professional model and build a successful modeling career, then this book is for you!

Today only, get this incredibly useful guide for only $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

The fashion industry is incredibly picky about who will be the face of their brands and products. However, if you have “the look” and the desire to be a model, then why not give it a shot? Today, the robust growth of the fashion and beauty industry has opened up countless opportunities for many people, even those who don’t consider themselves particularly beautiful in the conventional sense. In this eBook, we will give you all the necessary information on how to become a model; including how to get started, how to choose the right agency, how to hone your talent, and how to back all that beauty with skill and charisma – the two most important things for attracting public attention.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Choosing the Kind of Modeling You Want To Do
  • Taking Care of Yourself in Preparation for Becoming a Model
  • Entering the Market
  • Portfolio Photography Tips
  • Selecting the Best Modeling Agency for You
  • How to Stay Successful
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Stress Relief Rap lyrics: Get the stress off your chest (AddyRaw Rap Lyrics Book 1)

bad ass rap lyrics straight from the heart

Guitarists Get Theory: The really useful guide to music theory: …..just for guitar players

by Dan Thorpe

Do you struggle to understand the complicated world of music theory?

Does it frustrate you trying `get` what chords work with one another?

Do you watch other guitarists run up and down the fretboard and wonder why you can`t do that without playing wrong notes?

Every single guitarist has at some point struggled to understand what on earth is going on when it comes to the world of MUSIC THOERY.

GUITARISTS GET THEORY – written by renowned author and music teacher, Dan Thorpe is here to help you simplify the complex world of music theory once and for all.

Learning music theory CAN be complicated but it doesn`t have to be.

Do not worry – `Guitarists Get Theory` has the answer…

– Learn how to find the notes on the fretboard using Dan Thorpe`s unique pattern system

– Get 3 absolutely must know formulas that most `experienced` players don`t get

– Use and understand The Note Circle`

– The 1 simple trick that will supercharge the most important part of your own songs

Want to write songs of your own?

This book will save you months, maybe even years – teaching you the greatest chord progressions all time such as the Modern, Modern minor, Catchy Pop, Soulful Pop chord progressions and more.

Also, learn a range of unusual chord progressions to sky rocket your own songs and help you understand those of your favorite artists.

PLUS – Understand and use the Relative Major and minor key`, Consonance and Dissonance, harmony and which notes work with which chords so you can write awesome guitar solos and vocal melodies.

All this and moreâ?¦

WARNING: This book is all killer and no filler

Horny sluts getting nasty – Darcey – Sexy XXX photos

by KC Lane

This is an adult picture book featuring an erotic story told through pictures and is intended for adults only. High definition pictures, quick download, formatted for all devices. Enjoy!

Keepin’ It Tight (Love Series Book 1)

by Shani Greene-Dowdell

Three is too many for any relationship. When past hurts and abuse meet temptation, insecurity and deception, Cornelius and Lela Johnston’s once beautiful marriage will take a miracle to hold together.

101 Bob Marley Quotes: Inspirational and Peaceful

by Ronda Buckley

Bob Marley was a Jamaican reggae singer-songwriter, musician, and guitarist who achieved international fame and acclaim.

For Peace, Love and Brotherhood

For A Man Who is a Legend of Reggae

Band Across The Pond: Touring the U.K. and Europe 101: (Touring with your Band, Music Tour, Europe) (D.I.Y. Music)

by Rake Helson

Learn The Ins and Outs Of Touring The U.K. and Europe With Your Band!

Get this Kindle book for just $2.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

It’s tough being an independent musician. With today’s brutal competition, a majority of today’s artists fail to enjoy any significant success in the industry. After years of playing in empty venues, a lot of bands give up the dream of fame, wealth, and rock & roll. Most of the surviving bands have meager bank accounts as well. As unfortunate as it may be, this is the fate of most bands that may be at the wrong place.

The lack of cash coming in is one of the major problems of being an independent musician. Even if you are very passionate about performing, it just doesn’t feel right to be underpaid. It makes you feel incomplete and miserable. This is why jumping ahead and touring the U.K. and Europe with your band is the next logical step, right? Yesâ??and no.

Inside You Will Learn…

  • How To Get Your Band Booked
  • D.I.Y. Promotion
  • Building Working Contacts
  • Working With A Tour Manager Or Tour Company
  • Renting Band Equipment While On Tour
  • Tips For Selling Merchandise During The Tour
  • And More…

Get started right away. Download “Band Across The Pond” now for a limited time discount of only


Download your copy today!

Beautiful Mountains: Iconic and breathtaking mountain pictures.

Beautiful Mountains

Beautiful Mountains has been composed by George Delaney so that you can have access to beautiful mountain photography that is just out of this world. We’re sure you’ll love this work.

If you have Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime in the UK can you can borrow this book for free. So download it now and have a look at amazing pictures to be inspired whilst you’re on the way to work.

Da Vinci’s REAL Hidden Secrets: Seminar on ‘Dresden Codex’

by L. A. Braun

The newest seminar booklet addition to the ‘Abridged Roundtable Series!’ This seminar booklet is a stunning exploration of Leonardo Da Vinci’s secret number ’26’ in relation to the infamous ‘Dresden Codex.’ Explore the Mayan madness! This enthralling spellbinder traces this hidden number â??26′ all over the illuminated manuscript’s finest illustrations. Without a doubt, the number ’26’ is the most prolific and profound statement ever uttered by man, its use unmatched and unprecedented in our history. Enjoy the adventure! Most astoundingly, this booklet illustrates how the hidden number â??26′ is deeply embedded in our most famous masterpieces! Read it today!

How To Get An Awesome Live Guitar Sound: The Secrets To Getting A Killer Tone…Easily

by Dan Thorpe

If I could show you a guaranteed way to get an awesome live guitar tone, without spending a lot of of money and doing so with instant results you can get today would you be interested?

Do You struggle to get the tone you hear in your head?

Do you dream of getting the tone of your favorite guitarists but no matter what you can`t get that sound?

Do you constantly tweak you amp settings to no avail?

Do you struggle to get heard in the mix?

Well, we have all been there at some point. Now you can save a huge amount of money and time and spend it on the things that count, like actually playing the guitar and not having to tweak your tone for an hour first!

Over a guitar players lifetime you could spend $10,000`s of dollars trying to get `that tone` Many people do.

You could also spend 1000`s of hours of tweaking and testing.. Now you don`t need to, How To Get An Awesome Live Guitar Sound has all the information you need to see instant, useable results will enhance your tone dramatically.

If you are not happy with this book or don`t see the results promised, you will get a 60 day guarantee FULL REFUND no questions asked. That`s how confident we are in this book.

WARNING: This book is all killer and no filler

How To Play Guitar – Guitar Lessons For Beginners: Learn to play guitar and impress your friends

Want to learn how to play world’s favourite musical instrument, guitar? Then your wait is over as this guide is the easiest and proven method to learn how to play guitar. It’s an easy method for the beginners as well as for those who want to improve their guitar-playing skills.

Iconic Structures from a Different Perspective: Breathtaking Photography with a different story

Iconic Structures from a different perspective takes a fresh view at beautiful and iconic buildings. These perspectives bring a sensitive, and sometimes vulnerable view of amazingly beautiful and breathtaking scenes. We’re sure that you will love the views offered in this book.

If you have Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime then you can download this book for free.

People in Places: An exploration of time, motion and meaning

People in Places – an exploration of time, motion and meaning is a photoessay following a number of timeless people in timeless places, ironically rooted very much in the here and now. We invite the viewers and participants to have a look themselves at the rich and detailed images and to be transported to timeless places within their own minds to attain mindfulness.

Producing Music At Home: Tips and pointers

This is a book about producing music at home. You could also learn a lot about mastering and mixing music. Become a producer with this book for some time. The most important tips and pointers this book.

Thai Traditional House in Waterfront Village (Photo Gallery)

by Chris Oconnor

The author once had a memorable tour at Thai Traditional House in Waterfront Village, Ayutthaya, Thailand and took some amazing photos

Order a copy and enjoy!


picture of America

Brody & Paetau: Just Another Group Show / World Cup: Fixed layout comic / graphic novel (art book / artists’ book) no. 2

by Ondrej Brody

This is a fixed layout comic ebook: it’s an artists’ book telling the true story about another strange ‘project’ by visual artists Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau. Brody & Paetau are ‘conceptual artists’ and friends who make weird, provocative art. At least they think it’s artâ?¦ Their artistic strategy is often embarrassing in its literacy and straightforwardness. The criticality of their works could be described as â??homeopathic’ in the sense of â??let like be cured by like’. Their ‘art theory’ is based on a misunderstood and distorted quotation of a phrase in Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’: “When an artist tries to rebel against the iron logic of Power, he comes into conflict with principles to which he himself owes his existence as artist. And so his action against Power must lead to his own downfall. Of course, Power can be mocked for a certain time, but its’ revenge will not fail to appear.”

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