Free historical fiction Kindle books for 24 Sep 14

The White Rajah: The Williamson Papers

by Tom Williams

New Edition published by Accent Press 2014.

When charismatic adventurer James Brooke travels to Borneo on the schooner Royalist, he plans to make a great fortune establishing trade between the natives and the British Empire. But even in his flights of fancy, he’d never imagined that he would end up rajah of his own country.

The story is told by John Williamson, a young sailor who has travelled with Brooke since he set out from England. They find themselves mixed up in Borneo’s civil war, political divisions, and intrigue, being forced further and further away from their dreams and ideals and struggling to establish the British presence on the island – as, meanwhile, love grows between them â?¦

Based on the true story of James Brooke, the first White Rajah of Sarawak, this tale of adventure and love is set against the background of a jungle world of extraordinary beauty and savagery.

Hale’s Storm (The Hale’s Storm Series Book 1)

by Alissa Bright

Penelope Hale is hungry– rib baring, aching belly starving. Abruptly dropped from the cushy heights of extreme wealth into the gaping jaws of the Great Depression, her family claws for any meager scrap of food they can get. She is determined to break out of the pattern society has set for her and create her own foundation. Alone.

As Pip fights her way through a raging storm, she finds that food and water

can only satisfy the belly. When she learns that her suffering could be

the result of foul play, a more ravenous hunger takes over. She needs sustenance of a different sort, and she’s simply starving for it.

Heroes & Thieves

by Heather C. Myers

He doesn’t like her; she doesn’t care. However, they both need each other – his ship needs supplies and she needs any way to get off Tortuga. A Robin Hood pirate captain straight out of legends encounters a saucy barmaid with a dark secret from her past threatening to ruin her present, and life for both of them will never be the same.

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