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Disasters In The Sun

by Z. K. McLendon

What happens when you take a love-triangle, a crumbling friendship, a mysterious shoebox, a dalliance from the past, and the last wish of a dying grandmother, mix them all together in a local pub and Gatsby-esque beach home, then toss in enough booze to kill a small elephant?

Wellâ?¦ disasters in the sun, of course.

Set during a summer of discontent, this intimate novel follows the life of Jay Murphy as he embarks on a fantastic love affair that will either lead him to a happy-ever-after or to a soul-crushing downfall.

Working as a bartender at Charlie’s Pub, alongside his best friends, Clem Cunningham and Jack Daniel’s, Jay has spent most of his mid-twenties set on cruise control, fantasizing about the book he hopes to someday finish, hindered by his acute apathy and chronic hangover. But that all changes one electric night in June when his slacker-swag collides head-on with the very beautiful and very rich Olivia Sinclair. Spending the summer at her family’s beach home to mourn the recent loss of her grandmother, Jay views her as a goddess on earth, radiating with the infinite possibilities of life; though she does have one tiny flawâ?¦ She’s engaged to Vincent Lyon, the prestige literary critic. But when Vincent’s called away on business, Olivia and Jay spark up a friendship that erupts into a romance so intoxicating, a plan to run away together is all they can dream aboutâ?? that is, until scoffing friends, heavy consciences, and Vincent’s sudden return rattles their dreams with a sobering slap of reality.

What ensues is a summer chockfull of comedy, drama, love, and despair that will leave everyone reaching for the whiskey.

A Great Perplexity

by Prashant Bhawalkar

When the God Dionysus takes human form to take up residence in New York as Chief Creative Officer of an advertising agency, he sets into motion a series of events that pit the laws of the natural order against those of the artificial order created by humanity. In particular, these events affect the lives of characters from former countries of the East Bloc who find themselves in this epicentre of the capitalist universe either as immigrants or visitors. Included in this group are Oslovski the Proust scholar looking for love, Kuritsevich, the hard-headed rationalist and defender of free-market economics and Isis, the girl from Prague who had a brief romantic encounter with Oslovski inside the toilet of her city’s national opera house.

The novel centres around the reunion of Oslovski and Isis and, to a lesser extent, Kuritsevich’s re-acquaintance with his East European roots through the accidental severance of his head from his body in a comical, surrealistic sequence at the end.

A highly-allusive and intertextual novel, A Great Perplexity attempts to celebrate humanity’s literary heritage. Through its picture of a world in which human personality is homogenized and packaged, A Great Perplexity asks questions about identity, sensibility, and the separation of humanity from its myths in a globalised world.

When Times are Strange

by Hazel Campbell

When Times Are Strange, people do strange things. If you like short stories (varying lengths) you’ll like these six stories. The characters are larger than life.They

are frightened, they weep, they find courage to face their challenges but they also love and laugh. Typical Jamaican humour bubbles under the surface. Literature from the Commonwealth.

See my other ebook collection of stories My Darling You, Mr. King’s Daughter, a modern folktale, and Rocky Road a YA novella..Happy reading.

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The Vale of Health

by Chris Bell

“I’ve not been well. Too much noise in my head, a kind of teetering, skittering feeling as though everything’s about to come crashing down. I’m in need of a different sort of distraction; something grounded, with less noise than the internet. The look of one of the trees in the park opposite my study in the summer light; that occulting of sun on leaves stirring in the breeze â?? so complex; such a manyness of brightnesses and shade â?? reminds me there is something larger than us in a way my computer cannot, and I need to be reminded of that.” A short story about a painting that has a life of its own… The Vale of Health is a part of London’s Hampstead Heath, supposedly so called because the area was spared by the Great Plague of 1665-1666. This Chris Bell short story was inspired by a Henry Lamb portrait of the writer Lytton Strachey, a man who was something of a stranger to good health, in spite of the fact that he sat for Lamb in his Vale of Health studio over a period of several years. Henry Lamb’s portrait of Lytton Strachey can be viewed online at the Tate Collection’s website.

Love Sex

by F. P. Adriani

The yearnings along an unknown quest…a life lived on wishes…reality and fantasy, and the superfine line that sometimes exists between them…a disembodied affectionâ?¦.

Four strange romantic tales.


Notes from the author: Love Sex is about 28,000 words, and contains two novelettes, two short stories, and sexually explicit language. The stories inside are: Love At First Sight, Geode Surprise, Why Gods Shouldn’t Love Mortals And Mortals Shouldn’t Love Gods, and Every Thing He Touches.

I believe that a mystery or a mysterious-feeling reading experience is at the heart of all excellent, exciting fiction. Normally I write vague plot descriptions for my stories; they’re structured so the narrative events are first encountered at certain times–and I intend for readers to experience those events inside the narratives first. Before reading my books, please avoid reading plot-spoilers about them.

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