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Crime After Crime (Alexander Kane Book 1)

by Tara W. Kent

Detectives Kim Daniels and Jacob Newport come across a grisly murder and the calling card of one King of Spades. The duo’s attempt to crack the case before anymore killings suddenly becomes stifled by Alexander Kane, a soap opera actor hoping to turn method actor and claim higher rolls in the business.

The trio forced together must cope with one another while hopefully breaking a case that seems to drag Kane further down the estranged path that holds its familiarities to his old life in the soaps.

The intense role now being played by all the parties involved come quickly careening into a nightmare as the game being played turns into a means to teach the Detective’s and Kane of their shortcomings and their indiscretions against the potential serial killer waiting and ready to strike.

Like A Suicide: The Wraith

by John J. Archer

â??Wraith’ is a serial killer. Not that he would call himself that. The best killer in the world. That he would agree with.

He believes proper order can only be brought about in the world via chaos. Most of his kills make sense in that way. It just so happens that now someone has the nerve to bring chaos into his world by stealing money from him.

After tracking down the perpetrator, James and confronting him, Wraith concludes that he is either a genius or a stupid thief who just happened to mess with the wrong man. Either way, Wraith promises himself to enjoy this kill.

Wraith concludes James must die but decides to take his time and find out if this is the guy that might provide the challenging kill he has been looking for all along. He has to do all this with Detective Sweeney, the local superstar detective hot on his trail.

As he gets ready to go for the kill Wraith can sense that something is wrong. It’s just that this time, the kill feels â??Like A Suicide’.

Seize the Soul : Episode 1: Confessions of a Summoner

by William Stadler


A soul is a terrible thing to waste.

Soul Summoner Rebekah Scarlet is gunned down outside of a midnight pub in Raleigh. Awakening in a hospital, things quickly fall from bad to worse when she realizes that she’s been cuffed to the bed.

With the help of her shapeshifter best friend Lyle Finnegan, Rebekah must find a way to escape if she wants to uncover why she – the victim of a crime – has now become the suspect.

Bartleby and James: Edwardian Steampunk Chronicle (Galvanic Century Book 1)

by Michael Coorlim

Alton Bartleby is a social savant and the foppish toast of steampunk London’s upper crust. James Wainwright is a brilliant but socially stunted working class engineer with a flair for invention and a propensity towards violence. Together they solve the mysteries that Scotland Yard cannot.

This novel is the first in the Galvanic Century steampunk series of mysteries set in Edwardian England. Join Bartleby and James as they tackle their first four cases as consulting detectives.

In “And They Called Her Spider” they hunt an impossible assassin, trying to end her reign of terror before she can disrupt Queen Victoria’s Platinum Jubilee.

In “Maiden Voyage of the Rio Grande” the detectives fight to clear James’ name aboard an airship before sabotage sends them crashing into the city below.

“On the Trail of the Scissorman” sends the pair after a monstrous serial killer turning London’s children into orphans.

Finally, “A Matter of Spirit” delves into the shadow world of séances and spiritualism as they look for a missing medium in the parlors of Knightsbridge… and beyond.

Mistaken Identity (The Cold Brush Stroke Book 1)

by Lily Green

From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Files, Eve Snow Psychic P.I., Ralph’s Gift, Friend Zone, Sex Demons, A Halloween Awakening, In the Blood, Shadow Stalkers, Ms Bookworm and Mr Sex Symbol, Beautiful Magick, Eternally Soul Mates, Come With Me (The Billionaire Series), One Wrong Step and other exciting titles. And now, here’s The Cold Brush Stroke…



Sarah Anne Matthews is just a normal girl with a 9-5 job and a roommate that is almost like a sister, except her roommate is blonde and she is dark-haired.

One winter day, she comes home early to catch a stranger in their house. She finds herself hiding, only letting herself out after she was sure the man has gone. What she finds in the upper bedrooms will change her life forever.

Det. Christopher “Kit” Sorenson and his team are after a serial killer who tortures, murders a string of dark-haired women, and paints the scene using the victim’s blood. He follows the trail of mayhem until he arrives at Sarah’s town. For the first time, the serial killer has made a mistake – he killed the wrong woman.

And he is here to make sure that when he comes back for the intended victim, he is waiting.

When Kit and Sarah meet each other, they feel a bond deeper than the circumstance that brought them together. The sexual tension is palpable, and as forceful as the lurking evil waiting for another chance at murder, so is lust waiting for just a chance to let loose and consume them both.

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This series contains GRAPHIC sexual content that readers may find objectionable, including explicit language, violence, and erotic themes.


When they got me down to the station, this man who looked like a Native American was standing there in the squad room with snow sticking to his hair. It was his brown skin and the long, jet-black hair that made him look like he had a background. He has a surprisingly handsome face, and his color made him look exotically beautiful. I could not believe at first that he was a detective. I thought he could be a model because he was also tall, reaching six feet easily, and the way he carried himself attracted attention from men and women alike.

But he was not smiling and his brown eyes were cold as they observed me silently. It looked like he just got out of the shower and was wearing two different boots on his feet.

I was talking to officer Timmons then. “He didn’t feel like he meant any malice or wanted to do harm to anyone. I know how strange that sounds, but I can only tell you what I felt when I looked into his eyes.”

“So, you have attached yourself to him, and that you sympathize with him. Is that what I’m hearing from you, miss? Maybe you are part of this as well, and you stalked the target, and then called your partner to finish the job.”

I lifted my head, my tears still streaming down my cheek, with this red-hot rage building up inside me. If I could kill him with just my look, he would be dead at my feet with blood coming out of his ears.

“How dare you even suggest that I would have anything to do with this? I don’t know who you are, but I don’t like you. In fact, right now I really want to kick you in your face.

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Sincerely Dead: An Elise Sandburg Short Story

by Anne Frasier



Savannah homicide detectives Elise Sandburg and David Gould are called out on Christmas Eve to investigate the murder of Santa Claus.

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