Free poetry Kindle books for 24 Sep 14

One-Verse Moment (Book I)

by Cromwell Artiaga

One-Verse Moments is a collection of the author’s insights, thoughts, dreams and experiencesâ?? written in a versified form of twelve lines. The word “Moment” is very significant in this book as it connotes the idea of an existence governed by the interplay of time and space through the perception of the senses. On the other hand, each Moment as written in this book is a depiction of the person’s humanity in relation to his being in the world of matter and thoughts, and his quest for the Divine. Further, the Moments’ presentation ranges from the simplistic understanding of day-to-day experiences to the profound analysis of the bizarre and the mysterious. In general, each Moment’s meaning may vary from one reader’s perspective to another, depending on various factors influencing the interpretation. But definitely, a universal concept can be drawn in each; and by which, the Moments have been conceptualizedâ?? to signify the very purpose why this book is written. Book I just includes two hundred twenty (220) of these Moments grouped in eleven (11) episodal divisions.

Moonlit Journey – A Poetic Quest from Urban Decay to Paradise

by Owen Johnston

Please join me on this quest through dark passages – yet there are rays of hope throughout as we seek paradise. First we must embark upon a gritty, dimly lit poetic journey through the dark hour, looking for the new dawn. Once we have found this new hope, we must stay true to the path and finish our quest. We ultimately find ourselves on a grim, fateful journey through the horrors of night, only to find tales of fantasy and hope at the end. The dark passages within this book contain a range of poetic and prosaic writing styles in one compilation that is thick with liminalism and imagery. A sample poem –

Farewell Party (Leaving the Old Church)

The ravens on the roof

Stand guard like gargoyles –

These grim feathered ghouls

Perch atop the once proud passages

That they now pretend to own,

And sing a sad a cappella

In mockery of memory.

Three Steps Away From Faith

by Sean C. Harrison

Most people eventually agree during and after their fair share of adversity that there are no easy answers to most of life’s challenges. Often in these seasons the calls for faith grudgingly give room to the true to life questionings and grapplings with human emotion which make us just that.

This sophomore collection of poetry from Sean C. Harrison explores in its three chapters honest examinations of the ebbs and flows of faith without fear and pretense. He weaves stories of pain, introspection, resilience and triumph carved out by his own brushes with sorrow and interactions with others who themselves have wrestled with pain.He is able to deftly capture human feeling, thought and experience in verse (his own definition of poetry), unearthing from his very soul the things most would like to express but lack the facility to pen. Readers will not be disappointed but inspired by his words as he further bares his insights into the human condition and the intrinsic solutions that bring well needed comfort in an age where despair increasingly over-arches hope. The movement of this book mimics the steady rise of the morning sun as he starts with â??Losing Faith’ building to a triumphant climax in the final section â??Keeping Faith’, capturing this ultimate positive human effort in the face of life’s difficult realities.

Clear Vision

by Harry Buchler

A book of Poem’s and Musing’s put together since 1968 too present day. A very easy way to predict the future, and time. To make reading fun and easy. Enjoy what you get out of these writings. You should be amazed.

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