Free reference Kindle books for 24 Sep 14

Foreign Exchange Trading

by Steve Chandler

Ever wondered what drives a person to learn foreign exchange trading?

Steve Chandler explains why he chose to learn foreign exchange trading and how he has managed the learning process.

Steve talks about his experiences, winning, losing and chasing ‘pips’. He talks about the trading strategies he has learnt and how he manages risk.

If you have ever considered foreign exchange trading or have just started out, this book will provide you with an insight to a learner traders world.


by Miki Lorens

Regular sex (and regular masturbation, if you have worse luck) have a positive impact on physical and mental health. Most people think about sex quite often, in a variety of opportunity – at work, while waiting in line at the post office, at home, in lectures, in transportation, and it is understandable why: sex makes you feel good, increases our level of life satisfaction, stimulates the immune system and vital energy. But what we really satisfied with their sex life, and if we can do something that we enjoy more?

The first few statistics: The average man, the sex will enjoy only 85 times a year, which means one in four or five days. Each time, the orgasm will experience about 75 percent of men and only 29 percent of women, and of the remaining ladies, each other to pull a fast orgasm.

Inspire Me To Get Writing (Writing Fiction Book 1)

by Carla Acheson

An essential writing guide packed with inspiration, motivation, tips, ideas, techniques, creative writing examples, exercises and original short story prompts. It is everything you need to become inspired and begin your journey into writing for profit or pleasure.

This first guide in the series focuses on providing you with the essential core skills necessary for a writer to succeed, an area many other writing books tend to ignore. It highlights common problems all new writers face which prevent them from achieving their goals and offers concrete solutions.

The ‘Inspire Me’ series covers many essential areas for both the fiction and non fiction writer in a jargon free, easy to understand way. Each title can be downloaded independently to cover an area you feel you most need guidance.

Be sure to check out the other titles available in this series such as ‘Inspire Me With Writing Ideas,’ and ‘Inspire me with Characterisation.’

Math Number Houses for addition and subtraction 0-10: new method for Number Bonds & Fact Families (Math Education Help from

by Danny Demeersseman

Math Number Houses let children explore addition and subtraction from the concrete through the pictorial, the pictorial in mind (NEW) and finally to the abstract representation. We emphasize the action between each math problem and the time related aspect of addition and subtraction.

We use a NEW visualization for number bonds and fact families.

How to make math challenging for first graders!

Children experience addition and subtraction through breaking apart houses and putting them together again.

So grows their understanding of the relationships between facts.

The picture in mind is the basic part of the Math Number Houses method.

It facilitates the step from concrete to abstract thinking.

The mortar kids need to connect all the numbers.

We focus on learning the Number Bonds and Fact Families.

We wish you kids lots of building fun!

Plant killers: Poisonous plants that surround us.Plants that need to be especially careful

by Stephen King

Every day we come in contact with nature.around us ar plants are poisonous killer that we need to draw attention.

You can Publish for Free

by Geoff Waugh

Geoff Waugh tells you how you can publish your book for free and share your good news. You can publish your family photo book or write your own. Now you can make a Print-on-Demand book freely and buy one or more at discounted prices. You can make your book available on Amazon and Kindle and with book sellers at no further cost to you.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.