Free war Kindle books for 24 Sep 14

American Amaranth: Love and world war in the new American century ((Book 1 AMERICAN AMARANTH ANTHOLOGY))

by J. R. Ortiz

9/11….. Global war on terrorism….. World-wide economic collapse….. Geo-political positioning for limited natural resources….. Pandemic of revolution and civil war….. World war…..

When? Who? Why?

See the world through the single eye of an American hero, charged with a directive for ‘Peace on Earth’. An eye more intuitive, thoughtful, and passionate than most.

Follow Admiral Julian Stansfield as he leads the United States Navy in a titanic struggle to preserve freedom. Detailed descriptions allow you to live through the air, land, and sea battles around the globe. 82 days decide the fate of the twenty-first century.

Debilitated by illness, our hero thinks back on his life and family, and his love for Olivia.

As the story unfolds, the concept of ‘American Amaranth’ comes home to the reader. Honor and courage, duty, faith, and justice are shown to be the virtues necessary for a rightful peace. Above all, the promise of love is revealed for what it is – the central force and essence of mankind in the cosmos.

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