Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 25 Sep 14

MariaDB: Beginners Guide

by Rodrigo Ribeiro

This practical reference guide is suited for beginning developers and IT professionals who need to learn how to download and install MariaDB and use the SQL script language. Written by Rodrigo Ribeiro, author of the popular eBook “MySQL 5.6 – Beginners Book” also on Amazon Kindle Store, this book is a must have for developers that use or want to get started with MariaDB or are considering a migration from MySQL.

The SQL language basics is described in detail to create databases, tables, views, procedures and functions, but not only that. This book presents the basics of database design showing how to build foreign keys to relate tables and build strong database structures. All of this is presented using MariaDB latest version and HeidiSQL, the default database software interface that is shipped with the MariaDB installation. Transactions, events, triggers and more recent features that aren’t found in earlier publications are described in detail, keeping a hands-on spirit from beginning to end.

What’s new in Microsoft SharePoint 2013?: Learn about new and improved features of Microsoft SharePoint 2013

by Nauman Ahmed

This book is intended for various Information Technology professionals including architects, administrators, developers, support individuals, power users, content management specialists, compliance specialists, power users and end-users who work with Microsoft SharePoint and are interested to learn more about new and improved features in Microsoft SharePoint 2013.

Beginners Guide to Computer Maintenance

by By Raul Moreno

Do you ever want to throw your computer across the room because it is running so slowly? Have you ever lost valuable files or had your computer lock up when you needed it most? This book will help you learn how to prevent computer slow downs, lock ups and the loss of important files. Without regular computer maintenance, trojans and viruses can invade your computer and wreak havoc, even requiring complete system replacement. Hard drives can also be destroyed because of a worm that enters and takes over your system.

All of these problems and more can be prevented with a little maintenance. In this book you will take baby steps to learn how you can easliy maintain your computer and keep it running efficiently.

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