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THREE MISSISSIPPI: One Mississippi Series – Book Three

by Howard Littleson

Kathryn Nash was convinced that her life was over. After all, her beloved baby, Freddy, had been kidnapped and was being held hostage for a mob ledger that Kathryn no longer had in her possession. The love of her life, Professor Jeremiah Watson, was arrested and awaited extradition to San Francisco where he faced charges that could send him away for a very long time, and the man who had perhaps loved her most, John Stevens, had walked away from her and their young marriage. Rejoin Kathryn Nash as she struggles to regain control of her life, get away from her troubled past, and finally find the place that she knows deep down in her heart exists; a place where she knows true happiness awaits her.

In this, the long awaited third and final book in the ONE MISSISSIPPI trilogy, Howard Littleson takes readers back to the time of Kathryn Nash’s tumultuous life as America struggles through the Great Depression, comes out of Prohibition, and marches unknowingly toward World War II. THREE MISSISSPPI is, as were the previous two books in the series, a fast paced story with twists and turns and surprises that at times leaves the reader breathless; only this time readers are taken to a shocking conclusion; a conclusion that shows them just how dramatically life can change in the time it takes to say the word “Mississippi!”

BONUS MATERIAL: This book contains an excerpt from Howard Littleson’s next novel, THE PRIVATE BEACHES OF GILLFORD GABLES

Acacia: Secrets of an African Painting

by Paul Bondsfield

All families have secrets, but some secrets are deadly. In this adventurous treasure hunt, two families’ secrets collide across generations and continents.

One family is from the Matabele people defending their very existence and the other from the colonial ‘intruders’ intent on domination of a wild land.

Rumours of a great treasure of diamonds, buried deep in the African bush has swirled around the Braughton clan for generations and an old painting holds clues to these secrets no one understands … although many have tried.

Loves, courage and loyalties are tested across a century of intrigue but James and Tara Braughton decide to solve the family riddle by travelling to southern Africa at a time of political change.

Clues left them by Great Aunt Nellie who recently died point them in the direction of the treasure. But they discover more secrets on their journey from comfortable southern England to an untamed and unpredictable southern Africa, where the world of Mlimo, the Matabele spiritual leader still reigns for some.

James & Tara are drawn into a dangerous chase, pitted against a proud enemy they neither know of nor comprehend.

They soon discover disturbing truths that could either change lives – or end them.


by Kathryn Hockett

They were from two different cultures, their people were adversaries, yet once they had experienced the sensual sweetness of their passion, they knew they must risk every obstacle to be together.

Skyraven was the pride of her Arapaho tribe and the granddaughter of the tribe’s medicine man, a beauty with blue eyes and ebony silk hair. Though sought after by many of the braves she had not yet met a man of her choosing, that is until she came upon the golden-haired soldier in the clearing who had been captured by her people’s enemyâ??the Utes. In spite of her own danger, she quickly freed the handsome stranger from the cruel bonds that held him captive and took him back to her people to heal from his injuries.

Major John Hanlen had thought that death was a heartbeat away. Instead, he opened his eyes to see an enchantingly beautiful angel of mercy cutting the ropes that held him prisoner. Helping him to her horse, she rescued him from the hostile Indians intent on inflicting a gruesome death to the hated soldier. But though John had escaped capture, he soon found that he was a prisoner nonetheless; a captive to the longing of his heart and his soul for the lovely half-breed temptress who was so gently tending his wounds.

But their new-found love is soon marked by treachery and betrayal. Despite promises of peace by the white man’s army, Skyraven’s people are scheduled to be brushed aside and exterminated like bothersome gnats at Sand Creek. Now it is John Hanlen’s turn to do everything in his power to save the woman he loves from the wrath of a madman.

THE RAJ: War Years (Romance and the Raj Series Book 2)

by Dr Zulfiqar Ali

Our story now moves in part to Lahore, where we meet the humble, rural Moslem boy: Rehman, and the beautiful daughter of a wealthy Hindu businessman: Urmila. They fall in love, and as the world around them is drawn inextricably into the war, and the ancient war of religion and caste rages too, the lovers are torn apart.

Meanwhile, the Japanese in Burma incite the support of the Indian National Army, hell-bent on defeating the British and ousting the Raj. But the INAs loyalties are understandably divided in a country where it would appear that nothing and no one can now escape the ensuing horrors of the Japanese onslaught.

William Craft remains in Rangoon, maintaining a low profile, but how long can his social standing and business interests last as the Japanese close in? Will he be forced to flee?

And as our lovers dream of each other and weep lonely, desperate tears, neither could envisage how their paths would once again cross â?¦

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A New York Times Best-seller listed publisher

Anastasia’s Jewels

by John Fitzgerald

This novella is a work of historical fiction. It takes as a departing motif certain real events that are set forth in the Prologue. Through writing this fictional account I am exploring what resources we might possess should we lose everything and are literally left running through the forest in boots of the wrong gender, that are either too big or too small and reduced to an almost primordial like status in a big furry coat. Can we survive? Who or what do we cling to? How guarded must we ever be? Is there beauty in tragedy? And, yes what is to be done? Finally, is this how newness comes into the world? Is this how it is born? Of what fusions, translations, and conjoinings is it made? How does it survive, extreme and dangerous as it is? What compromises, what deals, and what betrayals of its secret nature must it make in order to stave off the wrecking crew, the exterminating angel, and the guillotine? I would hope the reader might tackle these critical questions and look for the answers to the counterfactual within the fictional.

Accepting their fate with a Christ like conviction when executed, blood, and water spilled from their dismembered bodies as they were bludgeoned with rifle butts and stabbed with bayonets. A more suitable avatar there could not be so perhaps, for almost two thousand years the deeper answer does indeed lie in what happened on Passion Friday on the hill of Golgotha.

Perhaps also, I may have grown too attached to my protagonist and for her sake, I created a plot with themes running throughout where the world is seen through Rose-Colored Glasses to coin the title of a great old Country song.

Or, maybe such a world can exist. A world where good overcomes evil and mercy and justice are married together by going beyond themselves. I believe that from an ontological argument it is possible to reach this conclusion.

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