Free horror Kindle books for 25 Sep 14


by Mixi J Applebottom

Jaspierre had a man locked in her basement. He was careless, he deserved it. But she couldn’t quite bring herself to kill him. She knew she was just making excuses. Mother would have done it that first night. But that first night had passed and many many years followed it. It was harder to kill someone when they were so attractive. Maybe if she would let him out for a bit, he’d do something awful. Then she could find her courage and slit his throat. After all, he deserved it.

A Bad Place

by Tony Urban

A modern take on a Brother’s Grimm-styled fairy tale, A Bad Place is a 15K word short story about living, and dying, for your friends.

Phil told his two best friends he saw a dead girl in the woods.  Not just a dead girl, but one hanging from a tree and gutted like a deer.  But with a family history of mental illness, they don’t know whether it was real or a delusion. Not wanting to let him down, the three boys trek deep into the forest where they must fight for their lives and their sanity.

Confessions of the Haunted: The Caretaker

by J. B. Glunk

Transcribed from the testimonies of those who have actually encountered or been plagued by the paranormal, the tales within this series are composed to provide readers with an authentic experience. Confessions of the Haunted was drafted to tell the RAW stories of REAL people who have been in contact with the supernatural or forces not of the world that our eyes can see. You’ve been warnedâ?¦A beautiful family cabin nestled in the heart of the Appalachians would appear to be ideal for those seeking to experience nature. But a dark piece of history from the estate’s past still resonates within the primitive stone walls. As the pandemonium ensued before barely taking a step past the front door, a group of five teenagers quickly discover that they were not alone on their overnight hunting excursion. Does a former resident still fulfill his living duties of tending to the grounds or is something even more sinister at work?

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