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Days Long Gone

by Raul Castro

If suicide was on your mind what would you think of? Zachary Fitzgerald thought of Days Long Gone: people and places that he had long ago lost or forgotten. In what might be his last moments of life, he remembered and reflected on those days, and wrote them down to share with you. Follow Zach through his day as he considers the actions he has taken in life, and his own mortality.

Being Tom

by Natalie Rachael Gale

Being Tom isn’t easy. Born and raised on the outskirts of Glasgow, the Son of an abusive, alcoholic Father and loving but downtrodden and beaten Mother, Tom seems to have survived his childhood pretty well. In a long term relationship with Rose, a beautiful, intelligent but flawed woman, Tom almost has it all.

But the brain is a fragile organ.

Unable to cope with the devastating results of a car crash and feeling deep inside that his life is cursed to failure, Tom in something approaching a fugue state and without telling family, friends or Rose, sets out to follow his ancestral roots in Australia.

In a short while he settles into a place that is as close to paradise as he can imagine. He meets and marries Fabienne, a French immigrant living in a small coastal town in New South Wales. Life seems to have finally delivered everything he ever dreamed it could.

But the past has a way of haunting us and Tom finds that his soon catches up with him with devastating consequences.

Unlocking the Mystery

by Eden Baylee

A mysterious key provides the first clue to opening a woman’s heart.

Evelyn Sutton goes in search of a man after a box is left to her by the former owner of her house. A story within a story spanning fifty years from America to Ireland, UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY has been compared to 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff.

Q & A with Eden Baylee

Q: Is Unlocking the Mystery considered explicit?

EB: On the contrary, aside from a bit of adult language, there is absolutely no sex in this book!

Q: Why did you choose to write an erotic piece without sex?

EB: It wasn’t so much a choice as much as I didn’t feel the story needed it. For me, erotica is not about building a story around sex scenes; it’s the opposite. Sex needs to be integral to the plot, and the story always dictates the amount of sex. In the case of Unlocking the Mystery, the act of sex was not required, yet I consider it one of the most sensual pieces I’ve ever written.

Q: What inspired Unlocking the Mystery?

EB: It was inspired by the art of letter writing and my love of words. Part of it takes place in Ireland, a country of writers and poets–C.S. Lewis, Oscar Wilde, and James Joyce to name a few. You only need to read some of the letters Joyce wrote to his beloved Nora Barnacle to understand the power of words.

Q: Is the ideal reader for your book male or female?

EB: The ideal reader for this book, whether male or female, is a lover of words and someone who enjoys the mystery of life. They may also be a romantic but not necessarily wear their heart on their sleeve. Both men and women have told me how much this story touched them because the themes are universal. Love, longing, and loss are feelings most of us experience sooner or later.

* * * * *

Unlocking the Mystery is included in SPRING INTO SUMMER with: A Season for Everything | Summer Solstice | The Lottery. (Each sold separately)

The Long Slide (Lagan River, Black Mountain Book 1)

by Dennis Burton

LAGAN RIVER, BLACK MOUNTAIN is an immense work of fiction, a 2-volume novel dramatizing the whole history of ‘the Troubles’ in Northern Ireland, through individuals drawn from both sides of the divide. Beginning in 1941, when the Germans were bombing Belfast and the IRA were bombing Britain, Volume 1, THE LONG SLIDE, covers a period of nearly thirty years, taking the story up to 1969, when war broke out in the province and the British Army moved in.

Written under the pseudonym, Dennis Burgess, to separate it from bestselling author W. A. Harbinson’s other fictions, THE LONG SLIDE is a true epic of war and peace… and possibly the first great ‘Belfast’ novel.

Unwritten Lives: Path to Destiny (Sars Springs Saga Life Series Book 3)

by Amy Shannon

Prequel to “Unwritten Life”

Experience the two paths taken that brought them into each other’s arms.

Alexis’ path begins with her on trial for murder. Live through Alexis’ ordeal as she flashes to memories of her and her first love, Matthew Garris. Experience her “cop fascination” as she makes her travels across country and transforms herself from Alexis Garris to Alex Garrison, where she finally meets her destined love.

Jim’s path begins with his searching for his perfect blonde, perfect woman, his destined angel. Jim’s path intercepts with Alexis Garris, but both are unknown to each other. Experience Jim’s heartbreak at the loss of his father, along with the pain of losing his best friend, Matthew Garris, while he tries to discover where he wants his life to end up. Experience Jim’s side of the story as he met Alex Garrison.

Middle of Nothing: A Novel

by Scott Reed

He had everything most people would consider worthwhile yet there was a gnawing feeling of nothingness inside the mind and soul of Brian Jefferson.

A dark tale of one man’s philosophical journey, MIDDLE OF NOTHING begins with Brian Jefferson on a brief excursion of rediscovery. Unfortunately, he discovers a darker side of his personality and devolves into levels of sexual depravity that disturb his core self. Told without the necessity for excessive graphic detail, his adventures create a deepening moral divide within his mind.

As he continues to strive for a better understanding of his own history and how to escape that which he has become, he learns some disturbing things about nearly everyone he comes in contact with as well as dark family secrets that threaten to destroy him.

Through the morass of darkness that envelops his mind, he senses a light and continues to strive forward. A philosophical journey that tells a tale of a modern American man obsessed with those things he believes are normal, money, power and sex, along the path he learns more about himself than he could have hoped.

He travels the world in search of his soul and finds it in the most remarkably unremarkable place. There are people who guide his journey at times, but it is the uniqueness of one family that creates a new path.

The story, told in a sweeping sense over the course of many years uses great detail interspersed with logic, conversation and intense interludes of his own depravity all weaved together to create a new person at the end of the journey. Much of this journey challenges many of our closely held beliefs about everything from sex to love, money, career and society in general.


by Don Taylor

A simple and straightforward tale, simply written. Somewhere in England, a padlocked old out-house stands at the bottom of Arnold’s garden. Arnold likes to avoid his wife by spending time locked away in there with his various secret bits and pieces. In particular, and unbeknown to his wife, he especially looks forward to the first Wednesday of each month when he receives a long phone-call from Felix, his boyhood chum, who emigrated to Canada at aged eighteen and still resides as a successful businessman in Vancouver. The two men reminisce and relive times when, along with other kids, they had their good and bad experiences in the same shabby back-street, which is where Arnold still lives in the house where he grew up. But is everything as straightforward and simple as it seems? Read on …

You Found Me: (Betrayal, Lost, Love, Happy Ending) (Steamy Hot Family Taboo Collection)

by J.C. McRiley

**Part of the Steamy Hot Family Taboo Collection — Special Feature of Young Love**

Brokenhearted Juliet made a decision, to jump into a lake. Suicide, an act not made as a last resort but one of irrational thinking to end the unbearable sadness in her heart.

She is saved by the one dearest to her. A man who was her best friend. A man who was always there for her. A man who she discovers that she truly loved. It was the calling of a second chance.

Heart-Warming short romance story of Acceptance, Discovery, and Young Love – Come take a look inside…

Warning: does include some mature content.

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