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Manipulative People & Jealousy Self Help: How to Have Healthy Relationships with Controlling People; How to Conquer Jealousy and Enjoy Trusting Relationships … in relationships, jealousy self help)

by Jessica Minty

Find out the real deal with manipulation and be free for life!

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You’re about to discover…

What manipulation is all about. Discover the steps on how to recognize a manipulator. Be free from being a victim, or from being a manipulator yourself. Reclaim control of your life and see the necessary boundaries when it comes to handling manipulators. Maintain a healthy relationship with them without letting yourself to fall into their trap, again.

Manipulation has been in the world for ages. It is here, even now, and it’s bound to stay and control you unless you discover the many truths about it. Everybody either has manipulated other people or was manipulated by other people at some point in life. Manipulation is often harmless unless it becomes a part of you, or it completely becomes you.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Origin of the Behavior
  • One Side of the Coin – the Manipulator
  • The Other Side of the Coin – the One Being Manipulated
  • How to Reclaim Your Control
  • Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Them by Setting the Boundaries
  • The Real Deal on Manipulation
  • And much, much more!

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Find out the real deal with manipulation and be free for life! Get this now!

Squelch Your Jealous Flame and Trust Again

You’re about to discover how to…

Conquer jealousy and maintain healthy relationships through tips and strategies ranging from recognizing jealousy, overcoming the problem of jealousy, maintaining a positive attitude, successfully winning the battle against jealousy, and sustaining healthy and trusting relationships.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Recognizing jealousy
  • The basic questions that you need to ask to recognize jealousy within oneself
  • The challenge of self-assessment
  • Tips on how to overcome jealousy
  • The danger of comparison
  • The benefits of comparison
  • The importance of a positive outlook
  • The challenge to continuously improve oneself
  • Much, much more!

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Stop being consumed by jealousy and start trusting again.

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by Ethan Yarbrough

Henry is a successful college professor. He lives a comfortable life. He appears to want for nothing. Yet his inability to control what matters most to him — his relationship with his teenage son — consumes him. Henry sees his son sliding away from him into adulthood, into experiences Henry cannot control, into a world that is, at best, indifferent and, at worst, brutal. When the two share a snow day together the opportunity to reach his son across the widening gulf that separates them presents itself.Will Henry recognize his opportunity? Can he be the savior he wants to be?

Getting Past Your Breakup: Your Relationship Ended but Your Life Didn’t

by Shelby Grant

Watching the person who stomped on your heart walk out the door is never easy. Your stomach may be tied up in knots and you don’t know what being single feels like. In this book, the author will give you some ideas on how to begin the healing process. With self-reflection and other techniques, you may begin to feel the burden of that broken heart fade away. The author reminds you that with all wounds, it takes time. The author will offer words of encouragement and support because you are not alone. Please dear reader, don’t feel like your world came crashing down around you. Your relationship may have ended, but your life is just beginning.

Beat Teen Depression: Your Perfect Guide in Helping a Depressed Teen

Depression does not only happen in adults. Little did you know, teens could also go through this crucial stage. The worst thing is – you may not know about it.

Teen depression is a very delicate matter. This should be handled efficiently with the right knowledge and assistance. This book has all the information that every parent, brother, sister, teacher or a friend needs to help a teen suffering from depression overcome the challenges.

Pregnancy, parenting and postnatal depression: How to save your relationship in pregnancy and after child birth

by Charlie Lovejoy

From practical advice to positive-thinking guidance, this book could save you and your relationship – and make you a better parent and partner.

If your relationship is under severe stress you can’t afford to ignore this book.

Pregnancy can also be a difficult time, especially if mum begins to feel desperate or depressed. This is a reality for many couples, and especially mums. This book has been written because these issues are rarely discussed by families, friends and professionals.

MORE ABOUT: Pregnancy, parenting and post natal depression: How to save your relationship in pregnancy and after child birth

This book is for prospective parents or parents of a new-born child who are struggling to cope.

Having a baby is possibly the hardest thing you will ever have to do as a couple and the strain of tiredness and stress on your relationship is huge.

Add in feelings of desperation, depression and even loneliness – and you are sometimes left with a situation that is almost impossible to cope with.

This book offers practical advice and guidance on how to cope during these hard times. Being a parent – especially during the first 12 months of a baby’s life can be horrendous and there is nothing anyone can do to prepare you for the pressures involved.

But you can overcome these pressures and stick together with your family – and your partner who you love – even if that does not seem possible at the moment.

Stay At Home Dads Are Not Welcome Here

by Garry Cook

Often painfully funny, always eye-opening, this is the story of one man, one daughter and their terrifying mission to infiltrate the world of mad mothers within the murky world of children’s playgroups.

Or, to put it another way, it’s my diary of being petrified standing in a room full of women.

“It’s a women’s world,” one dad told me during my trawl through various singing, dancing and general chit-chat groups. He was not wrong.

But this book also unwittingly examines the popularly held belief that playgroups are good for kids and help their development’. Really? Stay At Home Dads Are Not Welcome Here finds evidence that this is not necessarily true – with some research claiming that playgroups, pre-school and child care can actually harm your child.

Parents, can you afford not to read this book?

Stay At Home Dads Are Not Welcome Here is a book about one dad, one daughter and the terrifying mission to infiltrate playgroups full of mad mothers.


With wit drier than my daughter’s nappy, this book explores the murky world of Mother and Baby groups. Nowadays, these groups may be called Parents and Baby groups, but don’t be deceived – this is still the domain of the mother.

This hilarious book is about me and my one-year-old daughter as we attend a variety of children’s playgroups for the first time. Up until 14 months, Betsy spent her life in my backpack as we walked over some very big hills. Some days, if she was particularly well behaved, I would take her to a playground.

She never touched an iPad or Kindle until she was at least 18-months-old – that’s how much of a great dad I am.

But in Autumn 2013 we decided to infiltrate the women’s world of playgroups, on a mission to see if standing in a room full of mothers really was as terrifying as I was letting myself think it was.

This fear of mad mothers saw me face my own prejudices and fears and even saw me taking advice from a Californian psychoanalyst. He tried to blame my parents.

Stay At Home Dads Are Not Welcome Here is a book which documents my brave journey from stealth walker to reluctant talker and, through research from around the world, tells how playgroups (child care and pre-school) are not necessarily the best thing for your child.

NOTE: I have decided not to hyphenate stay-at-home dad throughout the book as it looks irritating as the phrase is used so much. Please DO NOT try and be clever by pointing out this grammatical decision. Many thanks.

NOTE: Nokia supported this project by supplying me with a Nokia Lumia 1020. All photographs in Stay At Home Dads Are Not Welcome Here wear taken using this amazing camera phone.

Good or Bad? It’s Your Call!

by Donald Norris

From beginning to end, our lives are made up of countless situations and circumstances that, whether we know it or not, require us to make choices. These choices will either improve our lot in life or bring us to a place of in-harmony – less than our real worth. Whether or not we elect to choose and, following that, how we choose to react to these potentially life changing events ultimately determines how our life will turn out. I always thought that by not facing these issues and ultimately not choosing, I could duck and it would pass right on by. My divorce and the resulting pain and hurts caused me to look inside, a daunting task at that time in my life. This book is all about my personal discovery of the inevitable truth that we must choose a path and not choosing is in itself a choice to be less than we are capable of being. It is based on my experiences and I want to share them with you.

Life, it has been said, is made up of 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. We will explore what is needed to change the way we look at our lives and the forces that operate in it. Like me and countless others, my hope is that you will discover how to get a better handle on your life and come to the amazing, yet humbling fact that – Good or Bad? – It’s Your Call!

Bully In My Bedroom

by Joyanne W Hammond

The stranger waits for Amanda behind her computer screen. “Watch your back. Don’t go into the girls’ bathroom.” She panics. Does she email Laurie or Alisha, her best friends at her old school in Vermont? Does she tell Ted? What if he pays more attention to his little sister’s problem than his basketball scholarship? What about Mom? Can she handle just losing Dad, the move and this too? .” Teens who read only reluctantly will eagerly turn the page to find out more about the cyber bullies who are threatening Amanda. Readers will ask how far this will go? Who will get hurt? Or worse?

Flesch-Kincaid Reading level 4,0. This book is for high school reluctant readers. It can be graphic but mirrors the real tragedies unfolding among our young adults.

Managing ADHD: Take Control of ADHD Naturally (Natural Health & Natural Cures Series)

by Christine Weil

If you are checking out this book, then chances are you or someone you know is looking for natural options for treating ADHD.

You’ve come to the right place.

In “Managing ADHD: Take Control of ADHD Naturally,” bestselling author Christine Weil provides an outline of the most effective and commonly used natural treatment options for ADHD, information on what symptoms each option can be used to address, and ideas for how to incorporate that treatment option into an overall ADHD management program.

You will learn:

– Common misconceptions about treating ADHD, there’s a lot of bad information out there

– About ADHD coaching, and why it can make a massive difference

– Why it is so important to manage stress with ADHD, this one is huge

– How to use meditation and deep breathing for short and long term symptom relief, this can effectively interrupt the “crisis cycle” and bring relief

– The importance of sleep and exercise for those with ADHD, both are essential to effectively managing the condition

– The role diet plays in treating ADHD, there is a lot of misinformation floating around on this topic too.

– Why therapy can be beneficial, for dealing with everything from low self-esteem to substance abuse and a wide array of other symptoms.

This book provides the tools needed to tackle some of the most damaging symptoms of ADHD without using pharmaceuticals. With these natural treatment options, you can create an ADHD management program tailored to your individual needs. Remember, understanding and knowledge are the best medicine!

Just scroll up and get your copy of “Managing ADHD: Take Control of ADHD Naturally,” and start building your own holistic ADHD treatment plan today…

Stop Your Divorce And Get Your Ex Back: Relationship Rescue For People At The Breaking Point

by Sarah Goldberg

Divorce tears families apart, plain and simple. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Buy this book and learn how to stop divorce and get your ex back before the final papers are signed and your partner is your ex forever!

Divorce rates are skyrocketing and people everywhere need relationship rescue and need it NOW! Are you one of them? I once was and I found key aspects of my relationship that I could fix so I WOULDN’T be one of those ladies asking, “How did you get your ex back?” Instead, I took action and distilled this information in this book.

In this book you’ll learn:

1. How to do an honest assessment of your marriage

2. Why one small but very important aspect of your marriage may be the source of most of your problems

3. How to start back at the beginning to make your marriage WORK

4. What types of counseling are out there that can be truly helpful to you and your spouse

5. And much more

Need another reason to buy this book? Here’s a great one: I donate 5% of the proceeds from the sales of my books to Reading Is Fundamental, the largest and most respected childrens’ literacy non-profit in America.

Need to learn how to stop your divorce and get your ex back? Need some relationship rescue? Buy this book TODAY and get started NOW

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