Free religious fiction Kindle books for 25 Sep 14

My Tiny Book of Poetry

by Peter Fredericks

This is a book of poetry with a bit of humor and a bit of serious.


Candle Sam the cowboy rode the tumor hills

A demon hunter riding, I tell with foolish quills

He chased the Itchy Cuckoo on the cracking ground

He pressed his ear to the sky to hear the itchy sound

The victims lined a path

From Itchy Cuckoo’s wrath

Feathers round about their feet

Itchy joked without repeat

They stood with all their frowns

From all the standing towns

But the devil in this monster

Caused smiles from all the taunters

The beast would tell his jokes

To the strange and happy folks

A bird that jested funny is funnier than jester bunnies

Cabin Girl (Phantom Island Chronicles Book 1)

by John Edgell

Cabin Girl, the first story in the Phantom Island Chronicles series, is a fun 5,700 word pirate story. All eleven manuscripts are available as a single collection under the title, Phantom Island Chronicles.

Kallie Windale is sold to “Cap’n Tuckr Priggs” to serve as his cabin girl. However, Captain Priggs is a pirate posing as a sea merchant. Once aboard the Plunder Gun, Kallie makes friends with Hawkz, the scullery boy, and a couple of friendly but conniving pirates. Fearing for her life, Kallie finds danger and adventure aboard the Plunder Gun, while making plans with Spudz and Rooster, the two unsavory pirates who have befriended her, to escape to Phantom Island. Kallie knows that if Captain Priggs discovers their plan to flee the ship, danger will become deadly peril of lashing whip and smoking pistol. Although Kallie doesn’t believe in God, responding to fear she finds herself mouthing words as if she does. The plan to escape the Plunder Gun leads to a harrowing ending. What takes place next isn’t what she hoped for or wanted, but that happens in Marooned, the next story!

The Chalice of Death (The Helot Book 1)

by John Edgell

The Chalice of Death (11,000 words) is the first of six exceptional stories forming The Helot series. If you would like all six they are available together as one in The Helot – the book.

Toren Huffeltree, a miffit, has no idea what being Christened a helot (slave or servant) of Baruch will entail. However, when quite by “accident” he finds himself in an unknown realm inhabited by dwarves, elves and bakru he is forced to face the harsh realities of his commission. Shipwrecked, he is pulled from the drink by the dwarves of Marna, who are not quite sure what to do with him. Some of the dwarves argue that since he is an intruder he must die, while others argue for the dungeon. Tilda, a feisty dwarf matron, intervenes in Tor’s behalf and he is sent to the Tower of Ragn, accompanied by Aganor, a crusty, antagonistic dwarf, and the amusing Oni, and Oren. The journey to the tower is a journey into peril, a peril that will place the destiny of the dwarves of Marna in Tor’s hands, for Baruch has brought this simple miffit to Thrude, aware that his nemesis, the Tarnished Seraph, schemes the realm’s demise.

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