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Ure Infectus (Imperium Cicernus Book 4)

by Caleb Wachter

In the far future, humanity has settled the stars of our galaxy and formed an Imperium which stands uncontested as the greatest known civilization. A network of wormholes connects the far-flung segments of humanity, allowing virtually instantaneous travel between Star Systems connected by this vast, invaluable network.

But what happens when one of those wormholes collapses and an entire Sector of relatively poor worlds is left to fend for itself without support, without guidance, and without the vast infrastructure of the Imperium available to its citizens? What might such a society look like after two centuries of independence, having been left to devise their own culture, values, and government?

Welcome to the Chimera Sector.

The citizens of this seemingly-forgotten splinter of the Imperium hold one belief above all others: Only when the leaders fear the voters as much as the voters fear the leaders can harmony be achieved.

To achieve this harmony, a special type of guild was created called the Timent Electorum. The operatives of this guild — called ‘Adjusters’ — work at the behest of the voting public, and exclusively punish political corruption, tyranny, and treason with the ultimate sanction: assassination.

This is the story of one such Adjuster, Jericho, who forges an unlikely alliance with an urban detective, Masozi, whose steadfast adherence to the Sector’s core principles have placed her in harm’s way. Acting together in a tenuous alliance, they will follow a trail of corruption across the Virgin Star System and witness the birth of a conflict which will forever change them — along with the entire Chimera Sector.

Contact Window

by Will Swardstrom

The inhabitants of Yeitr Prime use what they call a Contact Window to reach new worlds and civilizations. Gatr and his young lieutenant are sent on a mission to make first contact, but face a narrow chance at success. When disaster strikes, will they abort the mission or continue on in the face of danger?

This is a short story, just over 6,000 words.

The Accidental Soul: Book One of The Pattern Tree Series

by Parker Allen Robinson

The forgotten first-year research of a brilliant computer engineering grad student was good, really good. And someone found it. Has something new been born into this world?

The Accidental Adventures of Dogget Mann

by Lester Milton

Accidental Adventures May Be Exciting, But They’re Also a Real Pain in the Butt.

Dogget Mann would never have run away if he’d known what it would lead to. Sure, he’s interested in science and adventure more than your average eleven-year-old, but that doesn’t mean he’s eager to be mysteriously transported two thousand years into the future. And even though he’s an orphan, he’s not quite ready for a floating robot and a one hundred and sixty nine year old scientist/inventor to become his surrogate parents. Look, is anyone fully prepared to be chased around the solar system by a bunch of genetically altered thugs and high-tech security forces? He’s just a kid, for crying out loud!

In some other universe they found a cylinder on the moon.

Inside was the story of a boy who just wants to be in the right place at the right time.

(cover illustration by Sam Wood)

Solar Expansion (Solar Series Book 1)

by Joseph Starkhart

The students of the 2060 Space Academy have just graduated. A group of close-knit friends try to stay in touch as they go their separate ways.

A ship has gone missing around Jupiter. The United Earth Coalition Council is torn between whether this was caused by the Jovian Pyramid or if this was a new act of war from space pirates.

Henrie Jossetter will find out first hand. He is on a mission to pass by Europa on his way to bring supplies and new crew to the outpost on Enceladus. He must also bring water back from Enceladus to help cool the planet Mars. A military mission has been established to crash an asteroid into the planet. This will reignite the core of the planet, making terraformation possible.

That is, if a scorned ex-military captain does not put a wrench in the works.

The Warriorz of Waquir Bay (Epic fantasy, Fantasy and Science fiction, Romance) (The Struggle Between Dimensions Book 1)

by S.J. Thompson



The first book of a three part series by up and coming author S.J. Thompson, his first science fiction literature and one of his best works to date. Features an intriguing love story between two lost souls, desperately attempt to regain their love of the world and its people and retain their love for clan-ship, while attempting to overcome their invaders, mainly psychologically at this point


It is still astonishing how the world became this way; we weren’t at first witches,

wizards or warlocks. In fact we weren’t even close to the level of such magical beings; we were pretty much ordinary, average human beings. I don’t think it matters all that much what year it is, but in order to truly comprehend this conflict you will need to be aware of the time period, our records indicate that it is the year 3032. Today makes it exactly one hundred years since the invasion began……….

In this post- apocalyptic science fiction world, a third degree Waquiradama near god- like warrior Etheria Willows dictates what little she knows about Events that Transpired resulting in the current war, the state of her world and her current capacities

Tags: science fiction, epic fantasy, fictional characters ,romance novels, magician, 7th dimension, conspiracy, best science fiction book

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