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Sheer City Young Naked Women – Jackie Cummings Turns It On Once Her Dress Comes Off: 84 Photos of Ebony XXX Nude Amateur College Girls

by Sheer City

This Kindle e-book features petite hottie Jackie Cummings. She has tons of energy and a sexy attitude. You can tell she loves to tease as she takes her time stripping off her dress and revealing her shaved pussy. She is proud of her body and twists and turns to show you all of it!

We are offering exclusive access to an extended X-rated Gallery of Jackie Cummings on our website. The link and password for this content is provided within this book.

This book is for ADULTS only. It features 84 high-resolution nude photos that are not censored or edited.


You will be VERY PLEASED with your purchase if you are a fan of Young Naked Women who are happy to show off for the camera!

All photos are of the model on the cover who is 18 years or older.

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The Fan & Selector Thesis: Understanding Seasonal Color Theory

by Bernice Kentner

The Fan & Selector Thesis is an in-depth look at the colors used in seasonal color analysis, and an explanation of how those colors work together and can be used to improve body image, wardrobe, and cosmetic choices.

Seasonal color analysis began in the United States in the 1950’s as a way to classify individuals with similar hair, eye, and skin colors in order to help them choose appropriate colors for clothing and cosmetics. Unfortunately the early systems were rudimentary and subjective. In the 1970’s, cosmetologist Bernice Kentner performed extensive research into color theory and human physiology as a way to understand and improve seasonal color analysis. She published her findings in the 1978 book “Color Me A Season,” which launched an entire industry.

Color Me A Season color fans and selectors were produced to help seasonal color analysts in their business, and are often provided to their clients to help them identify and select their most complementary colors. These fans offer 215 colors for each season, and remain the industry standard for seasonal color fans. After the publication of her first book and the associated color fans, many professional color analysts, cosmetologists, and fashion professionals asked Kentner for a more extensive explanation of the colors assigned to each season. In response, Kentner wrote this book to help professionals understand the underlying principles behind seasonal color theory and the understand the palettes for each season.

Updated from the original 1987 printing, this third edition features updated illustrations, explanations, and references. Though some illustrations in this e-book edition are provided in color, the fan colors referenced in this book are not displayed, due to the variation in screen coloration on e-readers. A set of Color Me A Season color fans will be most helpful to the reader, and a set of selectors will also be helpful.

Kentner begins with a basic introduction to seasonal color analysis and color theory, which is followed by a review of each season’s palette. Kentner then explains the colors on each fan and selector, and the reasons for their selection. Professional color analysts will enjoy a description of the seasonal blends, and a listing of the specific colors on each fan best suited to each seasonal blend. Finally, Kentner offers additional tips and tricks for beauty professionals who use the Color Me A Season fans and selectors in their businesses.

This book will be of most use to beauticians, cosmetologists, and fashion professionals who have a basic understanding of seasonal color theory, though we also recommend the original book, “Color Me A Season,” in order to understand the Color Me A Season system, the Harmony of Seasons theory, and the basis for each of the 16 seasonal blends.

Sheer City Young Naked Women – Dillion Carter is Red Hot: 120 Photos of Big Boobs XXX Nude Amateur College Girls

by Sheer City

This Kindle e-book features teen Dillion Carter who is ready to strip down! She is red hot and loves to tease the camera by playing with her big tits and flashing her shaved pussy. She is a bit of a tease, and knows that she’s hot!

This is a Sheer City Mega-Photo Gallery – she couldn’t get enough so we just kept clicking!

We are offering exclusive access to an extended X-rated Gallery of Dillion Carter on our website. The link and password for this content is provided within this book.

This book is for ADULTS only. It features 120 high-resolution nude photos that are not censored or edited.


You will be VERY PLEASED with your purchase if you are a fan of Young Naked Women who are happy to show off for the camera!

All photos are of the model on the cover who is 18 years or older.

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Naked Girls of Photography – 5 Different Girls – Special Series (Nude and stripping models Erotic, Nackt)

by Mathew Berlin

Naked Girls of Photography
5 Different Girls – Special Series

This collection of professional photographs contains a total of 42 color pictures of 5 different girls…all blonds.

Each of the 5 models will expose all for you.

This book contains only photographs, no words or stories.

18+ ONLY
All photographs professionally shot in full color.

Flowers Die Young: Flowering

by Beaux Lee

When you combine New Orleans, one of America’s most unique cities, with Prohibition, one of our country’s most unforgettable eras, you are in for one heck of a ride! That is exactly what I’ve done in the trilogy, Flowers Die Young. Here the lives of two cousins are chronicled as they struggle to survive amongst a myriad of oppositions. Together they must overcome perversion, racism, sexism, drugs, prostitution, corruption, murder, and even the mafia. Though these prove to be formidable foes, they pale in comparison to the cousins’ worst enemies which prove to be themselves. The pair attempt to survive during the roaring twenties as they try to figure out just why they continue to make decisions that will certainly lead to their destruction. Can they win their wars within and escape before they succumb to their perilous surroundings on their quest to riches and power? Find out in this novel filled with sex, lies, violence, betrayal, tears, and a whole lot of jazz.

In book 2, Flowering, the cousins are blossoming into young women during very trying times in New Orleans. Here the cousins are faced with a changing landscape as the city turns from hookers to hooch during the iconic period known as the roaring twenties. Life doesn’t get any easier for our young stars as they continue to do everything in their power to literally make the twenties roar! Come and see as they face their oppositions head on in an attempt to climb to the top of the underworld’s food chain.

Under Skirt Hentai Girls 2

by Hentai King

While it is all pixels, these pixelated fake characters from an imaginary world that doesn’t exist happens to be positioned to look like anime-looking females with their panties showing! Viewer discretion is advised.

A compilation of HIGH quality pictures of Anime Girls that were caught off guard as pictures were taken from below their skirts. This isn’t meant to be majorly explicit so it will be just enough to satisfy. No VISIBLE nudity (Well, possibly no bras), all panties.

Chances are you are going to be viewing this book with a Kindle or some sort of E-reader. In which case, if a photo is possibly too small for your individual liking, feel free to just zoom in. I didn’t want to crop any photos, to give you the whole thing, but if it’s just too small for you, zoom in!

For computer users, if your monitor is just too small, hitting CTRL + Mouse Wheel Forward will zoom in on your webpage.

Sexy Red Hair Girls Vol.6: Sexy Red Hair Girls – Photo Collection

Sexy Red Hair Girls Vol. 6

Sexy Red Hair Girls – Photo Collection

This is an picture book featuring beautiful and sexy Red Hair Girls.

You won’t see the same picture repeated several times in this book.


Beautiful & Sexy Ladies Vol.5: Sexy Ladies – Photo Collection

Beautiful & Sexy Ladies Vol.5

Sexy Ladies – Photo Collection

This is an picture book featuring beautiful and sexy girls.

You won’t see the same picture repeated several times in this book.


Another Night to Myself – MILF Erotica – Sexy Adult Picturebook

by Jack Carlyle

This is an adult picture book featuring high-resolution erotic photographs of the model on the cover stripping and showing off her sexy body.

Quick download, formatted for all devices – a great addition to your erotic library. Enjoy!

**For adults only **

Blues For The Father

by Marcel Wilson

A music producer in the south during the 1950’s loves the sound of music that is being produced by black musicians. However, he is very aware that they cannot record their own music, especially down south, which is where he lives.

He uses his profession to continue a forbidden relationship that he has carried on for 15 years, one with a black woman, one that has produced an athletically gifted son who appears white. While he resides in Meridian Mississippi with his alcoholic wife and two sons, the music allows him to travel to Birmingham Alabama where his “other” family resides.

Marion wants to help blacks advance their careers, and because there has been some break through in the North, and he has some connections up there, he does what he can to help. However, because of his second family in Birmingham, he loses almost all connection with his white family in Meridian, including the fact that his oldest son has become so consumed with hate that he has joined the Klan.

Two Rooms

by Jeanie Cline

In the mid 1930’s, handsome Garth Matthews meets the beautiful Hallie Pipes and both fall in love, elope, and plan to live happily ever after – their fairy tale. However, the young man born into a struggling, uneducated Georgia family with a father who is a textile worker, vows he will never experience his parents’ poverty. He soon learns his limited education, along with the war situation, destroys his promise made to the daughter of a wealthy family of untouchable confidence. Hallie Matthews fights to survive and hold her family together as she patiently waits for her husband to return home time after time. Tears fall on Hallie’s pillow as she faithfully prays God will answer her repeated prayers. Will the restless man choose his family or seek an easier life to better suit his needs, forever freeing him from the responsibilities he fears most?

Author Jeanie Cline will intrigue you with her story of war and romance, as she unfolds the incidents of the TWO ROOMS that affect the future of the Matthews family. The heart-provoking moments will captivate you with amazement as you quickly turn to the next chapter of this suspenseful novel.

The Eastern Mystique – Sexy Adult Pictures

by John Dassel

For adults only – 60+ high-res pictures included.

Quick download and formatted for all devices. Enjoy!

Neck Warmer Crochet Pattern: Quick and Easy One Skein Project

by Sarah Taylor

This uber-stylish neck warmer is the ideal way to keep your neck snuggly and warm. You will only need one 2 oz (50g) skein of light worsted weight (double knitting/8ply) yarn and three buttons to complete it.

The finished neck warmer measures approximately 22″ (56 cm) in circumference when buttoned up, and approximately 7″ (18 cm) from the top edge to the bottom edge.

The neck warmer serves as a fashionable and functional accessory and will add an extra touch of panache to your wardrobe.

Scroll up to the top and click on the link to “Buy Now” to deliver almost instantly to your Kindle or other reading device, and start making your neck warmer TODAY.


by Dave Gage

From Dave Gage and! This book is an excellent introduction as you begin playing the 10-hole diatonic harmonica. You DO NOT need prior harmonica or music experience to start learning today. It includes: Easy beginner songs, easy blues riffs and jamming, basic playing techniques, and lesson plans.

Harmonica is not nearly as easy as many people would have you believe, but Dave has done his best to make learning to play as simple and straightforward as possible. You’ll begin with basic techniques, songs, the “Almost Blues Scale” and simple blues riffs. If you stick with it, you’ll soon graduate to jamming blues, rock, country, bending notes, and sounding like a pro. Approx. 100 pages, 65 color photos, and easy navigation.

Exploring Arizona Favorites

by Joe Berardi

Exploring Arizona Favorites

This book presents a collection of color photographs taken around the state of Arizona. The 2014 edition has added a map section and provides location information for finding the trailheads or place of interest with a description of the favorite place.

The most popular Natural and Historical Landmarks in Arizona have been captured by Joe Berardi. The list of places include the Grand Canyon NP, Petrified Forest NP, Monument Valley Tribal Park, several favorites around Sedona, West Fork of Oak Creek, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Upper and Lower Antelope Slot Canyon, Water Holes Slot Canyon and the Superstition Wilderness. Several Flagstaff area favorites include the Inner Basin, Lockett Meadow and Hart Prairie.

There is a favorite hike in Wupatki and Walnut Canyon National Monument. A local favorite to Prescott, Watson Lake is also covered.

Also part of the collection is some Route 66 towns including Hackberry, Holbrook, Seligman and the colorful historic adobes in Tucson. The historic Vulture Mine still lives through photographs in this book and tours are still available. Some of Tucson favorites include the Sabino Canyon, Arizona Sonora Desert Museum and Saguaro National Park.

This book makes a great guide for planning a trip to Arizona.

LA Chic: How to Become a Hollywood Glamazon

by Raven Reigns

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live the uber rich and luxurious life of a Hollywood Glamazon? Well you can!

This guide will show you how to emulate those glamorous LA movie stars, celebutantes, star seeking gals and of-the-moment-models. You’ll learn how to dress like a Hollywood Glamazon, design your home in the Hollywood Regency style, create your own LA Chic iTunes playlist and speak with a vocabulary known to Hollywood insiders. You’ll also learn how to care for your skin because you can’t possibly expect to be discovered without a flawless complexion, learn how to style your hair in pin curls and beachy waves, and pick up tips on anti-aging. This style guide will teach you how to live your life with elegance, creativity, luxury, care, and magnetism. Style yourself “LA Chic.”

Chapter 1 Introduction to LA Chic

Chapter 2 LA Chic Definedâ?¦Creating Your Image and Life in the LA Style

Chapter 3 The LA Dictionary: You Must Know the Slang

Chapter 4 How to Dress in that Sexy, Hollywood Glamazon Style

Chapter 5 Life Lessons from the LA City Slickers

Chapter 6 The Ultimate LA Playlist: Songs You Must Download Todayâ?¦and Sing Loudly To

Chapter 7 Hair and Skin Care

Chapter 8 The Opposite Trick and Snow White Trick

Chapter 9 Famous Quotes from LA Slickers That Will Inspire Your Image Creation

Chapter 10 Creating the Ultimate Hollywood Glamazon Home

Chapter 11 Gotta Have â??Em Shoes and It Bags

Chapter 12 Movies That Evoke the LA Aura

If driving down Sunset Boulevard in a cherry red Porsche as the sun goes down over another sun-kissed day in the land of stars with your Chanel 2.55 camel quilted bag tossed in the passenger seat with a silver strap on your Jimmy Choo’s falling down a bit captures your heart, style yourself LA Chic. Finger brush your beachy waves in your blonde hair, check your reflection in the mirror and make sure your cell phone is charged.

Learn To Draw – In The Jungle: Drawing, craft and creative jungle fun with Ã?istein!

by Ã?istein Kristiansen

Join Ã?istein for crazy creative and crafty fun out and about in the jungle!

Learn to draw crazy cartoon animals – elephants, apes, big cats and crocodiles.

Draw your own comic strip.

Transform your kitchen tap into a king cobra.

And much, much more.

Welcome to the Jungle!

The Royalty Free Images Book – Royalty Free Images for Commercial Use

by Ben Holden-Crowther

The Royalty Free Images Book

The Royalty Free Images Book is a digital book that when purchased, allows the user to use the images for any purpose, whether that be commercial or personal.

There are a wide variety of pictures in the Book, but the pages are mainly focused on:

  • Landscapes
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • More…

The Royalty Free Images book is essential for anyone wanting pictures to use anywhere, completely free.

Sea turtles for kids : FAST FACTS PICTURE

by Raissa Lima Castro

Sea turtles for kids : Amazing Pictures & Fun Facts on Animals

Learn more about this amazing Sea turtles!

Looking for the perfect sea turtles picture book for kids, look no further!

Everybody loves sea turtles This fascinating book will take you into the deep sea turtles.

Children will love learning fun facts about this book.


by Bradly Spicer

A collection of real stories to make you feel good!

Inspirational and Beautiful William Blake Quotes: Timeless Quotes

William Blake was a 19th century writer and artist who is regarded as a seminal figure of the Romantic Age. His writings have influenced countless writers and artists through the ages, and he has been deemed both a major poet and an original thinker.

Here we have collated some of his best quotes and juxtaposed them with beautiful images from all over the world. We have opted for the theme of the great outdoors.

This book is free for Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime customers.

Stunning Naturology Photographs – Technology in Nature: Inspiration for interior designers, photographers and philosophers

This is an exciting collection of photographs exploring the connections and juxtapositions of nature and technology. We have selected a range of photos that bring out some of the benefits and paradoxes of connecting nature with technology. We have some photos that foreshadow technology and others which foreshadow nature. We will leave it for you to decide which you prefer, and which you think is more sustainable on the one hand, and more beautiful on the other.

This book is free on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Prime so don’t delay and download today!

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