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Make Money Online Today: 15 Ways to Make Money Online Without Having a Website (make money from home, make money blogging,make money online free)

by Anthony Heaven


Make Money Online Today

15 Ways to Make Money and Work from Home Without having a Site

Do you want to make extra $1,000 a month?

Make Money Online Today is the second book of the series “Make Money Online Now” and in this book I describe 15 ways of making money online for complete beginners and those advanced marketers who want to know more. This book offers some insider info about the most used tactics to make money online. I’ve added my own twists and showed you how you can increase your earnings online by 100% – GUARANTEED

Table of Contents:

1. Pay Per Click Method

2. Article Writing

3. Android Apps (with my own twist)

4. Link Shorteners

5. Dropshipping Secrets

6. Fiverr

7. Freelancing Business

8. Amazon Kindle

9. Translation

10. Themes Market

11. Selling Photos

12. Facebook Method

13. Micro Worker Method

14. CPA Business

15. Reviews Method

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Top Flight Credit: : Soar With Your Credit Score

by Bryant Cook

A credit e-booklet for all those who don’t have the credit score they deserve and want to find some great ways to dig themselves out of debt and soar with their credit scores. You will find 5 steps to raise your credit score fast. Also, I show you some ways to cut down spending and more!

A Millennial’s Guide to Long Term Investing: Take Control of Your Financial Future

by Cullen Hardy

Having witnessed two major market drops in a single decade, Millennials (or Generation Y) lag far behind previous generations when it comes to investing in the stock market. With less than 30% of Millennials invested in the market, this book is a beginner’s guide that explains the benefits of investing and explores the discipline it takes to stay invested for the long term. Millennials (those born between 1981 and 2000) are showing similar conservative investing characteristics and money habits as young adults during the Great Depression! This book serves as a guide to any Millennial contemplating or wanting to explore investing, along with money saving tips and strategies anyone can use to save more money and put more aside for retirement or long-term needs. You can take control of your financial future starting today!

Get started in Bitcoin Mining!: 14 Steps to Becoming a Profitable Bitcoin Miner

by Dart Wooden

A quick and easy guide to help you understand and get started in Bitcoin mining

Louisiana Adjuster Licensing Exam Prep

by Herbert Carver

The Louisiana Adjuster Licensing Exam Prep text was written for two primary uses: 1) as an introductory text specific to the topics outlined for the Louisiana Adjusters Licenses Examination; and 2) as a reference work for professional property and casualty adjusters actively handling and managing claims in Louisiana.

As such, this book is designed to be as flexible as possible. In particular, every attempt has been made to minimize the use of actual policy language in an effort to more clearly illustrate the coverage provided by the relevant policy forms and endorsements through discussion and example.

The structure of this text corresponds to the topics included in all types of adjuster licenses currently offered in the State of Louisiana. Although the text discussion frequently makes reference to other included topic areas, all of the key issues have been developed assuming little or no reader background or familiarity with the subject matter. Each chapter discussion may be read and studied independently

This electronic version has been slightly abridged (some additional content has been removed) to take advantage of this format while permitting greater focus on examination topics.

Speak Like A Pro!: A Step-By-Step Guide to Become a More Confident Speaker

by Coach Ian Scott

There is nothing more daunting than having to stand before an audience, large or small and give a speech. Public speaking is ranked as the number one fear people have. So what to do? You could take an expensive course to overcome your fear of speaking. Or you might take the easy way out – find a way of never having to give another speech! Unfortunately that’s never going to happen. Everyday we have to interact with other people, whether in our personal or professional lives. So speaking is always going to be a part of our life. However, there are steps that we can take that will enable us to deal more effectively in any given situation that requires us to communicate. SPEAK LIKE A PRO! offers proven, time-tested content that can be applied to any number of situations that we may find ourselves in both personally and professionally. So whether it’s in the home, school, or the workplace, some of the tips, strategies, and ideas can be implemented. Therefore, we should not get hung up on the idea that this is a book purely for those who happen to be public speakers. If your goal is to become a more confident communicator, then this is the book for you! The topics covered include:

->the structure of a speech,

->the various types of speeches one might present,

->the importance of doing research,

->effective speaking using plain English

->the use of pitch, pace & power

->how to improve voice quality

->gestures & body language

->the value of getting feedback using video, audio, and evaluation forms

->the 3 P’s of public speaking

->practical steps to overcome the fear of public speaking

This is not a book just to simply be read. It’s also a WORKBOOK. It includes practical exercises that can be carried out after reading each chapter. The exercises are designed to build on the previous exercise, so that your making measurable progress. It truly is a step-by-step guide! There’s even space to make notes on what you’ve learned, jot down ideas, and how you intend to use the material! This stuff works! I should know, I’ve used it for the past 30+ years!

Learning to Leap: A Guide To Being More Employable

by David Shindler

Learning to Leap explains the personal attributes, skills and knowledge that every employer wants so you can be more successful in your career. This easy-to-understand guide will support your personal development using practical and proven tips, tools and techniques. Use it as your critical friend to become the best you can be and increase your chances of success with employers.

This book is for you if you:

– Are a student or graduate entering the workplace for the first time

– Have been made redundant or are returning to work

– Want to change job or career

– Are seeking promotion

– Are in transition from one role to another

– Are interested in personal development and employability

Learning to Leap can help towards:

– Increasing your appeal to employers by developing key skills

– Helping you make more informed decisions for your career and future direction

– Helping you make the most of yourself so you can describe your personal strengths and achievements

– Enhancing your job and career prospects so you can present yourself confidently to current or prospective employers

The Author:

With over three decades experience working across private and public sectors as coach, consultant, trainer, researcher and manager, David Shindler is described by clients as â??inspiring and motivating’. Director of Learning to Leap, Founder of the Employability Hub online learning centre and widely respected in the industry as an employability specialist, David has worked with the UK Commission on Employment and Skills, leading employers and universities.

Ultimate Spartan Budgeting and Minimalism: How to Save Money, Increase Productivity and Live Simply (Cyrus Kirkpatrick Lifestyle Design Book 9)

by Cyrus Kirkpatrick

Ultimate Spartan Minimalism and Budgeting: How to Save Money, Increase Productivity and Live Simply

Available now on your web browser. A Kindle is not required to read it. Enjoy the temporary low price.

Have you wanted to save money, but you’re not sure how? This book is a hard hitting system to apply principles of the ancient Greeks to cut out anything that’s wasteful and focus entirely on fulfilling your “Master Plan”, whether that involves getting out of debt or traveling the world.

Contained within is a complete guide to both budgeting money and minimalism. This ninth book of the Lifestyle Design series is designed to help anyone, including entrepreneurs, reprioritize what matters and zoom in on their goals with laser focused.

Are You Ready to Live Like a Spartan?

Check out some of the results you can experience through this program:

  • Discover the history and actual principles of the ancient Spartans, and what made them so effective.
  • Learn how to liquidate your belongings and get on the fast track to a money savings.
  • Start prioritizing your bills and expenditures.
  • The ability to save money, even if you’re working a minimal wage or are in debt.
  • How to “cook like a Spartan” and greatly reduce the cost of meals.
  • Spartan and minimalist business principles that can make your enterprise shoot to the top.
  • Theories for learning skills quickly and enhancing productivity.
  • And a Lot More
  • If You’re Wondering What’s Inside, Here’s a Preview of Some of What You’ll Discover

    • Why Sparta?
    • Step One: Taking Inventory
    • Step Two: Liquidation
    • Step Three: Eliminate Monthly Bills
    • Step Four: Prioritize Your Bills
    • A Spartan Lifestyle and Habits
    • Keep a Daily Schedule
    • The Art of Training
    • Mastery Over Fear
    • The Spartan Diet
    • Creating Your Spartan Baseline Meal
    • Spartan Business Principles
    • And A Lot More!
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What All Successful Bloggers Know: A Quick-Start Guide to Lasting Blogging Income

by James Bronson

You’ve heard all of the blogger “overnight success stories”, and you imagine how great it would be if you could have a little slice of that pie. And why not? It seems easy enough. Anyone can write, can’t they?

If you want to know the truth about blogging, what the most successful bloggers already know, and twenty ways to increase your blog traffic, then this quick-start guide is for you.

Word count: Approximately 7,400.

Smart Money Options: Credit Spread Investing Made Easy

by Rick McNew

Will your retirement savings be enough to last, or will you run out of money during your retirement?

If you’re depending on a mutual fund IRA account, you should learn about credit spreads, a much better route to take.

The biggest problem with Traditional IRAs is that they are designed to benefit financial institutions and the government rather than the individual. For many years, financial planners, investment advisers and pension experts have been pointing out weaknesses in the Traditional IRA model. These are weaknesses which any would-be investor needs to know.

Credit spreads, or options, are one of the best and most secure wealth creation instruments available today. They are a safer, and more profitable way to guarantee that you’ll have a comfortable and stress-free retirement.

Here is some of the information you’ll find in Smart Money Options:

  • Understanding why Traditional IRAs Have Failed
  • Investing With Option Credit Spreads
  • Educating Yourself To Trade Your Own Account
  • Auto-trading With A Newsletter Service
  • And much more!

Buy Smart Money Options now and start saving for your future.

BYOB (Be Your Own Boss): Free and Low-Cost Online Marketing Strategies for Home Business Owners

by Katherine Hiraldo

Hello everyone! Here I share the free and low-cost resources I have used over the years as a home business owner. I go through the options for you to take your business online, whether or not you choose to sell your product(s) and/or service(s). I provide you with some of the best options for beginners, with a little extra info for those of you who are more advanced. You can increase your sales and business substantially by promoting your business online, whether through creating a simple website or having a page on social media. This book is especially useful for those of you who are not experienced with promoting your business online. If you’re not sure where or how to get started, this book will be of great use to you. Some sites mentioned I’m sure you’ve heard of, and others might not have been as obvious, so I know you will learn something new!

10 Essential Qualities of Extraordinary Leaders

by Dean Bokhari

By Dean Bokhari on | No one is born with extraordinary leadership qualities. Leadership is not inborn. Leadership is the result of several different qualities.

Today, you’re going to learn exactly what those are, as we fill in the blanks with a list of the top 10 qualities possessed by the most extraordinary leaders of our time.

How to be Successful: 7 rules: The 7 rules of becoming succesful

by Jon Masterson

This book will be a simplistic and yet a truly effective way of becoming successful. Whether you are a beginner entrepreneur, investor or if you are an advanced professional and are just wanting new ideas or a maybe want to read about someone else’s perspective. This book is for you.

The Operating System: Starting Small, Betting Big #1

by Can Akdeniz

Axon is little more than a brilliant idea and some rough demos bouncing around in Brian Vincit’s brain, but as the pieces begin to fall into place, he and his partner realize that their neural operating system might just change the world. Before they can climb the ivory tower of Silicon Valley, they need to convince the judges at Technophile that they’re the next big thing, while navigating the murky waters of investors and intellectual property poachers. The rules are simple – dream big, work fast, and keep your secrets safe.

About The Operating System Series:

The arms race of technological progress has been in full swing for the better part of two decades, and millions of people around the world continue to chase the next big thing. Brian Vincit is just another ambitious start-up coder with big dreams and a rapidly dwindling bank account. His new operating system can interact directly with your brain waves, allowing you to navigate the Internet without every touching a key or swiping a screen. On the verge of giving up and moving on, Brian’s life is suddenly thrown into chaos when his potentially world-changing technology becomes the subject of a dangerous struggle between scheming tech moguls, greedy ex-partners, and a femme fatale front of a shadowy government organization. This game-changing operating system could bring billions of dollars to the table, but in the shiny, plastic world of Silicon Valley, nothing and no one is what it really seems.

Options Trading Strategies for a Volatile Market: Five Simple Options Trading Strategies for Consistent Profits in a Volatile Market

by Keith James

Simple, Proven Options Trading Strategies For Consistent Profits In A Volatile Market

The goal of this book is to help people who are already familiar with option terminology and the basics of how the options market works.

In this book, you’ll discover the five best options trading strategies for a volatile market. For each strategy, you’ll learn how it works, the best times to use it, the risk and reward dynamics, and you’ll be taken step-by-step through complete examples.

Here are some of the specifics you’ll learn…

– How to make money in a volatile market with options– Chapter 1

– The concept of “duo-directional profits”– What they are and why they’re the basis of most volatile market options trading strategies– Chapter 2

– The #1 best time to use a volatile market options strategy– Chapter 2

– How account trading levels work (this is key “nuts and bolts” information for actual live trading)– Chapter 3

– An options trading strategy that is very simple and can be executed very quickly for considerable profits– Chapter 4

– Complete walk-throughs with detailed examples for 5 options trading strategies, including the long straddle, the strap straddle, and the strip strangle– Chapters 4 through 8

– And much much more!

Download your copy today!

What Selling Drugs Taught Me About Life

by Jack Diamond

Back before everyone could buy marijuana with a simple medical prescription, you could make money selling weed in California.

Even if you were a teenager. In fact, especially if you were a teenager.

I had the strange fortune of being in a circle of friends who all sold weed. It seemed like the natural thing to do.

Weed eventually lead to other things like prescription pills and party drugs. Gateway drug: check!

It felt good to be the man. It also felt good to find random $100 bills in your pocket and not remember how you got them!

But all good things must come to an end. Especially drug dealing careers.

In this book, I tell various stories about my past on the dark side. Not for the squeamish!

Despite its risque content, I am extremely proud of this book and hope you enjoy reading it!

Time Management: How to work more effectively and have more time for yourself

by Lilly Moss

We are living in a world that appears to be progressively getting busier and busier and we seem to spend so much time working and pleasing others, it’s hard for us to give enough time to ourselves. This book is full of tips and strategies to help you work more efficiently and more assertively so that you have enough time left to enjoy yourself as much as possible.

In this book you will learn about speed reading, how to find out where your time is going, how to organise your life to speed your tasks up, how to work out a system, work out your prime time and ensure you have a good work/life balance.

Interest, Stocks, Personal Taxation, Banks & Banking

by Cherish Books

Greed has changed the ways of many people; these same people have ripped off their own family members, their own friends and have ruined their own world, for a hefty short-term reward. This has altered the course of human existence, from the politicians to even the street magician performing or the person playing the coin game.

Productivity Into Success: Proven Strategies and Techniques for Aspiring High Achievers (Increase Your Productivity, Motivation, and Overall Well-Being)

by Beau Norton

Special combo price today only! Regularly $5.99

What would your life look like one year from now if you managed to double or even triple your productivity from this point forward? I’m willing to bet you would be quite satisfied with the results. But how can you manage such a feat? You need not worry, because this book was specifically crafted for regular people who want to become high achievers through easy-to-implement strategies and techniques.

Project Management 101: 101 Tips for Success in Project Management

by Lew Sauder

An entertaining and informative story to help you develop project management expertise

Holly Hewitt is facing the biggest challenge of her career.

Holly Hewitt has been assigned to manage the merger of two large food products companies. As she faces setbacks and challenges, she learns a few things about project management, and even mentors others on some of her own management and leadership knowledge. In Project Management 101 , Lew Sauder offers another business parable that charms as well as it informs.

Project Management plays a critical role in nearly every organization. Knowing the right things to do, and the right times to do them are critical skills in today’s business world. Project Management 101 provides you with 101 useful tips to optimize your professional performance.

Project Management 101 will help you:

  • Develop leadership skills to build on for your entire career
  • Learn how to successfully develop relationships with your staff, stakeholders, and executives
  • Effectively motivate your team for higher productivity
  • Establish yourself as a mentor in your organization

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

ENTERING THE CHINESE MARKET: A Practical Guide for SMEs and Entrepreneurs (The GET READY FOR CHINA Business Series)

by Danai Krokou

With its dual appeal as the world’s factory and the largest consumer market worldwide, China is going to be the preferred playing field for SMEs with global ambitions. In the next coming years the world’s most promising entrepreneurs and most ambitious companies will be growing in China, with China. This book is the second in a series aimed at assisting Western entrepreneurs, SMEs and investors to understand and ideally enter the Chinese market. The series is designed to work as a step-by-step guide to those Western Small & Medium enterprises and individual entrepreneurs seeking to enter and remain competitive in this tremendously challenging and profitable market.

The present volume is a concise and pragmatic guide of use to anyone considering to invest more heavily or set up a business entity in China. It contains practical advice, suggestions, key models, updated data and strategy options for different types of companies as well as alternative entry strategies using third jurisdictions such as Hong Kong or Singapore.

It details all applicable decision making processes to help you choose the most suitable structure based on your company’s needs, business scope and available capital when entering China. In addition, it discusses all relevant rules, regulations, documentation and management issues related to the establishment of different types of structures such as WFOEs (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises), Representative Offices (ROs), the creation of Joint Ventures (JVs) as well as other forms of investment. Topics covered in this volume also include: tax, legal, intellectual property rights, common pitfalls as well as several other vital issues for Western investors planning to enter this thriving market.

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