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The Vampire from Hell Returns (The Vampire from Hell Part 4)

by Ally Thomas

Blood of the gods has brought a new dimension to Rayea’s life as the vampire from Hell. In the fourth installment of the Vampire from Hell series, Rayea juggles her new responsibilities and starting a relationship with her best friend, Blick. Soon Rayea realizes her sordid past with her family may be catching up with her, and she’s going to have to deal with it once and for all. When two of her friends go missing, she knows she must begin a search to find them. And the first place she has to look? Hell.

Here’s the fourth part of the Vampire from Hell series. The Vampire from Hell, a novella series, is being released in installments. Excerpts from two upcoming series by Ally Thomas, featuring werewolves, are also included.

This series includes:The Vampire from Hell – (The Beginning – Part 1)The Vampire from Hell – (A Vampire Among Angels – Part 2)The Vampire from Hell – (A Vampire On Vacation – Part 3)The Vampire from Hell – (The Vampire from Hell Returns – Part 4)


by Sarah Parry

Boys are boys no matter how dead or alive they are.

Spending a long hot, blistering summer away from her boyfriend in the fading splendour of Weldrake Manor, Dora Greenwood finds herself the victim of unwanted attentions from another boy – one who died nearly a century ago.

Charlie Kendrick has been alone for a long time. He hasn’t kissed a girl in decades and being a ghost doesn’t stop him from setting his sights on Dora.

Dora’s only way out is to solve a mystery surrounding Charlie’s death and the disappearance of a priceless necklace, which will then send him to the Light.

The Night of The Screaming Unicorn (The Adventures of Quaraun the Insane Book 1)

by Wendy C Allen

The Night of The Screaming Unicorn: After a tiring week of battling monsters, Quaraun is tired, hungry, wounded and looking for a place to sleep, before both darkness and an oncoming storm arrive. Led on by a map with a mind of it’s own, Quaraun The Insane finds himself lost in a forest, standing before a tavern named “The Screaming Unicorn.” Too tired to think about checking for traps, the wizard walks through a portal to the Realm of Fae, where he encounters a horny Elf-eating Phooka, who is more psychotic then Quaraun is.

Volume 1 of the series, this is the story which introduces both Quaraun The Insane and his unnamed Phookan Fae lover, known only as “The Unicorn.” This 30,000 word Novella contains graphic M/m (gay) sex scenes and is Rated M For Mature Audiences Only!

Broken: Short Story Collection

by A.K. Sinquefield

Some tales begin with “once upon a time” and end with “happily ever after.”

Some stories begin with hopelessness and end with the participants broken.


Nine tales from the bleaker side of horror and fiction:

Mommy: The end of the world, seen through the eyes of a child.

Behind the Mirror: You know when you get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom? You know that split second before your finger finds the light switch? …what if something else knew about that second too?

Last Supper: Please pass the rolls. Before it’s too late.

Alone: Big Brother is watching.

That Smell: Some things get under your skin. Some things cover it.

The Shrouded Figure: A man flees from room to room in a nightmarish labyrinth in order to escape a motionless shrouded figure and a cadaverous man in a suit.

The Door: It’s one of the many jobs parents assume when they become, well, parentsâ??soothe the terrified youngster, chase away the nightmares, prove there is no monster under the bed. But the kids aren’t always wrong. Sometimes there are monsters under the beds. And behind the door.

Point of View: It’s all how you look at things; do you see beauty…or death?

The Plague Doctor’s Face: Plague doctors came to the village of Harmon’s Den. And they brought the plague with them.

The End of the World

by A. A. McGowan

It’s autumn and the leaves aren’t the only thing changing. Chuck gathers his thoughts as the end of the world comes to meet him.

ISABEL: The Horror Suspense Thriller About The Parnamoral Immortal, Isabel Guthrie (horror suspense, horror thriller, parnormal immortal, paranormal thrillers,paranormal … paranormal suspense thriller Book 1)

by E.P. Martingale

Horror Suspense of Isabel Guthrie, A Riveting Horror thriller and Paranormal Suspense Short Story

The Paranormal Immortal Entity offered in this Horror Suspense Thriller is based on an Urban Legend called the “White Death”

Both Jay and Mike are young professors gaining fast notoriety as a result of their opposing theories to spiritualism. They are devout atheist with a stellar academic resume to support their beliefs and resultant theories. However, on a late October night, their beliefs and theories will soon come face to face with an entity beyond their physical capacity to describe or explain.

The Paranormal Immortal, ISABEL places you immediately in the experience of the fear and horror of two men who are having a horrific life changing event. It is a demonic event beyond any explanation. First it was Mike’s chilling account that has lead Jay Whitten into a night of terror; one that he desperately tries to escape. Will Jay make it through the night? Will he be able to escape the haunting of Isabel Guthrie? And if he is able to survive long enough to see the emerging sun of a new day, will he finally be a believer in the metaphysical and of course the paranormal immortal, Isabel Guthrie?

You experience in this horror thriller a heightened level of paranormal suspense that is sure to entertain. You will feel the fear and panic as the story line conveys the sensations of pain and physical torture of being paralyzed and forced to come face to face with the horrific paranormal immortal of Isabel. You will simply find Isabel to be one of the most terrifying horror thrillers in the horror suspense genre.

Download Isabel Today, because you have right to be scared.

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He Gave Me a Number: A Collection of 23 Gripping and Tense Horror Short Stories

by James Jacobs

Originally published under the author’s pen-name.

Explore one of the world’s most disturbing hotels in ‘The Warren Hotel’. It isn’t just the ghosts that are horrifying.

A woman cannot be convinced that her husband is a brute in ‘The Taming’, a modern retelling of Shakespeare’s ‘The Taming of the Shrew’.

A murderer unwittingly meets a fellow murderer, and both get their justice at the hands of a grieving father carrying out revenge in ‘You Aren’t the Only One’.

A neighbour finds a voodoo doll outside the house next door in a street plagued with unnatural deaths in ‘Neighbourhood Watch’.

A failed writer struggles to contain his anger at the unfairness of society in ‘Failure’.

One man’s driving lesson, the last lesson an hour before his test, goes terribly, terribly wrong in ‘Why Did You Miss Your Lesson?’

A woman recounts her haunting in ‘Maybe I’m Just Unlucky’, a haunting that stains her life with evil.

A town is plagued by a psychotic murderer with a passion for the liquid of life in ‘Blood’.

A man gains a new stalker in ‘An Encounter’, only to discover something he could never have guessed about himself.


Horror, mostly. There are some disturbing things in here. Some things that will stay with you for quite some time. They’ve stayed with me, and I wrote them! They’re all the stories I’ve written in the past year. Well, not all. The others are in my other collection … I think they’re full-on British horror stories. They’re a mixture, I can’t deny that.’

Jealousy sends a man to the limit in ‘Nightswimming.’

A man loses his mind in the darkness in ‘The Cellar’, and becomes ravaged by a darkened mind.

A woman finds her destiny outside a random house in ‘Woman in Photo Story’.

23 horror stories to trouble the mind and increase your electricity bill during the early hours.

The Forgotten Gods of Jozi

by Keith McLachlan

He lifts the cold, jagged rock. It is heavier than he expected. And then, with all his might, he smashes it down on the exposed skull of the man standing with his back to him. A loud, sick thump rings out. It mingles with his shout and the other man’s surprised, brief scream.

And then there is nothing but silence, broken only by his panting and the sound of blood rushing through his ears.

The world is silent.

The sky does not open up and the sun ignores him. The soft wind drifts by as the world carries on callously.

Everything is the same, but everything is different.

And a thousand, thousand years later the roar of Gorgion Tuesday erupts from a petrol station in upmarket Houghton – Johannesburg – his lover senselessly murdered in his arms. An old, cold evil stirs deep in the city under the African full moon, pushing back against the new nicotine-neon gods of modern man. Overlooking ancient battlefields now covered by complexes and shopping centres, a dark omen flies in through Old Man Mhlu’s window while Ragman Blue’s hypnotic song washes over a mortal crowd in a dingy bar in Fourways where dark things scuttle in the shadows.

Julia Green winks and takes a slow drag on her cigarette. Her scarlet lips softly blow out the smoke and her green eyes narrow in sudden thought, “Change, Tuesday, change… I can feel it coming. It may rain tonight.”

Everything is the same, but everything is different.

Written by Keith McLachlan

Edited by Emma Donovan

Cover by Simon Subrosa

The Lost Alien Artifact 22 (Novelette)

by V Bertolaccini

A new astounding lost alien artifact action-packed thriller classic!

Throughout history an alien artifact of inconceivable magnitude and origins is buried away in a castle, waiting to be revived, haunting the castle and region and opening gateways going beyond the universe, and explorers are forced into staying there and are fanatical with finding what it is and if there is lost treasure there!

Throughout history an alien artifact of inconceivable magnitude and origins is buried away in a castle, waiting to be revived, haunting the castle and region and opening gateways going beyond the universe, and explorers are forced into staying there and are fanatical with finding what it is and if there is lost treasure there!

For centuries people have been viciously subjected to deadly mind-bending magical forces and manifestations, and its origins, from a majority of accumulated sources, occurred around 1620 when fishermen witnessed its materialization exploding out of the early morning mist over the sea, like a crazy shooting star.

Accounts of it reshaping and having accelerated/decelerated motions and forms like a crazy entity/life form and that it appeared to be damaged and be on the brink of losing its existence had later shown that it had entered some form of damaged or dormant state, surely exhausted of energy from either its extraordinary manifestation, or from its impact with the world, or it not even having existed in universe.

The fishermen that found it had taken it to the most knowledgeable and powerful person, who were staggered by its existence.

He took it from them and it was never seen again, but years later, they had heard of its activation and that many deaths had occurred and that they had been trying use it for magical purposes, to foresee future occurrences, and to accumulate its powerful powers.

According to legends all the people there had been found dead, and it had left the most powerful magical object in existence, in whatever state and place they had left it, with powers going beyond anything else, with power surges opening gateways going beyond the universe.

For centuries the lost treasure had been thought to exist there by a few explorers, who had carried out investigations and searches for it, of which many had paid by losing their lives, by being in the wrong time or place.

The place had to have been one of the most dangerous places in the world and nobody attempted to live there, or even live near there. People could not survive permanently living in its confines! Even though most of the time its powers dwindled and some people had managed to survive and escape after living for months there, and had given horrific accounts of mind-bending wonders and deadly menaces that they had been subjected to.

At one point, in 1880, to which nobody knows why, its existence had become entirely dormant and a wealthy businessman had found the place by accident while visiting the region and had bought it from the owners of the land.

He had recognized the value of the building it was in and its historical importance, its colossal architecture and dimensions, and had seen that it was worthless in the desolate place, in the middle of nowhere, and had it removed in large sections and shipped across the Atlantic, where he had intended to reconstruct it near New York.

What occurred next was never revealed, and there occurred an extensive amount of lost information, and all that was known was that the owner had died in mysterious circumstances and that the building had ended up at a different and secret location in the depths of an immense desolate wood, hidden away from anyone locating it, with what was there activated again.

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