Free literary fiction Kindle books for 26 Sep 14

Broken Hearts: Forsaken Love (Loves Perfect Ending Book 2)

by Hattie Spiritweaver

There is always that moment of darkness when we have felt cheated. When we have felt wronged, and when we have suffered a broken heart because someone deliberately played mind games with us. There are some moments when we run into dishonest people and they have chosen to harm us for the simple reason they are hurting themselves.

When the relationships is done and over with we are left with grief. It is almost like the death of a loved one. We go through the same stages of grief as if someone has died.

I have tried to capture the emotions and feelings of grief. I hope they bring healing to the hurting soul. In time we heal and move on. It’s hard to let go of someone that we were close too and thought they felt the same way about us. From the age of 16 and for the rest of our lives some of us have been there too many times. Others of us were lucky enough to be spared of the emotional and mental grief in these types of relationships.

Love Poems: Love Illuminates the Heart (Love is Never in Black and White Book 2)

by Hattie Spiritweaver

Over the centuries poets have tried to tap into the right words to describe love. Love is filled with light and darkness. There are moments when you find the right person, they will illuminate the whole universe. There are others that will smother out the candle flame. In this collection of poems I have attempted to capture the brilliance of love.

Almost Perfect: Life, Love, Loyalty

by Delia Franklin

Holly was swept off her feet by classic-car driving, city banker Gilbert Tatton. He proposed marriage after just six months, high above his country estate in a hot-air balloon. They live at Larkspur, a glorious ten-bedroom home, with their lively daughter Lucy, dog Spock, and staff. Holly has a successful career as an artist, as well as family and friends who love and support her.

Doesn’t Holly’s life sound perfect? But, scratch the surface and all is not as it appears. A series of unexpected events soon catapult her towards surprising new friends, dangerous questions and a tumultuous year that would forever change her outlook on life, love and loyalty.

Set against the rolling downs of Surrey and the chic boroughs of central London, this is the heart-warming and at times sobering story of one woman’s journey of self-discovery through life’s unexpected chicanes.

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