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Lifelines: Kate’s Story

by Vanessa Grant

In this women’s fiction novel, a recently widowed therapist begins to put her life back together, but tumbles into an ethical nightmare that embroils her in an inflamatory situation that threatens her career, her life, and that of the man she’s falling in love with.

Kate Taylor hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since her husband David died. It doesn’t help that David’s dog, Socrates, watches her constantly as if he expects her to bring his master back; that her personal life is a series of telephone conversations with her evasive adult daughter and her demanding mother; that working as a family counselor she regularly faces a client named Rachel, a narcissistic woman who evokes Kate’s most painful memories.

Kate is exhausted: tired of coping, tired of listening, tired of life. Then one night on an icy road, she goes into a treacherous skid. A razor’s edge from death, she realizes she wants to live.

She makes plans. She sets goals. She takes a lover. She copes with her daughter’s newest crisis and her mother’s financial foolishness. Then Kate discovers something about Rachel that throws her into an ethical nightmare.

Her career could be destroyed â?¦ so could her life.

Hollywood Crazy: A Holllywood Alphabet Series Thriller (A Hollywood Alphabet Series Thriller Book 3)

by M.Z. Kelly


So you think things are crazy in Hollywood? Just wait, they’re about to get a lot crazier. Maybe it’s because LAPD homicide cop, Kate Sexton’s best friend, Natalie, has a new boyfriend who is brilliant but deranged. Or maybe it’s because Kate is now living with roommates and a landlord who make the Adams Family seem tame by comparison. Or maybe it’s because Kate’s canine partner, Bernie, is about to pay the price for some serious mischief. Or maybe it’s because Kate’s love life is like a rollercoaster, full of wild twists and turns.

A murdered Hollywood power couple, an escort service for the rich and powerful, an out of control canine partner, a love triangle, and a family secret that’s been buried for more than thirty years all combine to make Hollywood Crazy one of M.Z. Kelly’s most exciting thrill rides yet.

Hollywood Crazy continues the laugh-out-loud humor, crazy characters, and nail-biting excitement of the first two books in the series.

M.Z. Kelly is the author of five books in the Hollywood Alphabet Series Thrillers: Hollywood Assassin, Hollywood Blood, Hollywood Crazy, Hollywood Dirty, and Hollywood Enemy!

A Beautiful Murder: A Love Triangle With Murderous Intentions (Book 1) (Suspense Thriller – Murder Mystery – Erotic Romance – Mystery Books)

by T. W. Mcbride

They Wanted Claire Hunter Dead. You Won’t Believe Why!

The perfect curl up with a a coffee and a cozy blanket book! Want a book that has it all? Murder, Mystery, Romance, Suspense? Look no further than “A Beautiful Murder” – Sam Benson

The Book At a Glance

Claire Hunter is a lucky girl. She has everything a girl could want; three million dollars in her bank account, a hip and dazzling apartment in Manhattan, a great job in Kickstarter, amazing friends, a loving family and a marvelous boyfriend. For Claire, everything is going perfect, and her already fabulous life seems to become even more fantastic when the sexy and charismatic Spencer Christensen finally pops the big question and puts a ring on her finger. Together they plan an extravagant wedding and fly all their friends and family to the Island of Phuket in Thailand.

But Claire travels more than nine thousand miles only to discover her life is not as perfect as she thought. With the majestic Thai island as a scene, and in the middle of a rollercoaster of emotions and events, Claire Hunter is about to lose not only her love, but everything she has, even…her life. Will she be able to escape her destiny or will her streak of luck finally comes to an end?

A Beautiful Murder is a story of secrets, love, lust, and sorrow by the author T. W. Mcbride that will leave you begging for more.

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The Dream: Inspired by True Events

by Zelda Wasser

This isn’t your normal horror story. This isn’t a heart to heart story between father and daughter with a happy ending. It is an emotional rollercoaster that borders on what is reality and what is nothing more than a horrific nightmare come to life.

Jacob Wasser, widower and father of two has never been a healthy man and after an extended hospital stay, he decides to take up an invitation from his daughter Monika, to visit and recoup in Rochester, NY. Jacob had vowed twenty years earlier that he would never return to his place of birth in Upstate NY. Brooklyn, was his home now. Yet he pushes aside his hatred in hopes of repairing an already fractured relationship with his daughter.

A trip that quickly turns into the nightmare of his life.

All profits made from the sale of this novella will be donated to Brain Injury Association of America ( This association aims to educate and make the public aware of the various traumatic brain injuries and how they affect more than just football players and soldiers.

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