Free poetry Kindle books for 26 Sep 14


by Connie McCaffery

This collection of poetry tells the tales of rising above painful experiences

and embracing the true blessings in life. Volume 3 of Poetry by Connie McCaffery.

Heart to Heart Love Poetry

by Michael Ford

This is a dedication to Kimberly for her Birthday to show her my love i have for her and our family. I wantted to make it a special bday

Angel Poems: Celestial Angels of Love

by Hattie Spiritweaver

Angels are always are guardians in life preventing us from being harmed from disasters worldwide. I have always had a fascination with angels and learning about them. I enjoyed being creative and creating poetry that would send a hopeful message to those of the brokenhearted.

We are all earth angels here on earth. Every day we have a chance to lend a helping hand and comfort others in their despair. We all need a guardian angel in our lives to point us in the right direction. I hope you enjoy my collection of Angel poems.

IMPRINTS of LUST: Love Poems from a Dysfunctional Heart

by Mark Anthony Cotterman

Mark Anthony Cotterman is a New York poet that blends nature and relationships into poetry. Some of his works are done in rhyming verses, while most are written in free verse.

His poetry includes subjects such as: Love, Lust, Erotica, Friendships and more.

In this collection you will find thirty poems that will touch you in some way.

A Love Story About To Begin: A Book of Poems

by Symple Daimaker

After Josh had lost his Hope he was lost for awhile. Before he could find Grace he had to fall in love again. He had to quickly move though his college years and it wasn’t until he returned to his home town that he finally saw Grace again. Is it true love or just another Hope? This short story story will keep you captivated through the entire read.

Old Monk Tales

by Karan Mujoo

These poems are not poems. They are ramblings of a lovesick man trapped in an urban jungle. The disenchantment, the rage, the cowardice, the stench, all are true.

They are a reminder that there will be times in life when everything is shattered.

And this collection as a whole is proof that these times don’t last forever.

The Sociopathic Diary

by Matthew Kult

A collection of poetry and a short story from the mind of a Sociopath.

We Danced, Gingerly: An Anthology of Adolescence

by Chelsea M. Brown

We Danced, Gingerly; An Anthology of Adolescence is a collection of emotional works by author Chelsea M. Brown. It covers many events throughout her life and touches on the emotions of heartbreak, loss, and finding strength.

Dear You,

by Charlz dela Cruz

Dear You, is a collection of ecstatic love poems which explores the alchemy of love through its various manifestations. It contains 100 visions of love which unravel the deep mysteries of the heart by delving into the passions of the soul and the flesh. Dear You, is a book of love, beauty, tragedy, and romance – a book, with a heart, turned inside out.

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