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Parenting ADHD Children: What you can do to really make it easier (adhd child, Parenting adhd, Adhd Children, adhd Nutrition, Child Care, Attention Deficit Child)

by Lucas Ether

Discover how Parenting a child with ADHD can get way easier.

You’re are out of resources?

You don’t really know what to do anymore?

In this book, you’re about to learn how to use simple and powerful techniques that will truly help you parenting a child with ADHD. Let’s face it, this situation is not the case of everybody and you must handle it with all the knowledge possible. This book contains information of quality that will help you and your child on this journey.

If you are suffering from this situation and haven’t been able to change it, it’s because you are lacking an effective strategy to make this easier for your child and you.

With the knowledge in this book, you’ll get the tools needed to improve your capacity to deal with a lot more situation that might arise in the future!

Do yourself a favor, read this book and act on it!

Here Is A Glance Of What You’ll Learn in this Book..

  • ADHD, what is it
  • The Behaviors and what you can do
  • Important foods for ADHD’s child
  • Helping them in their social life
  • How should you handle it yourself
  • And much more!

Take action today!

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RT Scripts: Three Children’s Plays for Reader’s Theater (or Readers Theatre)

by Aaron Shepard

“RT Scripts” is a sampler of three children’s plays from acclaimed reader’s theater master Aaron Shepard. With each script taken from one or more of his major books, this selection provides a quick and enjoyable introduction to Aaron’s offerings.




Aaron Shepard is the award-winning author of numerous children’s books and magazine stories, as well as three books on reader’s theater, “Stories on Stage,” “Folktales on Stage,” and “Readers on Stage.” He spent five years as a professional actor in reader’s theater, performing in schools and conducting workshops for teachers, librarians, and students. He now hosts Aaron Shepard’s RT Page, the Web’s most popular reader’s theater destination, with visits by thousands of teachers and librarians each week.






Getting Started


The Legend of Lightning Larry


Peddler Polly and the Story Stealer


The Baker’s Dozen






CITIZEN 1: Well, you’ve heard about gunfighting good guys like Wild Bill Hickok and Wyatt Earp.


CITIZEN 8: But we’ll tell you a name that strikes even greater fear into the hearts of bad men everywhere.


ALL (except LARRY): Lightning Larry!


CITIZEN 2: We’ll never forget the day Larry rode into our little town of Brimstone and walked into the Cottonmouth Saloon. He strode up to the bar and smiled straight at the bartender.


LIGHTNING LARRY: (with a huge smile) Lemonade, please!


CITIZEN 7: Every head in the place turned to look.


Cinderella’s Daughter

by Joan Hibbs

This is an entertaining – early reader – book about Cinderella’s daughter, Belinda. The baby princess becomes terribly rude and selfish. Belinda’s parents try to teach her what a true princess is but fail. Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother steps in and teaches the princess while she stays in the Fairy Godmother’s cottage. The cottage becomes animated and magically shows Belinda behavior more befitting a royal leader. Good parenting ideas.

The Lion and The Mouse (Huusmann/Aesops Series Book 1)

by Aesops Fables

The Lion and the Mouse is the story of a Mouse that proves size does

not always matter.

When in distress, sometimes a helping hand can come from the most

unexpected place.

The story is based on the famous Greek storyteller

Aesop’s classic fables, and it teaches children a valuable lesson on

helping one another.

Adapted into a Picture Book by the witty Thomas-Bo Huusmann, who in this book draws and tells in the cheerful way which is so characteristic of him.

Age: +3

Product Details:

Published by: Huusmann Media

Author: Thomas-Bo Huusmann

Translator: Daniel Sim

Illustrator: Thomas-Bo Huusmann

Release date: 11.09.2014

Length: 24 Pages

Edition: Paperback

ISBN: 978-87-99572-40-3

The Ultimate Guide To Choose Your Dream Career: How To Select The Best Career Path For Becoming Extraordinarily Successful (Winning Image)

by George K.

A Helpful Tips From An Expert, Proven Steps In Choosing Your Dream Careers, A Chance For You To Become Successful Once And For All

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced

at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Choosing a career path is also making a good decision. Every one of us dreamed to become successful in our career. But as the process goes on, a lot of question ponder on your mind. How to choose the right career? And how to become successful in the chosen career you had? These are the things that somehow build anxiety and confusion in choosing a career. Perhaps, one thing you have to establish behind is to first consider your personality, your interests, your skills, values, and passion. Reaching your dream is somewhat like walking all alone in a elongated stairs. Every step you step is a stage in where you will establish self worth and self-determination in achieving your goal/s. It might not that easy for you to move forward to take another step it is because sometimes you encountered a lot of problem/s and failures. But it doesn’t mean you have to give up. You might fall down along the way but, you should have the courage to stand up. It is part of becoming who we really are in the future. To overcome your failure, the first thing you should do is to create a vision. Then visualize your dreams. Find out your weaknesses and strengths. Invent lots of formulas in your mind, and ask yourself. What I want to become someday? What career path I am taking to? What are my skills? What are my interests? What are my goals? What are the things I need to improve for me to become successful? How can I utilize my skills to empower my strength?

The important thing you should realize in choosing a career is, it isn’t just about picking a flower in a garden and thrown it out when you found out that it is not useful after all. If you think, you are feeling lost in your career. Then, it is the time to respond to your call and ask yourself. What I really want to be? If you end up feeling so drastic about the things you have to decide for yourself. Now, is the time to withstand all those arguments in your head and fasten yourself to a more meaningful career that you really love to do. Don’t be too hard with yourself. Possess positive outlook in life and remain optimistic at all time. Don’t let your fears and insecurities draws you back. If you feel you are fascinated to become a doctor someday, then why not? The road ahead might be difficult but why not consider it. In fact it is part of your challenge. An adage once said â??’quitter never wins” So don’t stuck at one place, move forward and reach out your dream. But, also pay attention specifically to the things that matters you the most. What about the medicine? Does it make you excited? Is it, you wanted to save life? Help those in need of your care? There are plenty of professions that could help you assess what interests and passion you really have inside. This things open up for world of possibilities and even you can utilize your skills and expertise. In another way around you can be successful with your pace.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Chapter 1:Finding your Career
  • Chapter 2: Careers by Field
  • Chapter 3: Start your career
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy now!

Life comes so easy in choosing the right career by reading this book. The Ultimate Guide To Choose Your Dream Careers: How To Select The Best Career Path For Becoming Extraordinarily Successful. Live and achieve your dreams today, for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

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How to Write an E-Book in 15 Easy Steps

by Raven Reigns

Have you ever dreamed of writing an e-book and getting it published? You’ve probably thought about it but didn’t know how to go about it. Wouldn’t you love to be able to free yourself from the day-to-day grind of a “9 to 5” job and write for a living from the comfort of your own home, while earning a respectable income? This step by step guide will teach you everything you need to do to get started on writing and then how to publish your e-book online. You’ll learn how to:

#1 Find your inspiration for writing and determine what you’d like to write about.

#2 Understand Amazon KDP Select and how to go about publishing an e-book.

#3 Choose a title for your e-book that entices readers, and how to create a series out of your topic to sell more books.

#4 Learn how to set up your home office or writing area.

#5 How to develop an outline for your e-book to make it infinitely easy to write.

#6 Tips for how to write quickly and finish your first e-book in under three weeks.

#7 How to download the correct e-book format before you start typing to avoid issues with re-formatting later. Save yourself time!

#8 Tips for how to design an e-book cover that attracts reader attention.

#9 How to buy your domain name.

#10 How to set up your website and email address.

#11 Instructions for how to copyright your e-book to protect yourself.

#12 Tips for how to purchase an ISBN number as well as where and how to register it.

#13 Instructions for how to format and upload your e-book for sale online.

#14 Tools for how to market your e-book to interested readers to reach a high sales volume.

#15 Understanding the importance of tracking business revenues and expenses for tax purposes.

Need a possible title for your e-book? There are more than 30 suggestions inside. Learn everything you need to know about how to write and publish your e-book in this handy, helpful guide. It’s one stop shopping for the future e-book writer!

Islam is a verb (verb = expresses an action) islam is to submit our free will to the will of the Creator… By M R Abdullah ( 3,233 words)

by M R Abdullah

Islam is a verb (verb = expresses an action) islam is to submit our free will to the will of the Creatorâ?¦ By M R Abdullah ( 3,233 words)

Pre-K for Homeschoolers- Letter B

by Heather Leach

Are you looking for a pre-k or Kindergarten homeschooling curriculum?

Easy to use with fun activities and plenty of printable worksheets?

This is created with you in mind!

* Daily lesson plans




and more….

Created with natural learners and special needs children in mind.

Pre-K for Homeschoolers- Letter C

by Heather Leach

One week of lessons centered around the letter C. Enhanced with printable worksheets, activities, crafts videos and more. Introduce letters,colors, words and math concepts with this fun lesson plan. Great for pre-k, Kindergarten and special needs students.

Reverse Headhunting: How to land you next (and best) senior level role

by Steve Nicholls

How can you access the executive Hidden Jobs Market? Become a Reverse Headhunter!

How to land your next (and best) senior level role

The world of executive level job search has changed beyond all recognition in the last few years.

In his new book Reverse Headhunting, executive career coach and owner of Executive Connexions Ltd. Steve Nicholls shows job hunting executives how to access the best senior level roles; those that are unadvertised.

This unadvertised jobs market, or Hidden Jobs Market is still largely ignored by executive job seekers. Why? Steve says, “I think that there’s a human element in play here. We seem to find it easier to connect to a website/newspaper job advert, even when everyone else is chasing those advertised roles.

Nevertheless, research shows that 70% of the best jobs are to be found in this Hidden Jobs Market. “It’s vital in today’s ultra-competitive jobs market to change your thinking.” says Steve. “Being proactive and focusing on the Hidden Jobs Market might seem daunting at first, but the rewards can be incredible”.

Smart use of social media is one of the critical steps to success in tracking down these hidden roles, and in the book Steve takes you step-by-step through easy to apply techniques, that if used consistently will transform the way that your executive job search is carried out.

In Reverse Headhunting learn how to:

  • Access the executive Hidden Jobs Market
  • Construct a compelling CV / Resume that gets interviews
  • Prepare for job interviews properly
  • Build a consistent and authentic personal brand
  • Leverage social media to attract the right people & opportunities

Ë?Ë?Ë? What Readers are saying

“A clear no-nonsense guide to the multi-layered world of finding your new role in the complex market that exists in the 21st Century. Steve identifies how a candidate needs to use a variety of techniques and tools to gain an advantage in their search. Any executive job searcher that misses the opportunity to take on his advice by reading this book will undoubtedly find their quest more difficult and longer in duration.”

Luke Ireland, Managing Director

“Reverse Headhunting is a very practical reference, particularly useful for the executives who have not had a need to deal with recruiters or faced a job interview for a long time. The book helps you to prepare for interview situations and to answer questions you did not have to consider previously. References to other material expand this work making it a broad forum of information. I wish to acknowledge also that I personally am a beneficiary of Steve’s assistance in my career transition.”

Les Michalik, CEO

With chapters on getting the CV / Resume in shape and sharpening up job interview skills, the book also contains insights from head hunters and recruiters, which will give you many insights to give you an edge in your job search.

Scroll up and order your copy today.

You have a Brain: (Now let it grow) (Resilience Psychology Book 4)

by Anndrea Wheatley

We have brain plasticity – we do not have to be limited by our past, good or bad, or by what we think of ourselves. We can change and our brain can change and adapt to what we want to do with our lives and what we want to learn. Our brain grows to take on new learning and new learning makes it grow. We have the The neuroscience behind how you learn and the meaning of mastery to brain growth in you as a young person, and in children… pushing yourself into learning new things, and sticking with it….actually works…and cause our brain to sprout new neurons and brain pathways in order to take on that experience….you can do anythingyou want to do…..keep going until your dreams are realized!

Kids with Two Brains – Book 1: Teaching Kids How to Think

by Ron G Holland

SPECIAL OFFER. MASSIVE DISCOUNT FOR LIMITED PERIOD ONLY. USUALLY $9.99. Kids With Two Brains is an exciting series of children’s books designed to get children thinking both in words and pictures alike. It has been created by leading mind power expert Ron G Holland, who has for the past thirty years has specialized in right and left-brain thinking. In past centuries teaching and education has been predominantly word based with teachers standing in front of their students teaching numerous subjects in a word based educational style. This was further enforced by handing out study books that were frequently word-based, with no pictures at all. Although children have the innate ability to visualize and think in pictures, unfortunately this predominantly word based process had the incredible effect of developing millions, if not billions, of left-brain folk, all over the world. This had the effect of us creating very weak thinking and equally weak thinkers. But in the past two decades, the pendulum has now swung the other way, and we are noticing that unwittingly children are becoming predominantly right-brained, because of the massive exposure they have to digital media, which is predominately a visual based medium. Much of what children see on smart phones, tablets, PCs and laptops and other devices are videos; pictures, graphics, cartoons, comic books, bar-charts, and only a few words. This trend has crept up on us without us realizing it; so quickly, in a few short decades. Kids exclaim these days, â??You don’t expect me to read that, it’s got no pictures in it!’ and rightly so. Our brains think in words and pictures and we must make sure we maintain that crucial balance and ensure that our children become â??whole-brain thinkers’ not predominantly left or right-brain thinkers. The Kids With Two Brains books work at their optimum when the parent or adult sharing the book with the child explains in layman’s terms what is going on and encourages the child to do mind exercises right there and then as they study each illustration. You need to read and explain, and get the child to think in words and also pictures as you explain the illustration to them. Don’t forget your child has the innate ability to visualize and use their imagination, therefore the object of the exercise is just to create awareness and encourage them to deliberately use pictures and words and never let either faculty become dormant. Human beings are the only animals that can think things out advance and to do this we must use the imagination and think in pictures into the future. This can be used so many times to our advantage and we must encourage the use of the faculty much more. The travesty of the educational system is that we are taught everything except how to think. Once we really do know how to use our neck-top computers, a whole new world unfolds. When we start to think in pictures as much as we do in words and become congruent in our thinking, our brains are magically transformed into billion dollar biocomputers and we become more happy, productive, and creative and can solve problems much more efficiently. For parents who want the very best for their children and for themselves, it would pay dividends to read Ron G Holland’s best-seller’s; Millionaire Secrets, Millionaire Mindset and Talk & Grow Rich, all of which are based on a very simple of model of the brain, with the left hemisphere thinking in words and the right hemisphere thinking in pictures. This trilogy is based on Holland’s thirty years research programme and actively working in the field with entrepreneurs over the same time frame.

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