Free religious fiction Kindle books for 26 Sep 14

The Seven Mile Bridge

by Rev. John C. Rallison

Bill is trying to father his hurting children even as he deals with his own feelings over the accidental death of his wife. He decides to take three road trips, letting each child choose the destination of a trip. The final destination is his choice: Key West, Florida.

“The Seven Mile Bridge” is a book about a family healing and a man being forced to face the big questions of life. While it is a work of fiction, most of the places and facts are real (such as the largest ball of twine in Cawker City, Kansas). If you want to know which places and facts are fiction, see the introduction to the book.

Rev. John Rallison is an active parish pastor with over 15 years in the ministry.

“The Seven Mile Bridge” is a novella in the 20,000 word range. (For reference, a typical full novel runs in the 60,000 to 90,000 word range.)

Nova Scotia Runner (Nova Scotia Series Book 1)

by Sheila Munoz

Set in the 1700s, a young woman flees her home in wild Nova Scotia, running away from everything she knows and is, to find herself, months later, in the state of Georgia during its infancy. What mysterious secrets does she harbor that are pushing her headlong into grave danger and tragedy?

As her journey unfolds, she decides she must search for her infant daughter, kidnapped by privateers in Nova Scotia before her departure and taken to who knows where? Will she be found by those from whom she is running before she can even begin her search?

The woman’s habit of running from conflict steers her right into what she is most trying to avoid: the hands of dangerous privateers, as well. Tormented, abused, and chained, she all but loses hope.

What will she find as she continues to run? More than she ever bargained for . . . for, you see, it is a thin line, indeed, that separates running FROM something and running TO something.

Fallen Guardians

by Steea Holmes

One decision made in a moment of weakness – a created race doomed to damnation. Until they came along – their Protector and Restorer.

His past was covered in secrets. Her future hidden amongst lies. Together they are the salvation for the Fallen Guardians – if they can survive.

If you enjoyed the Nephilim Arise series previously published as novellas, they have been combined into this novel with the ending you were waiting for … or is it? Read and find out!

Adelaide Goes To Nashville (The Adelaide Martin Series Book 2)

by Tyler Scott Hess

The highly anticipated sequel to Adelaide and the Battle of the Bands by Tyler Scott Hess.

Thanks to their performance in The Bridgetown Battle of the Bands, Adelaide and her band (Corporate Fury) have been invited to Nashville to play a showcase concert. Join Adelaide and their friends as they travel across the country in pursuit of their goal of receiving a recording contract from a record label.

The Refuge: Finding Healing in a Hurting World

by David Smith

You and I live in the midst of a hurting world. Hurting people are everywhere. As we traverse the day to day pathways that comprise our portion of the world, we meet them. They represent every race, every age group, and every socio-economic level. All of them have one thing in common: they are hurting. Out of quiet desperation, they are searching—searching for someone to care, to understand, to love unconditionally, and someone to point the way to the answer.
Life is made up of relationships. Meaningful relationships, born out of one’s relationship with Jesus Christ, help to form the fabric and fiber of who we are and who we become. In his book, “The Refuge,” Dr. David P. Smith strikes the heart of the matter as he so graphically portrays the “true to life” experiences that are so prevalent in our society today.
We live in a society today that has lost its moorings. People toss about on the sea of life with no anchor at all, or might have a tattered one that cannot hold when it’s really needed. Even in the Christian community, so many are out there who don’t understand that they have a refuge in Him, if they seek Him. Too often, there is a form of godliness, but no power. Christ is the same today as He has always been. He never changes, but He can change us if we let Him. Thank God.
This book is a novel. It doesn’t reflect the life of any one person in particular, but the individual stories and events are drawn from the real experiences of the many people that I have encountered and know. It’s about tragedies that are all too common in our society; this is the reality of our day. It’s not just about the tragedies, although. Just as in life, there are mountain top experiences in the lives of characters of this book. There are then, just as in real life, the difficult valleys that come again. The Bible tells us that our Lord, after overcoming the enemy during the forty days in the wilderness, had the devil leave Him, but only for a season. We only become stronger as we choose to allow Him to completely control our lives; He gives us the power to overcome any struggle if we take refuge in Him.
A remedy that will heal our land is available for many of the ailments plaguing us all. That remedy is a true relationship with our Creator, not just knowledge, or acknowledgement, of Him, but a relationship with Him. It is possible to have the refuge that we all need to make it through life and be whole. It is possible to be healed of the hurts that haunt us when we let Him do the healing work that only He can do. Sometimes we need His precision, surgical hands to take out something that doesn’t need to be there. Sometimes we just need to be held in His arms knowing that He really does care for us like His children. A God that knows the number of hairs on our heads, and even knows when a sparrow dies, is the same God that wants to the first priority of all of our lives. We have to choose to let Him be in that place and when we do, we can have a peace that the world cannot comprehend, cannot know, and cannot take away.
The novel’s main character, Sarah Ashton, sought help from her physician, Dr. Tom Wesley, when she was at the end of her rope. When trying to help Dr. Wesley understand how she got to that point in her life, she began at a point in time before she was even born. Sarah had learned the hard way that decisions that may have taken only seconds brought consequences that lasted for years. The decisions of others had traumatically impacted her life in ways that so many people today find themselves. As Sarah tried to navigate her way through life, she sought refuge in many ways from the storms that raged inside her. When the story comes back to the present, Dr. Wesley helps Sarah understand how to heal the hurt inside through finding the Refuge. This book can help you, your loved one, or friend, gain real, complete healing through finding that same Refuge.

The Ragged Way

by Kevin Blankenship

Turn of the 20th century west-central Kentucky- land of rugged beauty, wide lakes and raging rivers. Land where hard work made the days long, where nature could give and take away everything. In this place, the questions of faith, hope and love ring truer than perhaps they do today. Journey to this place, as Norman Lucas, a preacher who is everything in his town, struggles with faith, with love, and with the demands of his church.

Join Norman on his journey- part adventure, part romance, part history, and always the question- what is the nature of faith, and how does it grow?

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