Free war Kindle books for 26 Sep 14

It Never Was Worthwhile: Human Stories of the Great War

by Jem Shaw

To kill without hate or hunger is a contradiction suffered by no other organism on earth than Man. Yet for thousands of years we’ve sacrificed our young to ideals most of them have no regard for, to protect their families from threats largely imagined by their leaders.

This collection of short stories by Jem Shaw (The Larks) and Malcolm Havard (Contrail and The Last Mountain) looks at the impact of a new, mechanised form of warfare on the people called on to fight. People with mundane, safe lives; bakers, draughtsmen and young ladies fresh from finishing school each make their attempt to adjust to the inconceivable.

Published in electronic form in August 2014, this collection will grow over the three months until November, when a full-sized paperback edition will be released. Buyers of the Kindle version should make sure that auto-update is set on their reading device in order to receive the extra stories at no extra charge.

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