Free world literature Kindle books for 26 Sep 14

Julius Caesar (The Modern Shakespeare: The Original Play with a Modern Translation)

by William Shakespeare

Enjoy (and understand) Julius Caesar as you never thought you could. With The Modern Shakespeare edition, which includes the original play plus a modern translation, you will delight in the richness of Shakespeare’s writing without ever getting bogged down by archaic and incomprehensible language.

The Modern Shakespeare edition allows you to read the original play and the modern translation simultaneously, or to read just the original or just the translation. The Modern Shakespeare is the single best edition of Julius Caesar if you truly want to understand the play.

Gnocchi at Lambare Street: A story of pasts, presents and futures in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

by Andrea Roxana

Set first against the high-speed and flashy lights of New York City, Gnocchi at Lambare Street begins with Cristina, 26, at the cusp of her career and personal successes. Dining with music celebrities for a new show, while Michael, her Jewish and Princeton lawyer boyfriend, patiently waits for her at home, Cristina has made “it.” She looks to forward to her promotion to vice-president and redecorating her coveted Manhattan, corner one-bedroom. The future is as bright as Times Square.

However, it is her past that comes after her. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cristina gets the feared phone call: her mom announces her grandmother Maria has fallen ill. Having lived 8,000 miles from her entire family since college, Cristina found refuge in the anonymity of foreign New York City. Once her favorite grandmother, Cristina and Maria had distanced themselves after a bad argument. They haven’t spoken to each other in years. Cristina faces a tough decision, as going back home will undermine her promotion, her career, and her relationship with Michael.

Meanwhile, Cristina feels captivated by a surprising new friend: her grandmother’s secret journal. Reading the beautiful and almost lyrical passages about the Buenos Aires of yesteryears and of Maria as a kid, Cristina’s heart soften. And then, a big sighting: Maria was in love and supposed to marry someone else, not her grandfather!

Inquisitive Cristina decides to give Maria one more chance, and flies home, to Buenos Aires. There, she confronts the conservative values of immigrant Maria, and also her grandfather: Moishe. They immediately push for Cristina to produce, an engagement, a wedding and a great-grandson. In Buenos Aires, Cristina is merely seen as a girl who, at 26, is of less value than she was last year, at 25. It’s more than just contrary seasons versus New York. It’s about opposite values, languages, beliefs, traditions. Even water flushes in reverse. Oh bey.

Blending elements of memoir, fiction and actual history, Gnocchi at Lambare Street is a singular trip to the memories and heritage of grandmother and granddaughter. The stories of immigration to different countries in different times, the stories of lost and gained love, and the stories of family and friends are all intertwined in this witty and hilarious novel that will surely keep the reader fascinated, and very much entertained, from within the active and sharp mind of the charming narrator.

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