Free historical fiction Kindle books for 27 Sep 14

A Whisper of Smoke

by Angela Hoke

In 1960’s Kentucky, Susanna Braden is one of four children in a family that thrives on unpredictability, where painful secrets remain unspoken, allowing sins of the past to be repeated and threatening the security and innocence of another generation. As Susanna is faced with hard truths, her love for her best friend, as he deploys to Vietnam, gives her perspective that she doesn’t expect. Ultimately, Susanna must decide whether to accept her family, despite its faults, and whether redemption might be possible. A coming-of-age love story fhat is rich and deeply sensitive, “This book reminds us of how exciting, beautiful and painful growing up really is.”  — Judge, Writers’ Digest

Heaven’s Rogue (Heaven series time travel romances Book 1)

by Colleen Shannon

Michelangelo’s David awakens in modern NYC, furious at his best boyhood friend, Michelangelo, for putting his nakedness on display for centuries. He is forced to seek the meaning of his rebirth, or on the dawn of the new millennium he will turn back to stone. In the process, the statue becomes in the modern world the man he failed to be in the Renaissance, ironically transforming everyone he meets–including the art historian who wishes him into being and her friend, the cynical NYC cop who has forgotten the power of dreams. He will have his own role to play in Heaven’s design…

Joining Up

by John Jack McGuire

Joining Up is a Civil War Historical Fiction Novel about two 14 year old boys who escape harsh treatment at a Brooklyn orrphanage to join the famous Red Legge Devils of the famous 14th New York Regiment and fight for the abolition of slavery,

Charon’s Children

by Jacqueline Dempster

When George Fitrakis is suspected of causing the death of a British woman, he goes on the run from the British Authorities on the island of Crete. Little does he know however that following a motorcycle accident, a chance meeting with Charon, a strange and surly old sailor, would have a devastating effect on his life. When George agrees to accompany Charon on a visit to the island of Spinalonga, a former leper colony, strange supernatural forces are afoot which will change George’s life forever. What he encounters on the island will force him to evaluate his life of exploitation of the weak, vulnerable and dependent, as he himself is now forced to endure an unimaginable new world of hardship and suffering. Despite the conditions he and the community of Spinalonga must accept, the warmth, love, humour and above all, the courage of the people George now lives amongst forces him to reassess his existence, culminating in the ultimate act of selflessness and bravery.But will it be enough to redeem himself in the eyes of the Gods?
“Charon’s Children” is a blend of contemporary fiction, a story of redemption, coupled with a tale of the supernatural, Greek Mythology, wartime adventure and above all, the heart rending true story of the people who once inhabited the island of Spinalonga. “Charon’s Children” brings a chapter of Spinalonga’s history to life and will inspire visitors to her shores to experience the still palpable atmospheric surroundings of an island with a tragic, yet captivating history.

Happily May I Walk: A Tale of the Fifth World

by Jane E. Frances

As a newspaper reporter, family man William Napier is struggling to make ends meet in 1930s San Francisco. When he is offered an assignment to write a story about a Navajo man, imprisoned in San Quentin for 60 years, he jumps at the chance. But, as he listens to the Navajo’s harrowing story, he discovers that he and the prisoner have more in common than he could ever have imagined.

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