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The Breakup Workbook 2.0: Common Sense Breakup Advice for Men & Women

by M.J. Acharya

Do you find yourself obsessing over your breakup? Do you text your ex only to find yourself staring at your phone minute-to-minute, just waiting for a response? Have you done things that you consider unhealthy after your breakup – like internet stalking, eating too little, or drinking too much? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then The Breakup Workbook 2.0 is for you.

Lose the attachment you have to your ex and find yourself again. Plainly and simply, that’s what this workbook helps you to do in 30 step-by-step exercises. Using intuitive thinking and analytical exercises, new apps to help you break the cycle of constantly contacting your ex, ways to deal with a breakup that involves living with someone, or managing a breakup that involves children, this is a comprehensive breakup recovery guide that is all about you. From having a Pity Party and learning how to curb anxiety to Meeting Face-to-Face and eventually writing your own Happily Ever After, The Breakup Workbook 2.0 can help you recover from your break up and turn it into a learning tool for future relationships.

The Breakup Workbook 2.0: Common Sense Breakup Advice for Men & Women is a gender-neutral update to the cult-favorite breakup recovery guide, “The Breakup Workbook: A Common Sense Guide to Getting Over Your Ex”. It shows you how to deal with your breakup in an easy-to-read voice, with common sense recovery tips from leading Psychologists & Therapists to help you move from “bitter” to “better” in time.

Editorial Reviews:

“The Break Up Workbook 2.0 is essentially the missing life manual to surviving a break up. It is the most comprehensive but easily doable workbook, and I am confident that it will help you navigate any breakup and emerge as a happier and even better version of yourself. I highly recommend this book for anyone you know who is going through a breakup.”

-Jenny Giblin, MFT, International Therapist & Yoga Instructor

“As someone who helps others with Life Recovery and writes on the subject, I can say that this book offers powerful tools to help an individual recover from a breakup and start on the path to a better, brighter future.”

-Mal Duane, author of Alpha Chick and Life Recovery Coach

Discipline Children: How To Stop The Battles And Develop A Healthy Relationship With Your Child (Discipline Children, Diescipline Kids, Happy Children, … Child Behavior, Child Development)

by Sivan Berko

Discover How To Discipline Children and Avoid Argumentative Battles

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You say yes, your child say no – who wins?

You’re about to discover how positive discipline can turn family shouting matches into peaceful opportunities for child development and family unity. Defiant behavior and senseless screaming is exhausting for adults and for children. Parental lessons are lost when negative emotions overtake a home environment. This book will help you conquer the ineffective battles of discipline with the strategic use of positive discipline techniques.

Raising children is not an easy task. Kids repeatedly test their parents’ limits. No matter what’s the age of your child. Effective and positive discipline is about teaching and guiding children, not just forcing them to obey. In this book, you’ll find charts, lists and step-by-step guides that will help you turn disciplinary battles into lifelong lessons for optimal child development, and family peace.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How To Implement New Habits To Replace The Old
  • How To Empower Children To Independently Practice Good Behavior
  • What You Can Do To Create a Positive Home Environment
  • How To Encourage Children To Practice Self-Control
  • How To Recognize Your Parental Style and Current Techniques
  • Why Your Current Discipline System Doesn’t Work
  • Practical Positive Alternatives For Disciplinary Action
  • Much, much more!

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SISTERS OF MERCY: The Runaway Scrape (The FAITH Chronicles Book 3)

by Sean E. Jacobs

The third and final novel in the Faith Chronicles series is SISTERS OF MERCY – The Runaway Scrape. If you ask anyone about Texas history and what one thing stands out in what they were taught, it would be “Remember the Alamo!” “Remember Goliad!” or even “Come and Get It!.” There are numerous movies about the same, one directed by Ron Howard and even one for some of us older history fans where John Wayne was the star actor. But, it was not until 2011 I was working on my first creative nonfiction novel, “This Old House” did I come to realize the other less documented part of history, the Runaway Scrape. I made a halt, reset in what I was going to write. Why did I change my mind? I purchased the oldest home in Eagle Lake, Texas, built in 1864. I began a total restoration process on the home. One day, William ‘Bill’ Kell and his wife Shirley brought to my wife and I a dog-eared, yellow manuscript which still had numerous edit marks throughout the pages. It was a manuscript authored by Dilue Rose Harris in 1898. It was a gift to Bill Kell who in turn gifted it to me for my year-long restoration process. I began reading the manuscript and became intrigued with the bravery shown by women and children as they rushed eastward to save their families from the wrath of General Santa Anna. The more I read, the more I became intrigued with the memoirs of Dr. Pleasant Rose and with Miss Dilue Rose.

Settlers joined Sam Houston as everyone headed eastward to try and cross the Sabine River before Santa Anna reached them and they were all killed. During this migration eastward between March and April of 1836, spring rains for almost two weeks caused all the waterways to come out of their banks. Disease spread like wildfire. And, small children could not take the brunt of the cold weather lingering on in the early spring and died from exposure on the prairies.

The Runaway Scrape was an unpleasant experience, to say the least!

This novel covers the tragic flight of the refugees during the Texas Revolution across the swollen creeks and rivers from torrtential downpours during the spring. Dilue Rose and her mother must present a shotgun in the face of Davy Crockett’s brother to keep from stealing her horses. In the meanwhile, Santa Anna has proclaimed that he will kill any Texans who he runs into during his run to the Sabine River.

Crossing to the Other Side

by Marva Young

Sanai Jansen was an intelligent, African American, woman who had two failed marriages behind her. During her first marriage she went through physical and mental abuse and the second she was cheated on. Well now it’s time for her to open her options. Then she meets Raymond Armstead, a stable and handsome white man, but could she actually Cross To the Other Sideâ?¦

Raymond Armstead knew Sanai was the woman for him when he met her but her reservations about dating out of her race was going to be an issue. In the end, he found out her hesitancy wasn’t the only problem that would interfere with their newfound loveâ?¦

This is 8753 words long, interracial romance-black woman, white male

The Husband’s X-Files: 27 Little Tricks to Get Your Wife To Fall In Love With You All Over Again!

by Samantha Stevens

This little eBook is more than just an eBook, it is the blueprint that holds the secrets of the most successful 27 tricks that any husband can use to save a marriage from potential divorce.

Getting a divorce and falling out of love often doesn’t happen in just a single day. Most of the time, falling out of love is a lengthy process that takes months or even years. It is the result of cumulative disappointment, heartbreaks, misunderstand, neglect and betrayal. Most spouses would be willing to forgive a single betrayal rather than endure years of frustration and neglect.

Building a great marriage takes sacrifice, patience, tolerance and being aware of the right things to do instead of doing the wrong things. You have to embrace change to change what you are getting right now. If you keep on doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting what you have been getting.

There are specific tricks that successful husbands with beaming, happy wives use to keep their marriage great and harmonious. There is no need to be a perfect husband nor should you try to be one. What matters is the little things you do on an ongoing basis that will leave a profound effect on your wife.

As men tend to perceive things very differently from women it is easy to keep on doing things expecting your wife to be appreciative and end up wondering why your efforts are not recognized and returned in kind. You may be doing what seems right to you but it can be something that is totally irritating to your wife. It can even be perceived as being dubious and manipulative.

So what exactly does a woman want in marriage and how can a husband keep her happy?

How do you change a rocky marriage and save if from ending up as a wreck?

Is there a way to save a marriage that is filled with misunderstanding, lack of passion and trust and turn it into a happy, harmonious bond?

Is there a way to know how to keep a wife happy and fall in love with you all over again?

Is there, somehow, a secret way you can use to stop her from getting a divorce even when all channels of communication have been exhausted?

Should you give up or is there anything you can do to change her mind?

There are many tricks to do just that and this eBook will show you the right way to do things the way woman want them to be, and not what you assumed they should be.

Yes, there are second chances for those who are willing to be brave and embrace it. You have the power to make the changes you want and stop divorce in its tracks. You can change her mind now. You can move your marriage into the direction you want starting right now with this eBook.

You will never uncover the possibilities for your future unless you are willing to make the change right now. Sometimes just one chance is all you need to make your dreams come true for you and your lovely lady.

Apply these powerful tricks that are designed specifically for men who are looking to save their marriage. You have the power within you to create the marriage of your dream with the woman you choose.

We wish you the best of luck in using and applying all of these tricks and be prepared for the shocking change. Follow it diligently, you will be surprised.

Bienvenido a Miami/Welcome to Miami

by Matthew Bamberg

Offbeat, yet heartwarming story about a boy struggling with Jewish culture and stereotypes, among a unique cast of characters whose lifestyles and interests are defined by the counterculture revolution. The boy’s only savior is a Catholic girl of his dreams who arrives with her family in South Florida city after fleeing the Cuban Revolution. Their relationship grows in a world bounded by Nixon, Watergate and the Cuban Missile Crisis and in a city teeming with hippies and freaks who invade public parks day and night, turning them to patchouli-oil-scented landscapes of debauchery. The two disparate young people and their families seek support among one another to deal with the times that were changing. The complexities of their relationships eventually have them exchanging values and customs from each of their cultures to form a new definition of a modern family in a story of redemption and resolution.

Power Attraction

by Eric Vanvliet

How to stand out from the crowd and attract more women
into your life – regardless of your looks, money or whatever
else you think!


by centrella Taylor

This story is about three boys living across the street from each other who became t best friends. This story shows their city lifestyle and the different challenges and decisions they face, but through their dilemma they learn to bring loyalty into their friendship.

Revised Farmer Miracle

by Centrella Taylor

This story is about a family who loved and respected each other dearly, but was faced with a great dillemma. A heat wave attacked their farm animals and crops, but a family that prays together stays together.

Understanding Infant Acid Reflux | First Time Mommy Guide: Making The Appropriate Formula Selection Is Very Important In Avoiding Infant Acid Reflux and … (Choosing Formula To Defeat Colic Book 1)

Infant Acid Reflux and Colick can be very upsetting to any parent, let alone first time parents. Find out how choose and examining the different types of formulas can be the difference between a happy baby and a sad baby!

When truth comes too late

by Stefan Peric

The nineteen year old Pete is invited to mansion in LA by stranger who tells him that there are some unsolved things about the inheritance from his dead brother who died in a car accident. Even though he wasn`t close with his brother, and haven`t seen him for fourteen years, he decides to accept the invitation. However, he gets sucked into the whirlwind of memories and secrets, and finds out that his brother was not the person he appeared to be.

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