Free poetry Kindle books for 27 Sep 14

Hanging Dog Creek

by Mary Ricketson

This collection of poems by Mary Ricketson digs deep into the earth, unafraid to bite into hardship, willing to confess regret and shame, and ready to celebrate details of ordinary life. By words of pleasure and pain, the reader is transported to times of fear, joy, and courage, and ultimately an authentic breath of life.

Listen, Stand Up, Speak Out

by Oma Johnson

A book of poetry, written by a Crazy Person.

Released Ramblings

by Greg L. Boudonck

This book is compiled of poems and short stories. Most are about faith and God. Greg has stored up many works and is releasing them to you here. Greg hopes you are blessed by the poems and stories he has written.

The Ballad of Isaiah

by Thayne Whipple

Through compelling and lyrical verse, The Ballad of Isaiah conveys the mystery and majesty of the writings of the ancient Old Testament prophet Isaiah. The author has discovered a brilliant device for teaching the ancient scripture contained in the Book of Isaiah … in a surpisingly plain and simple way. Viewed by many as ‘too difficult to understand,’ the reader’s vision is unlocked to see why scholars and theologians have prized these sacred writings for centuries. Echoing the historical accounts, religious instruction, visions, prophecies, and inspirational counsel of the prophet Isaiah; the past, present, and future is intertwined in this carefully crafted poetic work.

Poems for the Wicked

by Steven Sweeney

Thirteen gruesome poems for kids covering anniversaries, events and holidays, featuring a vampire, nightmares, scary monsters, spooky tales, a lonely girl, the Easter Bunny, a killer Christmas guest, a vampire, a werewolf, Zombies and things of nightmares. Great for Halloween or all year round.

Wind Whispers: A Poetry Anthology

by Debbie Quigley

Wind Whispers: A Poetry Anthology

Wind Whispers is a poetic journey into life’s crosses

that we bare. It is full of love and hope to get through those hard moments

in life. I share the pain and miracles that have happened in my own personal life

journey. It is a book to open your heart to many possibilities! I hope to touch

a heart or two with my whispers art that is my goal.

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