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by Darren G. Burton

Sarah and Ethan visit a swinger’s club in the hope of meeting another sexy couple. There they meet Karen and Dean and invite them home for drinks. After swapping partners, inhibitions are lost, clothes are shed and the four indulge in the hottest night of sex any of them have ever had! Adults only 18+

Allah Versus God, Islam Versus Judeo-Christianity (The Islamorealist Series Book 2)

by Martin Reott

“Allah versus God, Islam versus Judeo-Christianity”

“Allah Versus God, Islam Versus Judeo-Christianity” is the second book in “The Islamorealist Series” by Martin & Patricia Reott.

Is Islam really a religion of peace?

What kind of peace can be possible from a religion that follows a diety who demands mindless followers or death by the sword?

Who is Allah anyway?

  • What kind of God commands his followers to lie? 
  • What kind of God believes that some human beings are inferior, even less than animals, giving commands to slaughter them?
  • What kind of God commands his followers to teach their children to be murderers, committing widespread slaughter?
  • What kind of God teaches his followers to seek domination over all others?
  • Or to destroy them by the sword if they refuse to convert?

What is the Truth About Allah?

Did you know that Islam is based on the Koran, which Allah supposedly gave to his prophet Muhammed, through the Angel Gabriel?

Did you know this same Koran commands Muslims to lie when necessary to defeat infidels and spread Islam?

Did you know that we are all infidels? Yes, every non-Muslim in the world is an infidel, deserving of death if we refuse to convert to Islam, as commanded in the Koran.

Why You Should Read This Book!

Who is Allah? Is Allah the same as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as Muslims would have you believe?

Or is he someone else entirely? 

“Allah Versus God, Islam versus Judeo-Christianity” looks at that question and examines it thoroughly to reveal who Allah really is.

Scroll up and get your copy of “Allah Versus God, Islam versus Judeo-Christianity” today and learn the truth about Islam, Mohammed and Jihad before it’s too late!



by Morgan Clay

A must read for patriots on both sides of the aisle.

Hello, I am Morgan a 9th grade student from Berkeley California. I am proud to be a part of the generation that has witnessed our Country transition from the worst President in U.S. History to the best.

I want to share my opinions with you on why it is that I believe that Barack Obama is the greatest President in the history of our Country.

My opinions are based on facts while the other side of the aisle can only base their opinions on hate and anger towards either a person of a different political affiliation, or a person of a different color than they are.

Although I am young, this does not mean that I am not allowed to voice my opinions. I do my research and only base my opinions on cold hard facts rather than basing them on what I heard a right wing mouth piece tout yesterday on the A.M dial.

True patriots who do their own research and not just take the word of others as golden will respect my opinions and allow me to have a voice.

After all, we still do live in the greatest Country on earth where we are free to think for ourselves and voice our opinions in a civilized manner.

Thank you for reading and I would love to hear your feedback in the review section.


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Help this Country move forward and unite as one by supporting our President Barack Obama.

ISON, the Icy Wanderer: and Other Mystical Tales

by Arthur Telling

Forever confronting the ancient unanswerable question of the meaning and purpose of life, Arthur Telling’s first collection of short stories brings ancient themes to life, from a four billion year old comet ISON wondering about his purpose for existing, on through an historical drama of a man with a suicidal drive for martyrdom mistaken as Jesus and crucified, to modern day stories like his “Ryan” series challenging the “tales” told by modern science of a lifeless exploding universe catapulting consciousness into a material evolution of forms.

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