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Success Through Failure (Hope for the Heart)

by June Hunt

Find out the successful habits of highly successful people and how they moved past failure to success

What is success? Winston Churchill said, “Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” June Hunt adds, “And without losing your faith.” Life isn’t like the movies; so don’t let Hollywood fool you. Chances are the successful business or successful people that you look up to have experienced total failure. This easy-to-read mini-book, Success Through Failure, is packed with practical and Christian advice on how to move you from miserable failure, despair, and hopelessness, to vision and courage. Includes tips for “success”, success quotes, and more!

Find out:

– What those successful people do to turn failure to success.

-How God helps you find your passion again.

-What you true identity is in Christ–not a loser but someone who is called to a good future.

Find out How Your Personality Can Be Used to Turn Failure into Success

Your feelings as you face failure depend on your personality type. Learn what the different personality types are, how they each handle failure, along with the Bible promises that God has especially for you.

Included in this mini-book is what makes you a failure and what makes you a success.

In the section titled, “Steps to Solution,” June Hunt explains:

– 8 things to know about yourself

– How to find God’s forgiveness in your failures

– What to do when you have failed

– How to turn stumbling stones into stepping stones

– What to do when someone fails you

– And much more.

Look for all 25 titles in the Hope For The Heart Biblical Counseling Library. These mini-books are for people who seek freedom from codependency, anger, conflict, verbal and emotional abuse, depression, or other problems.

Broken Hearts Mend (Christian Romance, Shelter For The Lost Series #1)

by Katie Ingersoll

A handsome, rugged, and gruff man answers Beth’s ad to help her run a newly started animal shelter. He’s not the type of man she expected. As it turns out, Robert and his daughter are drifters getting their RV fixed in town. Beth offers him a temporary job and a place to stay in a small cabin on her property, which he humbly accepts. Realizing that she may have gotten in over her head, she goes to the sheriff to run a background check on her guests. In the meantime, sparks begin to fly between her and this mysterious stranger. Beth knows that Robert and his daughter have come into her life for a reason, but she still doesn’t know the extent of it yetâ?¦she knows she can’t have a real relationship with him, because he is determined to leave when his RV is fixed.

More for the Contemporary Romance Broken Hearts Mend:

This is a story about two people coming together with their families and friends. Both are trying to make the best of difficult circumstances in their lives. As time goes on, their secrets are exposed with a release of raw emotions. It will take the help of God himself to help them break through their isolation.

The author invites you to put up your feet and enjoy this fast moving and pleasurable read that has a satisfying and sweet ending.

Free book offer inside.

About the Author:

Katie Ingersoll (1982- ) was born in San Diego, California. Her parents have recently retired, but made their living running a seaside restaurant. Katie has fond memories of working at the restaurant as a teenager and waiting on tables. Summers there were endless and she developed a love of the beaches, the boardwalk and the sea. In her early twenties, she moved to New York City to follow her dream of becoming a magazine editor. Jobs were scarce, but she was able to find work at small publishing houses, where she fell in love with creative writing. Adding to her editing responsibilities, she began to write news columns. Being a romantic herself, she started to write her own romance novels. Katie endured some personal crises in her life, and having worked through some very difficult issues, her faith in God has grown tremendously. Now she is committed to writing spiritual and Christian romance that shows the transforming power of God in peoples’ lives.

3-Hours Before Breakfast: What is Getting Up Early Worth and How Can You Adopt This Habit?

by Gopesh Sethi

No more, “Well, I don’t feel good but I have to get up, get dressed and go to work.”

Discover What You Are Doing Wrong in the Morning and How to Get up Earlier, Easier, and Energized.

Do you hate mornings and struggle to get out of bed earlier?

Want to be able to fly out of bed?

Still wondering what the use of getting up early is? Having trouble sleeping?

Would you like to find out a few things you are doing wrong?

I used to be one of you, but I have changed – and I can help you change your bad habits.

Getting up earlier is the single most significant decision you can make to have a great day.

Discover a Simple Yet Effective Plan That You Will Not Give up on

It’s actually easy to get up in the morning and be alert. Kick in a few strategies and understand some basic rules and you can do it too. You will actually enjoy the change.

In 3-Hours Before Breakfast, you will read about sensible strategies that work and why they work. Apply them to your life and get instant results.

Characteristics of this book:

+ A common sense approach rather than earth rattling insights

+ Quick motivational read

+ Indication of the positive effects of early rising

+ Mix of proven and new ideas

+ Change of attitude

+ Generic information often forgotten

+ What to do if you are getting side tracked from your goals

+ A plan accustomed to early rising

Read 3-Hours Before Breakfast

Tell your body and mind that you are the boss. In this book, you will read about:

+ Advantages of getting up

+ Making getting up exciting

+ Reducing the urge to go back to bed

+ Instant refreshment after wake up

+ Things you are doing wrong

+ Reducing stress

+ How some of your other habits are killing you

+ Eliminating procrastination

+ Improving sleep quality

+ Sleeping and waking-up rituals

+ Interesting facts about sleeping

+ Importance of evening actions

Interested in more details?

Download 3-Hours Before Breakfast by scrolling up and pressing the Buy button.

Tags: How to wake up productive, life planner, morning rituals, quality sleep, heathy lifestyle.

CHAKRAS: Chakras for Beginners, The Ultimate Guide to Chakra Healing, Chakra Balancing and Chakras Energy (Chakras, Chakra Healing, Chakra Balancing, Chakras … Chakras Energy, Yoga, Yoga Chakras)

by Adahi Flores

In Chakras for Beginners Learn How to Master the Art and The Science of The Seven Chakras


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This book here is the most complete and comprehensive guide on Chakras for beginners

You’re about to discover a proven strategy on how to master once and for all the gates between the spiritual and the physical worlds,”Chakras”

The 7 chakras offer the opportunities for healing and balancing your energy and this book will take you by the hand to transformation and growth. This amazing information takes you on the journey through the different levels of consciousness on a metaphysical system and as a result you will experience higher levels of consciousness and happiness and by feeling good your body will have more energy and attract wonderful circumstances and wonderful people into your life.

This here is the best that I have learned over years of practicing, studying and searching for how to make the most of our Chakras the easiest and fastest way, unlike other books about chakras, this amazing work provides the best tools and techniques to activate the centers of transformative energy that will elevate your intellectual knowledge to a higher form of spiritual growth.

by learning to balance your chakras you will be happier and healthier, having much more energy, have laser focus concentration

It has been scientifically demonstrated that there exist areas in the human anatomy known as plexuses or group of arteries, veins and nerves where the life energy or vitality is more centered. We call these areas as chakras, determined from the Sanskrit word for wheel.

In some Eastern beliefs, this circle demonstrates to the perpetual flow of vitality and in the incidents of the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Most conventions distinguish seven different chakras, from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

Every chakra has it vitality pattern, vibration of various colors, mental and emotional issues. The chakras centers are found along the centerline of the body, moving up the spine up to the crown of the head.

The seven chakras are the energy centers in our bodies that vitality flows through.

Here Is More Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Spiritual Wisdom of Chakras
  • Explore and Balance Your Own Chakras
  • Better Health
  • The Functions and Meaning of The 7 Chakras and Understand The Colors Related to Each One
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • The Ability to Manifest Your Dreams
  • Control How You Feel Physically Mentally and Emotionally,
  • Learn Where They Are Located
  • Free Yourself From Worry and Anger
  • Bring Harmony to Your Body and Spirit
  • Energy Healing Techniques
  • Chakras and Mindfulness Extra Effective Techniques
  • And
  • Much, much more!

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Trouble At The Double LL Ranch: Saving Katy Marie (Kansas Prairie Series Book 2)

by Rhonda Grice

Trouble has come to the Double LL Ranch as Katy Marie’s next of kin try to get custody of her and ownership of the ranch. When Katy Marie runs away she is found by the beautiful Belle Winters, who is also running away. With a father who has traded her for a partnership in a cattle company, Belle must stay hidden until her eighteenth birthday so she can’t be forced to marry Bart Newsome.

Stormy and Jed, owners of the ranch, don’t want to lose their precious Katy Marie and have an uncanny feeling her next of kin aren’t the righteous people they pretend to be.

Hour That Changes the World, The: A Practical Plan for Personal Prayer

by Dick Eastman

The Hour That Changes the World, first published by Baker in 1978, is a classic book on prayer that offers practical suggestions on how readers can revitalize their prayer lives. Dick Eastman challenges Christians to spend one hour each day in prayer, and he outlines a twelve-step prayer program to help them accomplish the task.
By dividing one hour into twelve five-minute “points of focus,” such as praise, waiting, confession, and Scripture praying, believers will develop a more consistent habit of daily prayer. The Hour That Changes the World draws heavily on Scripture and classic devotional writers and includes an appendix titled “Scriptural Intercession.”
This 25th anniversary edition features a new introduction by Eastman and a new foreword by Joni Eareckson Tada, in which she writes: “The Hour That Changes the World may appear small and modest, but don’t let its size fool you. Full of biblical insights about prayer, packed with testimonies of prayer warriors from years past, brimming with practical suggestions that will help you carve out a purposeful time of praise and intercession, Dick Eastman’s book is arguably the most significant book on prayer written in modern times.”

THE DEADLY SIN of HO HUM!: Warning to Lukewarm Christians from the Scriptures! (Rejoicing Christian Book 1)

by Gerri Merrick



Do you like God? Do you really like being a Christian?

How much do you need Jesus Christ?

Do you have a personal friendship with Almighty God?

This book can help you! You can find clear answers here!

You can know God and enjoy His Love…Spirit, Soul, & Body!

Written by an ordained international minister over 30 years in 57 nations.

Gerri Merrick has ministered to thousands with the same needs and questions. Christianity is a Family Relationship with Almighty God as a loving Father, and Not a “world religion.” Jesus, the Son of God, is Risen & Alive!

There are many Scriptural proofs and confirmations of the freedom and abundant life in Christ Jesus. He is the Savior, Lord, King, Son of God and Son of Man. He also moves in our lives as the Good Shepherd.

In this book are many prophecies (words) shared to encourage, edify, and exhort in line with the New Testament of the revelation gifts of the Holy Spirit. You will read comforting love words from God as Father to every Believer.

This book explains what “The Deadly Sin of Ho Hum” means as found in the Book of Revelation Chapter 3 and the Words from Jesus Himself.

Examine your own faith, life, and heart questions with the many life lessons and tests in this book. You will see the love of God for His children in Christ. Fear, worry, and anxiety are cast far away by the Father’s Love. Faith brings Joy!

Enjoy the personal examples and testimonies from the Author’s life and international ministry trips. Gerri shares her own heart as a Believer in Jesus for many decades since childhood.

The messages in this book will build up the Believer or a “seeker” of faith in Jesus Christ. The sins of backsliding, love for the world, self-love, smug complacency, lacking a love or need for Jesus, lust for riches, power, fame, and other sins that deaden the faith walk in Christ are addressed and explained. Steps are offered to reverse the situation for a revived life of love, joy, and obedience!

Your influence upon others, families, children, grandchildren, work places, government leaders, fellow churches, entertainment, financial systems and worldwide ministries are also addressed. You are encouraged to seek answers from the Holy Spirit concerning the call upon your unique life as a servant in Christ.

You will enjoy learning how to write down memories, various key subjects, past events, personal testimonies of faith, spiritual experiences, words from the Lord, talents, gifts, abilities…all part of the Unique Life of each Person for the Master’s Use.

The Author helps to encourage you in the JOY of serving, loving, having fellowship, and earnest prayers to God as the Eternal Father.

You are encouraged to rise up in a New Fresh Faith Walk with Jesus, tossing the past away and all religious and emotional hindrances far out of your life. The love, mercy, and grace of God is the strong point throughout this book.

Jesus Christ is exalted! Jesus brings the Father’s Love to You!

The Holy Spirit is revealed as the Christian’s dearest Friend, Teacher, and Comforter forever! He knows you completely and He is Your Helper!

You will rejoice in living loyal and on fire each day with Jesus as your Lord!

Learn how to depend upon God for all things in your life!

How to have joy and peace in your spirit, soul, and body!

Learn what is your calling in life! Live as an Ambassador of Christ everywhere, everyday!

This book is written with the loving practical keys to help each Christian rise up in a New Fresh Friendship with God in Christ. This is truly a Joyful Book!


First Volume of the 3 Book Series of “Rejoicing Christian”

Author: Gerri Merrick is the Founder of Rejoice International & Rejoice Rally. She has experience in many areas of life and in the nations, bringing the Majesty of Jesus.

Charlotte’s Secret (Christian Romance)

by Katie Ingersoll

Charlotte has a reputation in town as being fiercely independent and headstrong. All the men are interested in getting close to her, since she is also the most beautiful and eligible woman to boot. But, she doesn’t have time for romance unless it comes her way; she has the largest ranch in the area to run. Not only is she good with business, but she can shoot a gun as well as anyone around. And she has had to prove it by running off a few unwanted suitors. A totally unexpected twist turns Charlotte’s life upside down, and she must draw upon all of her strength to choose wisely who to trust in this Christian western tale of love, betrayal, passion, and romance. And her best kept secret may lead her down a path she never expected.

A passage from the book follows:

Curiously she stood within the seclusion of the drapes studying him. Looking at the lean structure of Rusty’s face and the sturdy built of his body, Charlotte reckoned he was probably just about thirty years old or so. Despite the sunburn and tiny scar above his left cheekbone, she thought him to be quite attractive really. Smiling to herself, she couldn’t help but notice that this was not the first time that she got a bit excited while looking at him, especially when there was no one else around. Why, she had to admit that with that auburn hair and cute smile of his, Rusty Monroe was a rather handsome man. With her heart suddenly beating faster than normal, Charlotte suddenly had a fleeting wonder about how it would feel to kiss the handsome cowboy.

Chiding herself for her sudden lustful thoughts, she quickly shook her head and moved away from the window. Strolling back over to the sofa she sat back down and temptingly allowed her gaze to wander over to him again. Slight embarrassment and lust flooded her as she could not keep her eyes from roving over the length of his body. Worriedly she wondered if she should allow herself to feel this way. He was her employee for one thing and honestly, Charlotte wondered if what she suddenly felt was just only a fleeting infatuation. She had been raised as a Christian woman and she knew that she had to be careful with feelings like this, lest they lead her down a sinful path.

Tucking her hand under her chin, she curiously wondered if he had anyone in his life, for she had never seen him with a woman nor heard him speak of any. Shaking her head, she began to berate herself again for her thoughts. Quickly she made up her mind not to allow her crazy thinking to get out of hand. In was in her heart to follow the Lord’s Word as best as she could. She asked Him to forgive her for her thoughts that should be saved for her husband, even if she never did get married. Rising from the comfortable sofa, Charlotte stalked over to the front door and grabbed her broad hat from off the hook on the wall. Then with a deep breath she walked out the front door and into the yard to join the others.

Katie Ingersoll (1982- ) was born in San Diego, California. Her parents have recently retired, but made their living running a seaside restaurant. Katie has fond memories of working at the restaurant as a teenager and waiting on tables. Summers there were endless and she developed a love of the beaches, the boardwalk and the sea. In her early twenties, she moved to New York City to follow her dream of becoming a magazine editor. Jobs were scarce, but she was able to find work at small publishing houses, where she fell in love with creative writing. Adding to her editing responsibilities, she began to write news columns. Being a romantic herself, she started to write her own romance novels as she continues to do today. This is her third book. Previous bestseller “One Chance to Love”, and her newly published, “Love and Fire” are already listed on Amazon.

Reiki: Reiki For Beginners – Learn The Ancient Practice Of Reiki Healing And Transform Your Life! (Reiki, Reiki Healing, Chakras, Energy Healing, Auras Book 1)

by Mia Rose

Get THE Beginners Guide To Reiki Healing – Learn About Chakras, Auras And Energy Flow Throughout Your Body!!

Get This E-Book As An Immediate Download From Amazon Best Selling Author – Mia Rose!

The practice of Reiki has become increasingly common in recent years across the world. With a somewhat mystical reputation, there is much misunderstanding, confusion and misinformation about Reiki as a healing technique. To many it is a mysterious, eastern, unproven technique, while to others it’s one of a range of traditional alternative methods of healing in which the focus on healing the whole body and the mind is given wider priority than on simply healing specific illnesses.

For many in the West, the modern medical approach of intervention after an illness is diagnosed no longer is an approach they are fully comfortable with. Clinicians in the West have developed the habit of blasting us with chemicals or chopping bits off, or out, to resolve health problems. In the East, particularly in traditions originating in both Buddhist and Shinto practices, a more “holistic” approach is often taken. This approach has resonated for many people beyond the original regions in which these practices were developed.

This book is designed for the absolute beginner – with chapters clearly laying out the fundamentals of this eastern practice.

Here Is A Sneak Peek Of What You’ll Learnâ?¦

  • An Introduction To Reiki
  • Understanding Each Chakra
  • Learning How To Feel Each Chakra
  • Chakra Exercises
  • Auras And Their Significance
  • Learning How To See Auras

  • The Path Of Reiki Practice
  • Seeking Out Reiki Mentors
  • And Much More!…
  • Tags: Reiki, Reiki Healing, Chakra, Aura, Chakras, Meditation, Yoga

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