Free science fiction Kindle books for 27 Sep 14

In The End: a pre-apocalypse novel

by Edward M Wolfe

Four college students head to the Colorado mountains for two weeks of rest, relaxation and winter fun on the bunny slopes. What they get instead is the end of the world as they know it as the city of Denver is destroyed by a nuclear explosion shortly after their arrival.

With no electricity, no cell phones or communication, they are isolated on the mountain top and have no way of knowing what is happening elsewhere in the country.

Was it a nuclear accident or a deliberate attack. Was it limited to Denver, or is this the start of World War Three?

In the absence of law enforcement and the threat of punishment from the criminal justice system, those with anti-social, criminal urges are free to do as they please. The former guarantees of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are gone. Now it’s up to every man and woman to provide and secure these things for themselves…

…Or die trying

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