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Fitness Books Bundle: Home Workout For Beginners + Your Year Of Bodybuilding with muscle building workouts + Marathon Training & Distance Running Tips with running and jogging advice

by James Atkinson

Go from zero to hero!…. Or just become a hero!

This books bundle has all of the fitness training advice that anyone needs to go from total beginner to bodybuilder or marathon runner!

I have written these books based on my own experience from my time as a long distance runner to my time as a competing bodybuilder.

If you:

– Want to start a fitness program and get outstanding results

– Would like a progressive training plan that will last at least one full year

– Would like the ability to choose between excellent cardio progression or excellent resistance progression

– Would like the opportunity to gain knowledge and training advice to be able to create your own “hybrid” routine

– Love discounted productsâ?¦â?¦ (Everyone loves a bargain right? 🙂 )

This is the one for you

Start at the beginning of your fitness journey or improve your current progression.

Hi, I’m James Atkinson (Jim to my friends and readers). I’m a qualified personal trainer and fitness coach, competing bodybuilder and have a burning desire to help others reach their fitness goals.

I have been training for over fifteen years. This training has taken me from long distance running to bodybuilding competition.

It is fair to say that I have learned the secrets of weight loss and fitness from my own personal journey. I have been fat, skinny and muscle bound throughout my fitness career and I really feel fulfilment from helping and advising others when it comes to their goals.

So this book bundle is my knowledge gained from personal experience and education in the fitness arena, right from beginner fitness training (believe me; I can empathise with the beginner) through to extreme development in contrasting fitness fields.

In a nut shell, this books bundle will guide you through the exact training methods from total beginner to extreme athlete in resistance or long distance running.

If you follow these books starting with “Home workout for beginners”, you will learn from my mistakes and reach your fitness goals in less time than it took me. Mistakes and lack of knowledge can set you back years!

So, let’s get started!

Good luck and remember that I am always happy to help where I can.

All the best


Email: [email protected]

How to Train For a Triathlon and Not File for Divorce (The Realist Series Book 4)

by Greg Moriates

Triathletes and athletes in general are typically type-A and not flexible with their training and racing. However, if you are not being paid as a full time professional athlete, the inflexible triathlete will be destined for failure on the relationship and parent front.

Being a triathlete and endurance coach I have become the bartender or the social worker and I do not want you to face the issues of others.

Please pick up this book NOW follow the suggestions. They will assist you in making your training and racing stress and divorce free.

Carmelo Anthony: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Most Versatile Scorers

by Clayton Geoffreys

Learn the Incredible Story of New York Knick Carmelo Anthony!

Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device!

In Carmelo Anthony: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Most Versatile Scorers, you’ll read about the inspirational story of basketball’s star, Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo Anthony has played in the limelight since being drafted third overall in the 2003 NBA Draft behind LeBron James and Darko Milicic. Melo quickly entered the ranks amongst the most versatile scorers in the NBA due to his ability to score from practically anywhere on the court. While he has yet to capture an elusive NBA Championship, Carmelo Anthony has been a spectacle to watch having played alongside other NBA stars like Allen Iverson, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Tyson Chandler.

Here is a preview of what is inside this book:

  • Early Life and Childhood
  • High School Years
  • College Years at Syracuse
  • Carmelo’s Personal Life
  • Carmelo Anthony’s Impact on Basketball and Beyond
  • Anthony’s Legacy

An excerpt from the book:

There are few sports leagues today as grueling as the NBA.

“Nothing will work unless you do.” These are wise words to roll off the lips of such a young man, but the immensely gifted Carmelo Anthony was not always a standout player. He had the will, but had to grow into the skill. As a youngster, he was crazy about basketball, but the small forward had to work hard to perfect his game. Today, he is just beginning to fulfill his potential as a genuine leader and carve out his legacy in the NBA. From his start as a stand-out high school player, Anthony is no stranger to tenacity and hard work and has evolved from a rough stone to a multifaceted gem. Whether positive or negative, true basketball fanatics have some opinion about Anthony and his impact on basketball. Some view him as a selfish ball-hog who spends too much time showboating. Conversely, others hail him as a sensational scoring machine, desperate to win a ring. Regardless of his motives, Anthony is truly shaping up to be a diamond in the rough. All his strengths and weaknesses have already been put on display, like a billboard in Times Square, for all to see. After more than a decade in the league, he has developed a game that isn’t likely to see any major overhauls between now and retirement. Even so, as with any precious gem, he still needs to be polished.

Defensively, he can be dull, often lacking even a twinkle of effort. Critics are quick to accuse him of losing focus, not connecting enough with his team mates to fully execute defensive plays. Where Carmelo has metaphorically dropped the defensive ball is not when he is one-on-one and face-to-face. No. His flagrant flaw is in the main “offensive player movement situations”. Surprisingly, other teams are penetrating, averaging an adjusted field goal of 56.3 percent. In pick-and-roll situations his defensive points per possession linger around 1.06, slightly disappointing coming from a 6-7, 230 lb. So based on his size alone, nobody doubts he can be a strong, lean, defense machine. Clearly, he has the athletic physique to be a really skillful defensive player. He definitely handles defensive rebounding, but it’s expected that he tighten up on keeping guys in front, and pressuring the ball.

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Marathon Training: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Running a Full or Half Marathon

by Allison McCarthy

Whether you are a first-time racer or a seasoned marathon runner, there are always tips you can benefit from and advice that can make the process simpler and more effective.

In this guide, you will find helpful information for marathon runners of all levels and abilities, and for all stages of training.

Together we will address Training calendars and how to design or choose one that is right for you. We will explore nutrition and appropriate eating habits while to pay attention to while training.

We will discuss long runs and all of the details that these intimidating yet necessary days involve. We will then hone in on strength and flexibility training and the importance of these additions leading up to race day.

We will talk through rest days and how these are just as necessary as the mileage you will put in. Running gear and great resources on where and how to acquire it will also be discussed.

Of course we will finish with race day itself, as well as some encouragement and real-life advice on how to use the coming weeks to your best advantage and be completely prepared to make it past the finish line on your big day. Or to confidently run a faster, stronger race than you ever have before. You’ve begun an exciting journey that you will surely find challenging and rewarding in a very unique way.

Congratulations on your decision to join the many individuals who have successfully trained for an completed the symbolic 26.2 miles, and best of luck on your journey to the finish line!

Download your copy now!

Martial Law In America: Personal Survival Manual Part 1: A Complete Survival Guide for Individuals and Families Seeking To Be Prepared In Times Of Crisis, Disaster, Emergency and Martial Law

by Francis Scott Gilliland

This book is the single most important book written today. Disaster, Emergency, Martial Law Survival, planning, prepping or being prepared is nothing more than realizing something could happen that would put you in a survival situation and, with that in mind, taking steps to increase your chances of survival. In this first series of 3 Survival Manuel’s, Author and United States Army Veteran Francis Scott Gilliland give details knowledge of basic survival skills. This is just some of the survival information that this book provides: All-climates: arctic, tropics, temperate forest, savannah or desert. All-terrain survival tactics. The Will to Survive. Identify poisonous snakes, as well as edible and non-edible plants. Survival Medicine. Wilderness medicine. Techniques on first aid. Survival in the hottest or coldest of climates. Survival Planning. Make polluted water potable. How to find water. Ways to trap and collection techniques of water. Covers navigation and compass use. Find direction using the sun and stars. Weapons and Tools. Recognizing signs of land when lost at sea. Building life-saving shelters. Traps and snares. How to prepare wild game to be cooked also preserving food. All types of fire making. Water Crossings. Find direction using the sun and stars. Physical and mental fitness. Disaster preparedness and much more

The Prepper’s Guide to Firearms

by Robert Paine

Are you prepared to protect yourself and your family when the next big disaster comes?

Do you worry what would happen to your family in an emergency? To their safety? Want to protect what you have, but not sure where to start?

If so, then The Prepper’s Guide to Firearms is perfect for you.

This guide will teach you the fundamental issues around having a firearm for survival. Knowing these will help you and your family survive no matter the situation. This guide covers many different areas of firearms, all in simple terms that even the most novice of beginners can understand and implement, while still containing enough knowledge and tips for even the most seasoned prepper.

In this book, you will learn how to:

– Choose which type of firearm is right for you and your family

– Maintain and repair your firearm, to keep it in top working condition

– When to use your firearm and when to keep it holstered

– Important training and marksmanship drills to help you become a better shooter

– Much, much more!

Survivors are a unique group of people. Some people call us Survivalists, Doomsday Preppers, or Patriots. You may not consider yourself any of those things. Whatever you may want to call yourself, if you’re reading this, you are on the first step to helping your family becoming an Emergency Prepared Survivors.

Welcome to The Prepper’s Guide to Firearms.

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