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SEO: Search Engine Optimization for beginners – SEO made simple with SEO secrets to rank your website in the top of Google (SEO, Search engine optimisation, … secrets, SEO made simple, SEO for dummies)

by Michael M. Jones

Search engine optimization for beginners!

This book serves as your all-in-one guide. Through this book, you will find everything you have to know about basic SEO. You will discover proven strategies and steps that will enable you to benefit much from optimizing your website, such as:

– Know how search engines work so you can use your knowledge to do the right things that will increase the visibility of your website to your target market

– Unlock your difficulties such as increasing your understanding of the mathematical formula search engines use in ranking and listing your website

– Master the basic steps in optimizing your content

– Rank for the right keywords

– Use the factors that influence search engine ranking to your advantage

– Stick to ethical strategies in building your links

– Enable your mobile users to enjoy your optimized site

– Track your progress to focus on your best practices and to retool, if necessary

– Clear misconceptions and myths surrounding SEO to prevent roadblocks in achieving your goals

– Profit from the best practices of SEO experts

These and more await you,

So start reading this book right now, so you can apply the strategies. Put the content of this book into profitable use and you’ll surely enjoy the rewards.

Are you ready for your ultimate SEO guide?

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101+ Rich and Sexy Marketing Tools

by Sara Beth Allen

How do you make a website easily? What is the best way to attract the right kind of attention to your business? Who can help you manage all the moving parts of your business? Included is every tool you need to launch a basic online project all the way to making it big. These tools can bring in millions of dollars if you use your creativity and apply them with enthusiasm. Don’t get left behind by watching someone else launch and run your dream business.

Death of eBook Marketing — 5 Ways to Revive Your eBook Sales

by Roxanne McHenry

It’s harder than ever to market and sell more ebooks, but as the ebook sales season opens for 2014-2015, you CAN sell more ebooks than ever. “Death of eBook Marketing” will teach you proven methods with concrete steps to sell more books to more Kindle readers. The five steps include:

  • Get More (and Better) Customer Reviews
  • Start with Sales Planning
  • Test Your Pricing
  • An Intro to Customizing Your Amazon Sales Page
  • Using Paid Promotions
  • Get started now with targeting your sales in time for new Kindles and iPads for the holidays and through early 2015.

    Journey to Asian Leadership

    This book Journey to Asian Leadership speaks on the Practical challenges and shift from Micro level to Macro level thoughts. In this new generation of Digital Technology, how the IT aspirants cultivate the transformation in the Industry to meet the IT governance needs of the Industry is well crafted from the experience.

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