Free poetry Kindle books for 28 Sep 14

God’s Rainbow (Under Christ’s Umbrella Book 1)

by Louise Whitehead

Do you ever feel alone and unloved or alternatively joyful and loving, then the Under Christ’s Umbrella Series is for you. This is the first book in a series of religious poetry books aimed at Christians. If you’re not a Christian you may still enjoy the beauty of some of the poems in this book.

lucky little streams

by Rose Betit

7 sensual poems to share with the one you love. Collection of poetry: a notch of spice above romance. Like a little apéritif to a lovers’ evening…or afternoon…or morning.

In His Realm

by Abegunde Olaoluwa

In His Realm is a collection of highly inspiration poetry works.
The word â??realm’ is synonymous to the words â??kingdom’, â??territory’ and â??dominion’. Some of the poetry works contained herein discuss the physical realm, some themed on the spiritual realm while others simply do justice to the efficiency of the relationship within and between the two realms.
These poems point up the Truth, the Intolerance, and the Injustice in our realm. Some of the poems are quite explicit while some are deep.

Thoughts and Feelings

by Audrey Donoghue

Thoughts and Feelings is a collection of poems written by Audrey Donoghue, a great grandmother from Cwmbran in South Wales.

The poems, written over the last 20 years, portray the author’s thoughts and feelings about many aspects of everyday life and well as her reflections on times past.

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