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Lottery and Law Of Attraction Secret Lottery Strategies and Systems to Effortlessly Manifest Abundance!

by Nathan Powers

Get Ready To Manifest Your Wealth Using Lotto and Law of Attraction!

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Discover the hidden secrets you’ve been missing to using the universe to bring you Lotto Winnings using the powerful Law of Attraction!

Everyone wants to win the Lotto, but too many of us are totally unaware of what it is we’re NOT doing that blocks us from manifesting the riches we want through the Lottery. If you’ve tried and tried and failed and failed, then get ready to stop losing and start winning today!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What you can start doing TODAY to radically improve your odds of winning
  • The things you should immediately STOP doing that are getting in your way
  • Powerful key strategies that help you leverage the Law of Attraction in your favor
  • How to align and prepare yourself for the wealth that is coming
  • How to keep the wealth that is flowing to you and avoid “lottery burnout”
  • Much, much more!

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Everything You Know is Wrong: How Government Brainwashing works

by Luke Young

Do you have a feeling that someone is non-stop telling you how to do the things, that someone is constantly controlling your actions? You need to ask some serious questions, because everything you know is wrong. This eBook is basing on how government brainwashing works.

”Beyond a shadow of a doubt, your government is lying to you and planning ways to make you a controllable asset more readily and stealthily. Arm yourself with knowledge. Shield yourself with wariness. Always question the things that happen in your life and always fight to say that you were the harbinger of either your success or your doom. When others control you to serve their purposes, it makes you a tool – a literal piece of handy machinery being used to make someone just like you more money, more famous, more glorified, etc. Don’t do it. Stand up, assert your rights and protect your mind. We will see a revolution soon and when we do, it’ll become obvious how well prepared our government is at repressing resistance to their control.”

Is This Why Africa Is?: Why Africa is poor, Why Africa is not developing, What Africa needs, What Africa needs to develop,

by Marricke Kofi Gane

In this book, I ask one very simple but daring question:


Why the phenomenal natural resources, yet underdevelopment and economic over-dependency on external support? Why the many conflicts even though we largely do not manufacture arms? Why the vast fertile lands, yet deaths from famine and malnutrition? Why the greed and the devilishly stubborn pain of corruption even though there’s enough to cater for us all? WHY?

Is it a curse? Is it our mis-education? Maybe it is our independence or even the meddling of the world’s superpowers. Or, could it very well be our religious infusion, genetic or cultural orientation?

Whatever it is, the question will always remain – “Why is Africa the Way Africa Is?” That question, is every African’s highest obligation to ask – and answer.

Wicca Initiation: Learn how to become a witch, navigate the world of witchcraft, wiccan spells and magick (Secret Knowledge)

by Jill Bruce

Initiation has been employed for millennia as an instrument to enter the Mysteries of your deity.

Tribes across the Earth, use it in rituals for maturity, cultural hierarchy and sacred rites.

As a shamanic tradition, Wicca is no exception. It has its roots in the ancient cults of Aradia, Diana, Lucifer and Lilith, and so is connected to this earliest of practices.

Jill Bruce examines its effects on your life, should you decide to enter the remarkable soul group of initiated witches.

Prepping Lika A Pro: Your Easy, Step-By-Step Guide to Family Emergency Preparedness (Survive Suburbia Series Book 1)

by Kenda Carnley

A Proven, Step-By-Step System To Build The Foundation Of Your Family Emergency Preparedness Plan And Get The Piece Of Mind That You Are Ready!

In Prepping Like A Pro: Your Easy, Step-By-Step Guide to Family Emergency Preparedness you will learn specific strategies to help you plan, build and store the items needed for those just in case times in life.

While many books want to instill fear in their reader I am opting for another path. This overview of why to prep and how to prep will empower you to make the right choices for your family and to feel confident in your knowledge.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

– How To Develop A Family Disaster Plan

– Determining Your Specific Needs

– 6 Areas Of Your Family Disaster Supply Kit

– How To Use Equipment In Your Disaster Supply Kit

– Much, Much More!

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Horse book for kids : FAST FACTS PICTURE

by Raissa Lima Castro

Horse book for kids : Amazing Pictures & Fun Facts on Animals

Amazing Pictures & Fun Facts on Animals

The horses are four-legged animals that have had a long relationship with humans. Once were an important form of transport for humans. They also performed many jobs for humans over the years.

Children will love learning fun facts about this book.

An Interview with President Saddam Hussein 1984

This eBook documents President Saddam Hussein’s Interview with French Journalist and Chairman of the French Peace Committee for the Middle East, Charles Saint-Prot on May 31, 1983

This is a reprint of a booklet found by a Special Forces soldier in one Saddam Hussein’s palaces during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The intervener, Charles Saint-Prot, is France’s foremost specialists on Iraq and Director of the Middle East Studies at the International Academy of Geo-politics at the Sorbonne University in Paris. He has advised successive governments as to French policy with regard to the Middle East and the Arab world.

He is an outspoken critic of United States involvement in Iraq and the United States in general. He is a self-proclaimed Gaullist French national and a “man of struggle”.

This booklet was originally printed by Al – Huria Printing House Baghdad, Iraq.


by Tyler Ashworth-Quinlan

Kindness Is a Godsend However It Comes!

Extended “Look Inside” Sample Below:


A harborer of deceit, and a holder of hatred,

A misanthrope of malice, and mistrust toward many,

He was a man who could never let all his past ghosts be buried,

He was one who had gone more astringent over time,

The chill that was on his heart was no warmer on his tongue, for not a kind word did he speak,

It would not have been surprising if no one attended his funeral, yet sympathetically someone had,

We all deserve to be better understood.

Misanthrope is about how one good turn can reap many soul rewards.

Let contempt be outweighed by love.

Tyler Ashworth-Quinlan writes with conviction. All his words are prophetic and profound. They all carry weight and wisdom.

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Jefferson, Reagan and a new Conservatism for 2014

by Chris Schnupp

Jefferson spoke of the goals for Conservatives in 1801, Reagan created a new Republican party in 1977 based of the goals in a speech to CPAC. This book questions how far from those goals has the Conservative party strayed, and is it possible to return to the founding core values of the ideology.

Lesbian Gigolo

by Daphne DeChenne

Samantha Chase takes charge and steals hearts as a lesbian gigolo whose clientele include some of the most wealthy and powerful women of Los Angeles. Follow along as Samantha teases and pleases her passionately libidinous lovers, including:

DIRECTOR KATE, a prominent film director who prefers to let Samantha do all the directing in the bedroom.

CEO LAURA, a media mogul who pays Samantha to conduct business under her desk during her weekly video-conference with company employees.

THERAPIST SWANSON, a straitlaced psychiatrist who teasingly flirts with Samantha during one of their sessions, but doesn’t get away with it.

TRUST FUND TRACI, a Beverly Hills trust fund socialite who has a businessman fantasy in which the businessman is played by a woman.

TIM AND MICHELLE, an investment banker and his wife who meet Samantha at a private downtown swingers’ club for a three-way with an audience.

CAMILLE, a curious and curvy 18-year-old who seduces Samantha into servicing her.

Slouching Towards My Weltanschauung

by Lori A. O’Connell

Slouching Towards My Weltanschauung contains eighteen essays, most of which were written in jest.

Subjects include: Leni Riefenstahl, Simone Weil, Judge Judy, The Biggest Loser, mindful meditation, La Cosa Nostra, ghosts and ghost hunters, the author’s painful feet, divine messages regarding vegetable packaging, burn-out, the top-twenty, bestselling, intellectual books of all time (maybe), waking to pee through the night after age fifty, plants with PTSD, and a search for the magical Red Ball Jets.

Excerpts from the author’s other books are also included.

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