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Skin on My Skin

by John Burks

Ebola, N1H1, the Spanish Flu, and the Black Death were common colds compared to the Preacher’s Plague. The work of homophobic religious fanatics, led by a man called The Preacher, the Preacher’s Plague was a genetically engineered virus designed to eradicate homosexuality for good by making men violently allergic to each other.

The virus ultimately did far more than the Preacher had ever planned for, however. He had hoped to kill all homosexuals. Instead, his plague began to infect women as well as men, making humans violently allergic to one another, and thus began the end of the human race. Billions perished, governments fell, and society itself collapsed as the few remaining survivors isolated themselves as well as they could, praying for the plague to burn itself out.

Jacky Wyatt was eight when the plague first struck. He spent the next five years in a homemade containment unit, watching through sheets of plastic and duct tape as his father slowly went crazy. After his father’s death, Jacky moved on, living as scavengers do, permanently alone and eking the best life he could out of the ruins of New York City.

Jacky’s life is turned upside down the day he discovers a Toucher girl while out scavenging. Touchers are immune to the Preacher’s Plague. Most live out their meager existence in the worst kind of slavery. Jacky does not think he is a hero, but the girl ultimately touches something inside his soul, something deeper than the intense sexual attraction he feels towards her after living alone for fifteen years.

The girl has caught the eye of The Preacher, however, and so has Jacky. Soon he is left with two choices: fight for the girl, or make a deal with the devil hot on their trail.

The Forever Man: Book 1: Pulse

by Craig Zerf

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The first pulse occurred in the old calendar year of 2022. A combination of planetary alignment, the Earth’s rotation and the position of the sun combined to produce the perfect storm. A sequence of gigantic solar flares created a series of massive electromagnetic pulses that stopped the heart of our modern world and returned us to the DARK AGES. And then they appeared . . .from the realms of fantasy, through a gateway in time and space, came the trolls, the goblins and, leading them all – the Fair Folk.

But were they here to help, or to conquer?

Craig Zerf has gotten serious! This is the first in his MAMMOTH new series that covers hundreds of years of man’s dystopian existence under the yoke of the Fair-Folk.

This is HEROIC FANTASY at it’s very best

Ë?Ë?Ë? Award winning author…Chosen by London Radio BBC 4 as a “BEST READ”.

New York Times Best Seller, Michael Marshal says, Brutal and Uncompromising with unforgettable characters and real emotional punch –

SF CROWSNEST – Craig Zerf is inflated with invention and well-endowed with wit.

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Uroboros Saga Book 2

by Arthur Walker

The Shutdown rips through the world, defunding institutions and individuals without warning or mercy. Entire cities go dark as people are locked out of homes, businesses, and civic institutions alike.

Silverstein, Ezra, and Taylor set out to see if all that has been done can be undone, learning more about themselves along the way. What they discover is that while some of civilization has survived, the hijacking of the Shutdown for his own purposes was far from Madmar’s masterstroke.

The Last Savior

by Dane Hatchell

Two years have passed since a coronal mass ejection ended the electronic age of mankind and poisoned the planet. Thadious Cain wanders the land with his faithful dog bringing hope and comfort to the few remaining survivors. The Last Savior is a violent apocalyptic tale 8,000 words in length.

Lost Scrolls of the Holy Beclay (Special Edition) (J. K. Haugen’s Lost Scrolls Series Book 1)

by Jason Haugen

Newly re-edited, re-formatted and extra-packed, Special Edition of Book 1 in the “Lost Scrolls” Series

“If you are reading this, then myself and my kind are long gone. And this book is most likely battered and torn and eroded from the dirt. I pray to Agodah (the creator of everything) that the words and meanings do not change because of translation and speculation or because this parchment is no longer whole or has been smudged in the sands of time….”

After discovering an ancient book that was frozen deep under the ice in Greenland, John and Sarah find themselves on a spectacular adventure. Bound together by fate they are forced to solve a mystery that has been waiting for them for millennia. They soon find proof of an ancient civilization who lived here on Earth thousands of centuries before us . Searching for answers and finding only more questions, they realize that they just might be the only two people on the planet who can save mankind and the modern world from devastation and extinction.

Throughout the Earth’s history, it has been on a grand cycle of growth, cleansing and renewal, each era bringing new life and new beginnings to a new civilization. This is a fast paced adventure that will captivate and intrigue you. You wont want to put it down. It invokes vivid imagery as well as emotional connection to the Characters and It takes the reader on a grand adventure to save mankind.

Book 1 in the J K Haugen’s “Lost Scrolls” series, “Lost scrolls of the Holy Beclay” is available now as an Ebook and in paperback. and…

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