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Impulse Interrupted: Four Simple Steps to Improve Cognitive Flexibility

by by Kerry Gallagher

Do you have an impulsive behavior that causes awkward or unwanted situations? Impulse Interrupted: Four Simple Steps to Improve Cognitive Flexibility gives clear instructions on how to identify your impulse and its triggers. It walks you through the process of writing a positive statement that you will use to take control of the situation, and helps you deliberately choose a new response to your triggers. You learn about the power of neuroplasticity and how you can use it to convert your undesirable impulse into a new response. This exercise in cognitive flexibility can be used in all areas of life to induce preferred outcomes. The simple, four-step process is called the 4Ps. How will you use the 4Ps to improve your life?

Common Medical Conditions for Physiotherapists: Pocketbook for Physiotherapists

by Dermot Fox

A concise, easy-to-refer-to handbook of common conditions seen in Physiotherapy practice and how to treat them. Each condition is discussed in a standard way that will be familiar to most Physiotherapists – assessment, including symptoms, pathophysiology, examination, and management.

This is a must have book for students and other healthcare professionals.

This edition is completely up to date with the very latest information and includes national guidelines on treating major diseases seen in primary care.

Survival Essentials For Beginners – How To Prepare For Disasters And Survival For Modern Day Preppers (Survival Essentials, Preparing And Survival Tips, … Preppers, Best Essentials for Beginners)

by Evelyn Scott

The Best Guide For Preparing And Surviving A Disaster

Survival Essential For Beginners, BEST FOR MODERN DAY PREPPERS , Your Ultimate Handbook

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There are many kinds of disasters. Some are natural and some are results of human activities. Humans are always at risk whether they believe it or not. Coastal states fear tsunamis. Countries within the Ring of Fire fear the effects of volcanic eruptions. Deserts and landlocked areas are prone to sand storms while snow-covered countries are prone to blizzards. There are also hurricanes wreaking havoc in their wake all the world. Aside from these natural disasters, man-made disasters such as terrorism, outbreak of viruses, wars, and others pose risks to a lot of people. Through the course of history, you can see that disasters left humans helpless to the point that they are unable to tend to themselves and their families leaving many casualties behind.

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  • Survival Tips
  • How To Be Prepared
  • Tools and Kits Needed
  • Importance of Preparation
  • Survival Guide

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