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Bring On The Rain (September’s Child Book 2)

by C.A. Staff

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“Bring On The Rain” is the true story of one woman’s journey through a life of hardship and disappointments, due to being subjected to the same kind of life as a child. Having very little to no motherly guidance at an early age, Eva placed it in her head that she had no mother. She was the product of the month she was born (September). Eva became September’s Child! No one claimed Eva. There was no mommy to say, “This is my daughter!” Eva was very often introduced as the adopted daughter, making her feel even less wanted.

Butcher a Hog: a novel

by Brian O’Sullivan

Butcher a Hog is a moving fictionalized memoir that recounts one man’s struggle with addiction, homelessness, and overwhelming adversity as his life unfolds in a sustained series of misadventures and noble failures that encapsulates his attempt to survive against all odds. Detailing two decades in the life of working-class, undocumented Irish emigrant, Butcher a Hog follows Liam McCarthy from his arrival in New York City in 1985 through a litany of shadowy living situations in Irish-American neighborhoods â??from Boston to the Bronxâ??and traces his efforts to forge a livelihood amidst the realities of marginal employment, manual labor, and chronic substance abuse. With honesty and trenchant Irish humor, the novel shares both warm-hearted moments and bleak, dark times, culminating twenty years later with forty-one-year-old Liam facing an uncertain future of voluntary institutionalization in order to receive a prescribed round of ECT, or electroconvulsive therapy.

Written in a direct, confessional tone, Butcher a Hog moves across decades and generations to revisit episodes in Liam’s youth in his hometown in Kerry, introducing a poignant story of secret abuse and childhood pain shaded with family and social dysfunction. Even the tale of Liam’s first communion becomes a backdrop for diminished expectations and self-enforced alienation that will underscore his failings in adult life, as he inevitably moves from one fiasco to another, each time somehow managing to transcend the latest in a string of personal disasters. Throughout it is a testament to one man’s life and the relationships he formed in the course of trying to move past or run away from a haunting specter of depression and self-destruction. Butcher a Hog tells a meaningful and memorable story of a misguided young man who is forced to immigrate and find a way to survive on the streets of New York in the 1980s that along the way reveals a comical, unrelentingly honest path of personal discovery.

A Thousand Mirrors Yet One Reflection

by Justice Colton Kimmons

Diagnosed with HIV at the age of seventeen, Justice Kimmons dares to tell his true story. This young man-native to the South side of Chicago-digs into the wells of his past, and bravely elaborates on all other “infections” ever present in his life. Justice invites the reader into his world, into his home, and into his classrooms-physical, mental, and spiritual.

A Personal Story of Two Consecutive Miscarriages

by Isaac Gundani

My story is that of two consecutive miscarriages that my wife and I went through and how these two dark experiences changed us for the better.

I share my story for all the couples who may find themselves faced with the loss of pregnancy and all couples who are facing challenges in their marriages.

Secrets of the Velvet Closet; A Memoir

by Lena Rai

(Now With Bonus Material) Secrets of the Velvet Closet starts with the tale of a young girl who struggles with abuse and must somehow manage to find her way into adulthood, as well as find herself, through hardships, questionable choices, trials and tribulations, humor, and of course, love. A true coming-of-age story with heartfelt memories and laughter. This autobiographical account is truly an emotional roller-coaster with a highly inspirational message to follow your dreams, and most of all, your heart!

An Earth Angel’s View

by Chiara Lo Giudice

“An Earth Angel’s View” is a short book[let] composed of reflections, teachings & encouragement coming from an angelic soul that’s attached to a body which has been merchandised as an international model since its adolescence.

Lady Gaga Inc: Secrets of the New Madame of Rock

by Can Akdeniz

The word genius is thrown around too often to describe things that are anything but, yet labeling Gaga as such seems not only inevitable, but accurate. Find out more about “Gaga Genius” in this book.

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