Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 29 Sep 14

Clicking for Dollars: How to Make Big Money Selling Photographs on ebay

by Joseph Fontaine

In this guide I will show you exactly what to do to make money selling photographs on ebay. I will show you exactly what I do. I will show you where to get photos, how to list them on ebay, how to compete, how and where to have the printing and shipping outsourced and have photos shipped professionally direct to your customers. I will show you how to sell photos overseas and make even more cash. You’ll be able to wake every morning log into your ebay account and see how many photos you sold since the last time you looked. Clicking your way to profits.

Excel at Excel Part 2: Ultimate guides to becoming a master of Excel.

by Office Smarty Pants

The Excel at Excel book series has been written with beginner, intermediate and advanced users in mind. Whether you are a novice or seasoned pro, you will find some useful nuggets in all the books.

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In part 2 you will be shown how to master the following features:

– Working data on the work sheet

– Feeding data into the work sheet

– Dates and times

– Manipulating cell contents

– Data entry in Excel

– Pushing text to a new line

– Autocorrect and shortcuts

– Fractions

– Data entry on forms

– Number formatting

As well as this series of 10 books we have also created 5 more FREE books on the Office Smarty Pants blog, with even more exciting features of Excel – they are just for you and are available to download from our awesome blog – click on the link in the book to get them, absolutely FREE!

Why not check out the great video clips on the blog too? They are packed with even more hints and tips for becoming an Excel Expert!

How to Become a Bestselling Kindle Book Author

by Dave Daton

This report contains practical, applicable techniques and tips, which will help a new or an established author, get an idea of how to research, write, market and sell their kindle books.

Here is what you will learn:

Research – How to carry out proper research, so the book actually sells.

Writing – How to ensure that high quality texts reach readers.

Self and Ghost – How to write a high quality text yourself or by using a ghost writer.

Editing and Proofreading – Should you self edit or leave it to the pros

Formatting – What are the required margin, font and spacing requirements.

Marketing – How to market your books for FREE!

Selling – How to increase sales

Pricing – How to correctly price the book

Cover and Title – Important tips

DIY Cover – How to make an impressive cover all by yourself

Description – What should you description convey and how.

These and many other important points are covered in this report.

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