Free horror Kindle books for 29 Sep 14

Alistair Coronet and the Woven Cage (The Arcane Adventures of Alistair Coronet Book 1)

by Jordan Wallis

Phone calls in the wee hours of the morning don’t usually concern English nobility being dragged through mirrors by ethereal hands. For Alistair and Witherton, hunters of the supernatural, it’s a prime opportunity to confront their first ghost. But, are they prepared to face the mysteries, old and new, that await them? Or will they fall victim to the perils that lie ahead?

The Z Word (A Zombie Tale)

by Shaun Whittington

Unemployed John Pope has been spending his time drinking, and generally wasting his life away ever since he had lost his job. A walk to the shops makes him realise that suddenly the world has turned into a macabre place, something he has only seen in the movies.

It appears that there is a zombie outbreak in England and John takes a while to realise that this is no joke.

John meets up with Clare Conway and Kelly Barrett, people he has taken in, and they spend a few days in John’s home, knowing that sooner or later, the zombies will come. But what will they do then? And will they try and find new pastures, somewhere safer?

Not for persons under the age of 18.

Mergeworld: Book One

by Mason Elliott

Two college friends wake up to their city under attack by hordes of ravening monsters. An interdimensional cataclysm jumbles half of Urth with half of a magical world called Tharanor. After the Merge, both mixed-up dimensions plunge into Chaos.

On Urth/Tharanor, medieval buff David Pritchard battles to help lead the defense of the cityâ?¦when he’s not chasing after the hot new wizard girl in town.

On Tharanor/Urth, wild west maven Mason Tyler and his shooting gear fall into a lake of Wild Magic. He rises up, in a reality where guns don’t workâ?¦but now his pistols shoot magic.

Both Technology and Magic are disrupted. Humanity must knight and cowboy up to fight and survive…


My Devouring Love: Jeremiah’s Untold Story( a zombie novella): A Companion novella (My Devouring Love series)

by Donna Neville-Theiler

“My Devouring Love: Jeremiah’s Untold Story” a short novella is written in Jeremiah’s perspective of Book 2 “Losing All Hope”


This novella contains some spoilers from Book 2 “Losing All Hope” and should only be read after reading the first two books in the series.

Jeremiah and his family has been thrown out of the farm and are now on their own. Jeremiah is heartbroken and desperately trying to make sense of why Abby has left him.

While Jeremiah is trying to deal with the heart break of losing the only girl he has ever loved, his parents are just trying to survive.

It’s not long before a situation with the undead causes Jeremiah to snap out of his current daze and he eventually sets out to find Abby to talk to her. But what he finds instead is complete and utter devastation.

Riding The Apocalypse

by Frank Ignagni III

Remy is trapped; his quick thinking in a moment of desperation has presumably sealed his fate. Remy’s sudden imprisonment has facilitated a purging of his mind; the recounting of the Apocalyptic occurrence which led him to this probable end.

Remy is a regular guy. He doesn’t possess a proclivity for firearms, hand to hand combat, or the perfect decision making so many storied heroes display in times of danger. In short, he is not the ideal candidate to exact revenge on the forces behind this Apocalypse. With the help of his friends, a lost lover’s memory, and his own ability to grow internally, Remy is giving it his best. On this journey of discovery, Remy willfully casts himself at the creatures propagated by this Apocalyptic madness, directly to the mastermind of this evil. Will his fortitude, allies, and love for a woman be enough? Will self actualization and an attempt to exact revenge become part of a bigger picture to facilitate a recovery of the human race? Or is it just, over?

Attic Operations

by Suzi Lindsay

Kaitlyn Bishop has barely started her job as OR Supervisor at St. Cecilia’s Hospital when strange and frightening things begin to happen, and quickly escalate. First, she discovers a frozen body in an old chest freezer in an abandoned annex of the hospital; next her home is searched, but nothing is taken; then she is hit by a speeding car, and escapes with only a broken arm. But when she wakes up from surgery to set her arm, she finds that an additional operation had been performed on her. Katy suspects the events are connected to the new surgical procedure and missing narcotics at the hospital. As she and Dr. Nick Raines try to solve the mystery, she finds herself running for her life . . .

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