Free humour Kindle books for 29 Sep 14


by Dr. Funny


100+ hilarious jokes!

Can you read read without laughing? I dare you not to!

This 100+ jokes will make you laugh, it’s as simple as that.

Laughter is great, it’s healthy, and we all need it on a daily basis.

Laughter is exactly what this book delivers, so grab yourself some good laughs!

WARNING: This book is so funny funny that you could EXPLODE with laughter!

Trivia Cartoons

by Elliot Carruthers

Enjoy fun and interesting trivia!

Trivia cartoons will entertain you and make you laugh.

Learn interesting tidbits and facts.

Name Game: What Do the Following Names Have in Common? (A Book within the Commonalities Series)

by Wendy Kogle

This is a fun compilation of quizzes that have the theme of names.

It’s easy and for all ages. Just look at each list of names and figure out what they have in common. It could be the same first or last name. It could be similar occupations, locations, or groups.

Great for road trips, family nights, or brain-teasers.

Professor Birdsong’s 365 Weird Criminal Law Stories for Every Day of the Year

by Leonard Birdsong

This volume of Professor Birdsong’s Weird Criminal Law Stories is written just for fun and enjoyment. This time around he brings you his “365” Weird Criminal Law: Stories for Every Day of the Year. He hopes it will bring you laughs all year long.

Professor Birdsong has been involved in serious criminal law work over the years as a federal prosecutor, a defense attorney, and a law professor, However, he knows that it is good to get a good laugh at least once every day. That is why several years ago he began to collect and edit from the wire services and news the types of weird and funny criminal law stories that appear in this volume.

Professor Leonard Birdsong lives in Orlando, Florida where he teaches Criminal Law, White Collar Crime, Evidence, and Immigration Law. He has written many scholarly legal pieces since joining the legal academy.

Professor Birdsong writes in the areas of the Criminal Law, Death Penalty Law, Evidence, and Refugee Law. A number of U.S. courts have cited Professor Birdsong’s scholarly pieces in their opinions: including the state Supreme Courts of Idaho, Illinois, New Jersey and Utah.

This work that you have purchased is not one of those scholarly pieces!

You may find other volumes of Professor Birdsong’s Weird Criminal Law Stories at, or by going to his website: Leonard


Uh-Oh! (Chloe Richards Series Book 2)

by Chloe Richards

My name is Chloe Louise Elizabeth Richards and I am a recovering prostitute, I’ve had sex with a crème egg, and know things about fingers of fudges that no woman should ever know.

Yes, she’s back!
Its the long (un) anticipated return of Chloe Richards and this time she’s going straight.
Or at least she’s trying to – but it seems her ‘industry’ fans aren’t quite ready to let her go.
If you loved Oops! you’ll love this!
If you didn’t like Oops! – give it a go anyway.

Genks 5×5

by Gene Brainiac

Genks are a new sort of mathematical puzzles, inspired by Sudoku and Ken Ken. Try them out and face a new challenge! Let’s see if you’re up to it! These Genks are presented to you by Gene Brainiac, the Puzzle Maniac. As most of his fans know, Gene is short for Genius.

Hannah In Hannah, Hannah, Banana: Smitty’s Adventures Book Present’s:2nd Book In A 7 Book Series

by Shirley Demitro

Now Its Time To Meet All of Smitty’s “Zany Dysfunctional Family!” Uncles, Aunts, & Cousins In Hannah, Hannah, Banana .You’ll Meet The “Banana’s” Micheal, Samantha, And Their Little Darlin’ Hannah Then “The Klump’s” Family, Delilah, Nicky, And The Kids: Baby Tammy, Gabby, Summer, & Nicky Taylor. Oh And Grandpa & Grandma Will Be There Too…. Oh And Of Course, Smitty’s Mom & Dad Jacob & Kelly “The Frogs” Guess What? Smitty Will Be There Too.” The Story Is About Hannah She Has A Problem And Know One Can Figure Out Why She Is Sad, Until The Whole Family Plays Detective.”

Leauge Of Legends Revenge Troll Ideas

by Leonard Treman

Did you team call you a noob? Did someone steal Mid or jungle from you when you called it first or had pcik order? Why not get revenge with one of these 6 clever ideas you can troll them to oblivion. There is no escape. Get him back without getting punished by the tribunal. Get this guide today and let justice be yours!!!

Here are the contents:

1. Artwork Teemo

2. Shaco Pandora’s Bush

3. Ashe The Hawk Eye Ice Arrow

4. Tower Warding

5. Healing Tryndamere

6. Anivia The Death Barrier

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