Free science fiction Kindle books for 29 Sep 14

L’Landra’s Tale: A New Day For The Dauntless

by Leandra Martin

Lost souls searching for a new home.

A planet destroyed. A race of people looking for a new home. A woman struggling to find her place in the universe is thrown into the responsibility of being the savior of her race. She had run away once, feeling the weight of too much responsibility drowning her, but now she had to return, to finish what she started, before the nightmares overtook her.

As the youngest woman to ever be assigned as a Captain of a battleship, the Dauntless is now in L’Landra’s care and finding a new planet to start over is her only goal. Time is running out, her people are hungry, and she must face the odds of losing more souls to starvation and sickness before she can find a stable home. The enemy is always lurking, and not knowing when they will strike, she must continue to move forward and be ready for anything that comes their way.

Along the way, she finds comfort from family and friends and understands her purpose for being thrown back into the very thing that caused her to run away so many years before, and a handsome rogue finds his way into her heart. Can she get him to admit his love, or will she forever be wondering whether love will be part of her life?

The Undead – Part 7: Home

by Steven P.R.

After 100 years of cryogenic hibernation, the survivors aboard a spacecraft return to earth. What will they discover a century after it had been nuked? Are the undead still roaming the earth?

Part 7 is the finale of The Undead series. It is about 3,300 words.

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