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Explore Victoria.: Victoria, Australia, You’ll Love Every Piece Of It. (Explore Australia. Book 2)

by John Morrad

Nestled at the South Eastern tip of Australia, Victoria is Australia’s second smallest state, covering 227,600 square kilometres, roughly the size of the British Isles.

Compact it may be, but Victoria has a wealth of diverse regional areas and attractions, from sweeping coastline and pristine beaches to national parks and forests teeming with wildlife, from mountain ranges to beautiful lakes to Australia’s largest city, Melbourne.

Explore Victoria with me to help you decide where to go before you take your trip.


by John Morrad

“Travel writing is not only the most glamorous job in the world – it’s also the most fun – and it is easy to do!”

So says John Morrad (a pen name – more on that in a moment), world-renowned travel writer and photographer.

You’ll have seen my videos on international TV, probably read my words online and in the newspapers – and now I not only show you how easy it is for you to travel the world and stay in comfort for free, I also “spills the beans” with the contents of my contacts book.

I’ll show you how to immediately get legitimate access to the secret twice monthly PDF bulletin which lists the latest hotels, reports, airlines, even whole countries, all of whom want to pay for everything to get you to visit them!

I also supply the full details of where to place your pictures or story – so you often get famous, too!

I list places desperate for your reports (paying at least a dollar a word!) and / or pictures (paying $30 each – and upwards).

Yes, TV stations, newspapers and websites want your travel experiences AND they want your pictures! You don’t need some really expensive camera – almost all of your pictures (“pix” in the jargon) will be published online, so even your camera phone is perfect!

In this fun to read, yet fact-packed edition, I’ll take you by the hand and show you not only how easy it is to get to visit the greatest hotels, theme parks, cruise lines, resorts and spas in the world – but also how to get there for free by air – often in First Class.

Why would these places want to do this?

Every country, every hotel, every airline has a massive marketing budget – budgets that are actually increased in times of recession.

Advertising costs a fortune, especially on a national or international basis.

But if you have a simple blog, can write a little about your experience, perhaps add a few pictures, you’ll never pay to stay and travel again.

Now, this bit is important.

You do not need to be some fluent, fully trained writer.

You write about what you see, what you do, in normal everyday words.

This is because the resorts etc want “honest, everyday language” – as the public will trust it more – certainly more than any paid TV or Press advertising campaign.

There’s another reason, too.

You will add a link to the hotel, resort, airline etc in your writing – which counts as a “backlink” to the site – it’s a sort of vote, which Google and the other search engines love.

This moves the place you stay with / the company you travel with higher up the listings on Google – which is good for them – and your real opinion is much more trusted than any advertising or travel website!

Remember, you taking an extra seat (or two – take your partner / family in almost all cases) on an aircraft, a room in a hotel or a cabin on a cruise liner costs almost nothing to the supplier – but your comments are like gold dust to them!

Now, I’ll let you into a little extra secret.

John Morrad is not my real name – I would be ostracized by the other Travel Writers who sail and fly around the world for free if they knew who I was!

They love their lifestyles and their secrets – and now you can, too.

But “John” really reveals all – all the extras you can obtain (everything from free top of the range luggage to warm clothes (or swimsuits and sunglasses!) as these companies want publicity for their products too!).

As well as listing the people / departments to contact (emails / names / phone numbers as appropriate), I give you full access to some private websites which list special “Press Trips”.

These offer you the chance to travel with other website owners and get lots of extra – as well as travel from your local airport, the host meets you at the destination airport (in some countries, they meet you on board the aircraft after it lands – you are sat at the front, so that you can be priority disembarked and whisked, in a minibus or limo from the aircraft steps dire

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