Free historical fiction Kindle books for 30 Sep 14

Love and Brick: Love and Lust Between Men on Brutewood Plantation (Brutewood Plantations Book 2)

by Delmar Wilson

Tim Mason is a bricklayer working on Brutewood Plantations. He isn’t an abolitionist, and he didn’t come there to fall in love. But when a shy young slave greets him, Tim feels things he didn’t think were possible. In 19th century America, nobody, least of all Tim, considered the possibility of a black man and a white man interacting as equals, friends and even lovers.

Tim’s a widower, and his new young black friend, George, is a house slave. When Tim sees George being victimized, he jumps into action, forcing them both to make a very serious and life-altering choice. Can their love survive the rigors of 19th century America?

Ai: Chapter 3 & 4

by Earl Veneris

Ai (chapter 3 & 4)

Ai decided to remain the human form until death came to her. How long she did not know she would remain in the human form but human life was short though.

Shou was determined to stay alive for another two days. Physician could not heal him. Ai had to find a way to free herself from prison though samurais did not believe her. Deal had been made up with presented herself to Shogun after seven days.

Naoko arrived home with full notes in pouch. Master Keichi – her father waited to tell her bad news about Shou. Misery raged through her body that the man she fell in love was going to die. Her engagement with Shou was to break off.

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