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The Shadowed Manse (The Arthur Paladin Chronicles: Episode 1)

by David Alastair Hayden

Abandoned by his family â?¦ trapped in a house of shadows â?¦ destined for more than 7th grade math.

Arthur Paladin doesn’t fit in. Not at home with the ultra-strict grandmother who had to raise him after his mother died and his dad disappeared. And not at school where the teachers think he’s trouble and the other kids think he’s a freak. But every night he dreams about learning amazing things, the sort of things you need to know to save the world.

Then Arthur finds out his grandmother may send him to military school, which leads to a fight with his “perfect” cousin, which leads to the mysterious plate over his heart getting broken, which leads to â?¦ his whole world turning upside down.

Shadow creatures appear out of nowhere to kill him. An angelic being from another dimension begs for his help. He gets locked in a house that looks like an English cottage on the outside but is actually a mansion on the inside. It’s packed with shades, flying across the universe, and he’s only got Morgan Apple to help him â?? Morgan Apple who apparently sits beside him every day just to call him a moron.

And that’s when life gets really weird. That’s when Arthur finds out he’s the next Multiversal Paladin.

Fans of Doctor Who and Harry Potter will be enchanted by this universe-spanning, high-octane, whimsical, science-fantasy adventure.

The Amazing Adventures of Steve and the Secrets of Herobrine Rising (Real Minecraft Comics Book 1)

by Minecraft Interactive

This Amazing series of Real Minecraft Comics is the first of its kind

– Including over 42 fully illustrated Minecraft comic pages

– A FREE 35-page activity quest booklet to help find Herobrine’s tomb and assist Steve and Bones with their adventures in the other episodes

It has the look and feel of any Marvel superhero comic, but based on the Minecraft mobs and characters you’ve come to love from the game as well as other Minecraft Novels.

In these Minecraft Adventures, Steve will be searching for the mysterious Herobrine with the help of a villager named Bones. Along the way they’ll run into many different Minecraft monsters, including zombies, wolves, an evil witch, skeletons, creepers, endermen, and the ender dragon.

In order to complete their journey they must uncover hidden Minecraft secrets, mine and craft tools, build structures and set Minecraft traps in order to make it to the end of their quest and keep from being eaten.

What you expect from Minecraft Comic Books will never be the same after reading these Amazing Adventures of Steve and his sidekick Bones.

Every Real Minecraft Comic includes 3 activity puzzles that go along with the story

– Find the differences in the 2 Minecraft scenes

– Solve the logic puzzle to find out who wins the fight or match the characters with their gear

– Answer questions about the story so you can follow the treasure map to Herobrine’s tomb and the Witch’s quests

Real Minecraft Comics series include the following episodes

– The Amazing Adventures of Steve and the Secrets of Herobrine Rising – June 20, 2014

– The Amazing Adventures of Steve and the Search for the Wicked Witch – June 29, 2014

– The Amazing Adventures of Steve and Herobrine’s Great Chase – July 19, 2014

– The Amazing Adventures of Steve and Herobrine’s Mountain Prison (part 1) – Aug 13, 2014

– The Amazing Adventures of Steve and Herobrine’s Mountain Prison (part 2) – Sept 3, 2014

There’s a Digger in my Yard

by Simon Whitaker

When Carter wakes up to find a digger in his back yard, he can’t wait to tell his friends at school. But when he tries to show his friends he discovers it has disappeared! Can he solve the mystery of the missing digger?

A delightful tale for digger fans from 4 to 10 years old.


by Rebecca Bielawski

F is for “five fingers full of fun!”

Captivate and cultivate the imagination while teaching the letters from A to Z. Curious kids can take a trip through the alphabet stopping to see amazing asteroids and big-bellied bats, to row down a rainbow river and meet a yellow yak along the way!

WORDS: 105


Halloween Counting: Learning Numbers 1 to 10

by Julie Richmond

Halloween Counting Learning numbers 1 to 10 is full of vibrant illustrations. This colorful book not only engages children but it also teaches them the fundamentals of counting from one to ten. From the two shy Goblins hiding in the bushes to the nine Skeletons riding their bikes to get treats, this book has equal ammounts of education and entertainment.

The Monster Joke Book: Full Color Illustrations

by R.A. Krispell

The all new Monster joke book contains over one hundred Monster jokes, I tried to create a book that the whole family could enjoy. Its full Colour, and contains lots of funny illustrations. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as i did writing and

Popcorn Gorilla

by Judah Holmes

Goril the Gorilla loves popcorn.
On his way to a play produced by fishes, he tripped and all his popcorn fell.
Oh no!
What will Goril do when his friends depend on him for the snacks?

Judah Holmes is a 9 year old author with a love for stories. She has a notebook she carries around with her and jots down ideas. She loves animals, being loud and popcorn. On any given day, you can find Judah with a bowl of popcorn sitting beside her as she colors pictures for other people.

Popcorn Gorilla is her first of many stories.
Suitable for children aged 0-10 years.

Halloween Stories: Spooky Halloween Ghost Stories and Short Stories for Kids (FREE Halloween Coloring Book Inside) (Halloween Short Stories for Kids)

by Uncle Amon

Spooky Halloween Stories for Kids!

Happy Halloween! Your child will enjoy this Halloween book full of spooky stories. This is an excellent read for early and beginning readers. Be prepared for some eerie ghost stories and spooky tales!

Also included: Halloween Jokes & Halloween Coloring Book!

Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members can read this book for FREE!

These stories are great for quick ghost stories and spooky tales to be read aloud with friends and family!

This books is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and read aloud at home.

  • Excellent for early and beginning readers
  • Great for reading aloud with friends and family
  • Spooky stories and adventures about Halloween
  • FREE Halloween coloring book downloads included

Scroll up and click ‘buy’ to start reading these spooky stories now!

100% Money Back Guarantee

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Minecraft: The Book of Beauty: The Most Wonderful Book of Minecraft. The Masterpiece that shows the Beauty of the Game from most Fascinating Perspectives. For Our Beautiful Minecraft Fans!

by Minecraft Books

The Masterpiece from Amazon #1 Best Selling Authors Creative Community. 

Life is The Game, Game is Projection of Life. 

An Unbelievable Masterpiece That Brings Mastery of Luck in Minecraft and Life. Success, Popularity and Victory! A Minecraft Book that Will Change your Perspective of the Game! 

* Fabulous Secrets of Minecraft World! 
* Building, Survival and Adventures! 
* Crafting your Own Luck! 
* Success in Community! 
* Becoming Popular! 

Minecraft: Ultimate Book of Luck

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