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Going Dark

by Colin Bancroft

Going Dark. This debut collection from poet Colin Bancroft is a tour de force of thought-provoking and emotionally challenging poems. Focusing on the happenings of everyday life, it asks us to think about what is going on behind the scenes of love, life and death. The theme of fog, the blurring of boundaries, runs prevalently through the collection – striking a fine balance between what we know, see and feel and what lurks beyond, just out of view. Going Dark is a narrative woven from experience, both individual and shared, and joins reader and poet together in a sense of complicity, of shared experience of what has happened and of what is to come.

Acknowledgments go to the following magazines where some of the poems have appeared: He Acumen, Agenda, Black Light Engine Room, Broken Wine, Cannon’s Mouth, The Copperfield Review, Elbow Room, LondonGrip, Neon and ScreechOwl.

Love Poems: Love Dwells in the Soul

by Hattie Spiritweaver

This is a collection of love poems to inspire others to grasp and hold on to love. Hold on to it tight. Love with all your heart and soul. Give love and you will receive love.

Re-read: Selected Poems

by David Green

This selection first appeared in 2004. It is now issued in a kindle edition with the extra poem, This.

‘The impressive effect is of human feeling and energy packed into the discipline of a silicon chip’

South Magazine.


by Grey Wolf

Farflame has as its sub-title ‘Resistance’ indicating a general theme in the poetry of fighting on, struggling through and striving to survive. Not every single one of the poems cleave to this theme, but the vast majority do.

Took Back Time for You Our Rhyme (Round One Book 1)

by Collin Lang

Our Truth I share with no fear,
Take it, a bath in beer.

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