Free sports Kindle books for 30 Sep 14

My Life in Red & White

by Ernie Fox

A tale of a fan’s struggle to find reality in a world where only football seems to contain any cohesive direction of thought and process. In a story of victory and defeat, truth and deceit, the season unfolds to reveal what really matters in love, life and the beautiful game.

Devout Liverpool fan Stanley Parker follows his side’s Champions League run during the 2004/5 season, but whilst experiencing the highs and lows, he discovers just how close his life mirrors that of his team.

A true story of a fictional character, told through the eyes of an obsessive supporter; with a few embellished lies to make the whole thing a little more believable, one can’t help but question; who’d be a football fan?

Truly courageous!: A banker becomes an aventurer

by Joachim von Loeben

The banker Joachim von Loeben stopped his work and travelled around the world on a motorbike for two years. He saw 60 countries on 5 continents!

In the book he describes what happened to him on the journey. How he felt alone on 15.000 feets in the Himalaya mountains in Nepal. How he survived an accident with a camel in Mauretania and many more interesting stories and emotions. On his trip he also helped in 15 social projects. For example he donated school books in the Darian jungle in Panama. An authentic trip around the world!

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