Free travel Kindle books for 30 Sep 14

Destination Frightville: 13 U.S. Haunts to Visit If You Dare

by Harrison Clancy

Looking for interesting places to go on your next vacation? Destination Frightville: 13 U.S. Haunts to Visit If You Dare, explores thirteen of the most haunted places in the United States that you can visit and tour. Seven of the thirteen you can even spend the night!

This book describes the location and background stories as well as what type of haunting is occurring currently. Included is tour information and video links that will help you decide which destination to visit first!

Weave Of The Ride

by Andy Welch

The malaise of our early twenties affects us all in different ways, but Andy Welch, bored of the office trample, came up with a way of breaking out and hitting a trail of adventure. With his best friend, he decides to cycle around the world and follow the horizon to the end.

After a year of preparation, with no experience of travelling or any idea of what to expect, they wobbled off together, following the compass from their hometown for a journey of a lifetime which no planning could have prepared them for.Hitting the mountains of Armenia and the wild urban dust of Bucharest; the brooding Black Sea Coastline and the vibrant energy of Tbilisi; the duo experienced the world in ways completely fresh and alien to the path they were on.

Two friends wanted to change their lives; they couldn’t have changed them more. ‘Weave of the Ride’ is a tale of friendship, love, and self-transformation, by bicycle, set against the backdrop of a world of friendly strangers, strange weather and a tapestry of rich local culture and hospitality.

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