Free non-fiction Kindle books for 31 Oct 14

Head Games

by Chuck Rose

Successful Park Avenue psychiatrist Dr. Jonah Hoffman leads a fairly normal life-a good practice, a loving wife and children-until he takes on a dangerous new patient. At first Robert Kolfax, CEO of a Blackwater-like private security firm with secret ops all over the world, seems like a powerful but troubled man in need of Jonah’s help. But Jonah soon discovers that Kolfax is a sociopath. A mass murderer. And what’s worse, he’s untouchable, operating in a jurisdictional bubble.

In an effort to aid his country, Jonah becomes a secret government operative, answering to the shadowy Mr. Price. But Jonah’s undercover operations quickly begin taking over his life, putting himself and everyone close to him in danger. To survive he must leave the safe confines of his Manhattan office and plunge himself into a world of terrorists, mercenaries and spies, and outwit them at their own game.

How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally with Essential Oil: What Hypertension Is, Causes of High Pressure Symptoms and Fast Remedies

by Rebecca Park Totilo

One out of three adults have it, and another one-third don’t realize it. Oftentimes, it goes undetected for years. Even those who take multiple medications for it still don’t have it under control. It’s no secret — high blood pressure is rampant in America.

High blood pressure, or hypertension, has become a household term. Between balancing meds and monitoring diets though, are the true causes — and best treatments — hidden in the shadows? In How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally With Essential Oil, Rebecca Park Totilo sheds light on what high blood pressure is, the causes and symptoms of high blood pressure, and which essential oils regulate blood pressure and how to use essential oils as a natural, alternative method. Included within the pages of this book are simple blending techniques, dilution charts, and a wide variety of recipes for everyday use such as the Heart Plus Roll-On Blend and the Love My Heart Massage Oil. Get creative with the basic blend recipes and discover your new favorite “medication.” With no side effects and no prescription necessary, essential oils offer a healthy aromatic and therapeutic option for controlling your blood pressure.

In this informative book:

– Bust the myths of “questionable” oils

– Learn simple topical applications and inhalation methods

– Blend by “notes” to make super-easy recipes

– Explore numerous essential oil profiles and their common uses

– Discover the health benefits of carrier oils

Is Your Chair Killing You?: A healthier you in as little as 8 minutes a day

by Kent Burden

Sitting for extended periods of time is as bad for your health as smoking cigarettes. And doing your workout plan for 30-60 minutes a day is not enough to undo the damage from extended periods of sitting. Is Your Chair Killing You? reveals shocking new research showing that sitting for long periods greatly increases your risk of developing obesity, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer and other lifestyle diseases. Your body was designed to move constantly over the course of the day, but most of us sit for hours a day at work and at home! What you really need is to exercise at work! Fitness and wellness expert and award-winning author Kent Burden has created brief, simple movements that allow you to workout at work daily to combat the damaging effects of sitting. This simple program of exercise for weight loss done for 1-5 minutes each hour will burn calories, energize and refresh you, and you won’t even break a sweat. Includes tips and practical tools:

-Simple tools like a fitness ball instead of a regular chair can help you burn calories

-How to exercise while you work

-How to get rid of back pain by moving just a few minutes every hour

-How reducing your body weight will give you more energy and help you live longer

Read this bookâ??you’ll be healthier in as little as 8 minutes a day.

Weight Watchers: Weight Watchers Simple Start – These DELICIOUS and EASY Recipes WORK!: Weight Watchers Simple Start Recipes

by Jessica Monroe

Get Your Weight Loss Journey Started The Easy Way With These Delicious Recipes That WORK!

Are you tired of being always referred to as the fat one? Are you tired of walking into a store and never finding anything that fits? Do you want to lose weight and have that figure you have always dreamed of having? If you have answered yes to all these questions, you must be me a while back. Several months ago, I was overweight, actually obese, weighing over 250 lbs.

The Weight Watchers Simple Start Changed My Life – And It Can Also Change YOURS!

In my first book, I showed you exactly how the weight watchers system worked for me and how easy it can work for you, too. After the overwhelming feedback I got from my family, friends and readers I was really touched! A lot of readers asked me if I could share more recipes for the Weight Watchers Simple Start System, so that they would have more variety and an even easier start. This here is the result – delicious and simple recipes to get you started! If I can make it then there is no reason why you could not!

These Easy Recipes will guide and support you and your journey to your desired weight loss goals!

Each recipe has the number of points – so no need for you to do the calculations!

Stop Procrastinating To Lose Weight – Take Action Now Like I Did And Achieve Your Goals!

Paleo Diet for Beginners: How to Use the Paleo Diet to Maximize your Weight Loss Potential (Ketogenic Diet, Wheat Belly Diet, Low Carb Diet)

by Jessie Atkers

Learn What’s All the Hype About the Paleo Diet!

FREE BONUS INCLUDED: Manifestation Breakthrough Kit! Think and Get Slim!

When it comes to weight loss the mind set is just as important as exercise and diet. As a special thank you I have included this free tool kit to help you maximize your weight loss results. Have fun and enjoy!

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Discover how to get started on the paleo diet!

The Paleo diet is the perfect way you can adopt simply because it is the one of the best healthy technique that works together with your genes to keep you lean, formidable and full of energy! Study in biology, Ophthalmology, biochemistry, Dermatology and many other professions show it is our modern diet, rich in processed foods, trans fats and sugar, which is the main cause of degenerative health conditions just like being overweight, melanoma, diabetic issues, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, depressive disorders and infertility.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is the paleo diet?
  • The Basics of Paleo Diet
  • Real Benefits of The Paleo Diet
  • Successful Weight Loss On Paleo Diet
  • Eating Paleo on the Cheap
  • Paleo Exercises
  • Paleo Recipes for Weight Loss
  • Much, much more!
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    Tags: weight loss, detox diet, paleo diet, low carb diet, atkins diet, vegan diet, carb cycling recipes, green smoothie cleanse, wheat belly diet, gluten free diet

    Home Decoration: How To Decorate Your Lovely Home And Become Happier. Have Fun While Decorating! (interior decorating. home decorating. home improvement. interior design. decorating. DIY)

    by Alex Kovalevskiy

    (Home Decoration – How To Decorate Your Lovely Home And Become Happier. Have Fun While Decorating!)

    Today only, get this Amazon Kindle Book for $0.99. Regularly priced

    at $2.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    Don’t know what to start with? By reading this book you will prove yourself that you absolutely do not need any interior design background. It’s so simple that you have no idea how your family and friends will be surprised watching day by day interior improvements in your home decor. You’re about to discover different ideas taken from your own mind and implement them immediately for decorating your lovely home.

    Lots of people surf the internet and find tones of images of luxury homes. They start thinking they should work hard and then maybe they will have enough money, time, and health to go to a furniture shop and buy some brand new armchair for $1000 or even more. In order to bring brightness and happiness to your everyday lifestyle you don’t need to spend so much money any more. Say no! You should not even hire a designer, because YOU ARE your designer. Who else but you know what you need?

    In this book you will not see 1000 ways to decorate your home. This book will help you identify different ideas taken from your own mind and implement them immediately. My purpose is to force your mind to step for a while out of your daily routine and spend some time reading this book and thinking about your lovely home interior. You will be able to create the most appropriate and fabulous ideas that you could ever think about and develop a perfect interior for you and your family. Express yourself and transform your living space with home decorating!

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • (How To Get Started)
    • (How To Identify Your Own Interior Style)
    • (Possible Ways to Implement Your Decorating Ideas)
    • (Interior Design techniques)
    • (How To Choose Colors)
    • (10 Design Concepts to consider)
    • (Easy Finishing Touches That Add Value)
    • Much, much more!

    Download your copy today!

    Jump in and take action today in order to transform your home and bring a piece of happiness to your family by downloading this book for $0.99

    Tags: home decorating. home design. home decor on a budget. decorations, home improvement, home decor, decorations for your home, decoration of houses, how to decorate my home, how to decorate, interior design, interior decoration, interior decorating, DIY, decorative design

    Organic Pest Control Made Simple: Naturally Keep Your Garden, Home & Food Bug Free: Pest Prevention, Homemade & Natural Insect Repellents Recipe, Spray – Revised Edition! (Urban Hillbilly Book 1)

    by Urban Hillbilly

    Organic Pest Control Made Simple

    Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    Revised Edition

    People are concerned about using petro chemicals when it comes to controlling pests, especially in their home where their children and pets play. More and more people are turning to natural pest control solutions in order to solve this age old problem.

    Truth is that today’s pesticides have many long term health effects, most of which are not even known, or understood yet. Not to mention chemical pesticides are far less effective in most if not all applications in gardening and home pest control.

    Nature provides us with everything we need, and she provides plenty. You just have to know where to look.

    Pick up my book today and learn everything you need to protect your home and family, as well as your garden from those nasty pests without using dangerous chemicals.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Main Invasive Pests In The Home
    • Steps To Prevent Pest Infestations
    • Make Your Own Organic Pest Control Spray
    • How to Prevent Your Garden From Getting Infested by Pests
    • Ways to Naturally Remove Pesticides From Produce
    • How Bug-Proof Your Home
    • Much, much more!

    Download Your Copy Today!

    Simply scroll up and click the BUY button to instantly download>

    Tags: garden pest control, pest control for organic gardening, pest control for organic, pest control for organic gardening, organic gardening for beginners, buy organic, organic gardening, do it yourself pest control, natural insect repellent, organic pesticides, natural pesticides, natural pest solutions

    Love and Dating for Shy People: Hard Hitting Advice for Naturally Introverted Men and Women (Developed Life Love and Dating Book 5)

    by Cyrus Thomson

    Love and Dating For Shy People – Hard Hitting Advice for Naturally Introverted Men and Women

    Available now on your web browser. A Kindle is not required to read it. Enjoy the temporary low price. – THIS IS AN ACTUAL BOOKâ?¦ NOT A BOGUS TWENTY PAGE PAMPHLET OUTSOURCED FROM CAMBODIA.

    Maybe at one point in your life you were told that you are “shy” or “introverted”. As time goes, these labels bury into your psyche. Whenever you find yourself at a social outing, you may see attractive strangers who you’d love to talk to – but that “shyness” label rears its ugly head, and your feet become glued to the ground.

    If that story sounds familiar, this book is for you. Los Angeles dating and life coach Cyrus Thomson delves into the world of the so-called introvert personality type, and explores the skills needed to enhance your love life.

    Discover Why You Can’t Find Any Datesâ?¦ Put the PUA Books and Cosmo Mags Asideâ?¦

    Check out some of the results you can experience through this program:

    • Learn how the current definition of introvert may be mythological.
    • Learn how to cure the most common awkward social tendencies.
    • Develop the skills to stop placing people on pedestalsâ??a nasty habit that may be hurting your love life.
    • Master the actual SKILL of flirting.
    • Develop and enhance your sense of humor.
    • Learn the truth about online dating, and how to think outside of the box to find people online instead of the flawed traditional way.
    • And a Lot More
    • If You’re Wondering What’s Inside, Here’s a Preview of Some of What You’ll Discover

      • Introvert Tendencies
      • Breaking the Ice
      • Where and How to Meet People
      • I Don’t Know What to Talk About
      • Help, I’ve Been Rejected!
      • Flirting and Body Language
      • On Dating Logistics
      • About Making the First Move
      • “Let’s Just Be Friends”
      • Limiting Beliefs and Dating Falsehoods
      • Online Dating Ins and Outs
      • Dating Worse Case Scenario Checklist
      • And A Lot More!
      • Download a Copy Today

        Just click “Buy” and a copy of “Love and Dating For Shy People” will be yours forever. Don’t worry, you don’t need a Kindle to read itâ??just download it to your Amazon cloud library and you can access it right away.

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    Free historical fiction Kindle books for 31 Oct 14

    The Druid Wars: Kidnapping

    by Lorraine Montgomery

    Born into a world where being a druid is a crime punishable by death, Dicté a young druid girl, is shot and kidnapped whilst out in the woods. The two boys responsible take her back to their village in the hope of treating her injury, not realizing at first that she’s a druid. As time goes on, the villagers grow ever more suspicious of Dicté, who becomes ever more determined to escape her captors alive. It soon becomes clear to Dicté that her only chance of escape is to rely on her kidnapper…


    by Nolene Dougan

    Dracula Untold tells you one tale, let me tell you another. This tale is one of murder, intrigue, and revenge. This is the story about one woman and that woman’s name is Isabella. Isabella was beautiful, strong, and dangerous. Dracula loved Isabella but until now you will not of read of her in any book. She is not the wife that killed herself or the woman that lead to his death, she is an entirely different creature. She is the whisper of the wind on a dark night and the footsteps that follow you when you are alone.

    Isabella has secretly walked among us for centuries, sometimes with Dracula at her side sometimes without him. She has seen the Medici’s rise to power in Italy, and witnessed the turbulence of a changing Europe. She was there when Kit Marlowe took his last breath and felt the heat of the sun on her face when the American West took its first one.

    This book tells you of Isabella’s birth and rebirth, the battles she won and the battles she lost. The men she killed and the men she loved. Whether she is the hero of her tale or the villain only you the reader can decide.

    Berwick (First Time, Victorian)

    by Daria Savoy

    Natalie Cowell is on the cusp of marriage and searching for a suitor. Her father has hand picked a reputable and wealthy business man that is sure to please. However, her prospective husband has a less than pleasant future planned for his new wife. With misery threatening to crash down on her, a mysterious tap at her window changes her life forever.

    Only for adult readers! This steamy short features Victorian themes, first time sex, and a sexy rogue.

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    Free poetry Kindle books for 31 Oct 14

    Halloween Haiku

    by Carol Smith

    This collection celebrates Halloween with haiku poetry. While it’s based on the 5-7-5 syllable principle, it’s not your usual haiku. Enjoy!

    To Love Unknown

    by April Nichole

    This book is both for those in love and not. Those in love feel the love of someone that was unknown for however long. Those still looking daydream and look for their unknown love. It is out there for everyone.

    In His Realm: Best of Inspirational Poetry Works

    by Abegunde Sunday o.

    In His Realm is a collection of highly inspiration poetry works.

    The word â??realm’ is synonymous to kingdom, territory and dominion. The realm is considered in two facets which are the physical and spiritual.

    Some of the poetry works contained herein discuss the former realm and some themed on the latter realm. And others simple do justice to the efficiency of relationship between the two realms.

    These poems point up the Truth, the Intolerance, and the Injustice in our realm. Some of the poems are quite explicit while some are deep.

    Lifting My Hands to Heaven

    by April Nichole

    A collection of poems from through the years praising the Lord. You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts. 2 Corinthians 3:3

    Eyes to Heaven

    by April Nichole

    A collection of poems through the years on my thoughts on God and my relationship with him.

    Secrets of the Heart

    by April Nichole

    Secrets of the Heart is when it is hard to put into words when you love someone or when they have hurt you. These poems cover love, heartache, loneliness, missing someone to feeling like someone is your inspiration. These poems cover when your heart and mind are in conflict to when your eyes can’t help but to let out the tears that your heart is feeling. Let these words take you down the path to let out what your heart and mind have a hard time saying.

    Love Letters

    by Andrea Kwast

    This is a special book of poetry and photography by Andrea Kwast for those who are in love, those who want to be in love and the truly romantic at heart. It’s a wonderful way of saying ‘I Love You’… and it gives a giggle or two here and there as well.

    Expression’s Embrace Volume 1 – From Roses to Sparrows

    by CiCelia Jackson

    Dedicated to the Queens & Princesses, the integral communication between us as women and young ladies…

    I wrote this collection of poetry to give our blooming youth of little women something to ponder upon during their life’s journeys, as well as to speak to mature women to embrace the treasured privilege we have in teaching them. Whether you will need to laugh, to cry, to smile or to vent, I hope that there is something each of you can draw upon, relate to, become comforted by, or to even be inspired. I was asked, “Why did you choose the title: From Roses to Sparrows?” Wellâ?¦roses have always been my favorite blossom, but the title didn’t really come into fruition until one of my “little sisters” started to call me Rose. She said it matched my mothering, nurturing and sweet side. This same “little sister” I had earlier nicknamed Sparrow. So this book, these expressions, stems from a friendship between a Rose and a Sparrow.

    I have many “little sisters” that I pray for on a daily basis to embrace the window of maturity and become beautiful women, spiritual women, and respected women. I know life lands us in many puddles and takes us through different courses, but I don’t want you to ever give up on yourselves, but especially and more importantlyâ?¦on life. We, each of us, are all someone’s Rose and/or Sparrow and, at times, I feel we need to be reminded of such.

    A Haiku Collection

    by Adriana Dascalu

    Haiku is like the very essence of a complex painting: a powerful message rendered in only seventeen syllables. On the principle “less is more”, the beauty of this poetry comes from its simplicity, from its stillness as a snapshot of a perfect (or imperfect, but empowering) moment that moves and stirs the soul.

    This small collection of the first three Haiku chapbooks published contains snapshots seen through the lens of my heart’s camera, love declarations, life lessons and night covered and uncovered feelings. I hope you enjoy reading these pieces of my soul and mind.

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    Free religious fiction Kindle books for 31 Oct 14

    Time Masters Book One; The Call

    by Geralyn Beauchamp

    Author’s note: This is the 3rd edition published 3/31/2014. Revised from the print version and second e-book edition. Estimated print length 3rd edition e-book; 435 pages.

    Time Masters is a fantastic, sweeping epic. In the year 3698, a terrible civil war is on the brink of erupting. To prevent unthinkable ruin, Dallan MacDonald must inherit the responsibility of being a Time Master – yet to earn the title he must earn the love of the nigh-otherworldly Muiraran Maiden. Stolen away as an infant and hidden in another time, she rejects the truth of her nature, and earning her love will be no small task! A race against time to prevent the destruction of civilization ensues, in this dramatic and absorbing saga of heroes, villains, love, and hatred. Midwest Book Review

    Brace yourself! This thrill ride will leave the reader exhausted and crying for more in the same breath! Geralyn Beauchamp has penned the first book of what is surely to become a classic. Yellow30 Sci-Fi Reviews

    Somewhere in the far and distant future ….

    Get ready for one wild ride! The year is 3698 and an unknown instigator has the

    threat of civil war not only brewing, but near boiling! Dallan MacDonald, Time Master Kwaku Awahnee’s pre-chosen successor, must now take up the office of Time Master to stop the culprit before war erupts and destroys the race of Men. Undaunted, Kwaku enlists the help of councilor John Eaton to tell the Seventeenth Century Scot of his new office and all that it entails. There are, however, a few slight problems. To become a Time Master, the unsuspecting Highlander has to willingly join with a Muiraran Maiden, a creature of incredible power who, stolen as an infant, hidden in another time, and now grown, must mate or die. To save her, Dallan must convince the Maiden of her true origins, then get her to fall in love with him. A small task compared to their impossible race against time! John’s job is to make sure the clueless Scot is ready to listen to what is expected of him. And then, of course, talk him into it.

    Meanwhile, in the latter half of the twentieth century …

    Shona Whittard had a lot. Everything she could possibly ask for, some would say. Except the freedom to run her own life and make her own decisions. Other girls her age were in their second year of college while she was still under her mother’s and tutor Julia’s educational thumbs. Other girls went to parties. Shona was stuck at home studying some ridiculous cultural etiquette Julia insisted she learn. She spoke ‘proper’ English. Something others teased her about. And she was well tutored as to what was acceptable for a young lady to do or say in not only the twentieth century, but the fifteenth through nineteenth centuries as well. Other girls dated. Shona, not allowed to date, was jealous of the freedom of choice normal girls had.

    Shona was just going to have to face facts. It was, after all, the logical thing to do. She wasn’t some astounding musical sensation to be envied. She was a freak. Little did she know she was so much more.

    And little did any of them know of the evil that wanted to claim the Maiden for its own …

    Persistent Evil: The Demon Slayer (Praying Mantis Series Book 2)

    by Diogenes Ruiz

    With the help of a hair dresser and a dead man, Fr. Oliver steps into a world of evil, unlike anything he has ever seen before. What he discovers, threatens the very existence of the Catholic church and the souls of thousands of unborn children. Fr. Oliver wants to serve God, but he keeps getting kicked out of churches where he is assigned to serve. If he speaks of what he sees, people will die. He can’t tell the pastor or the bishop, but things are about to get worse.

    Lacy’s Life

    by Patricia Strefling

    Lacy Lee Linden’s world has changed dramatically in the last year. She is happier than she’s ever been.

    Days after Thad Gannon’s unexpected proposal he is called away for a family emergency. He calls at first and then the calls stop coming.

    Old, familiar doubts come rushing back. She has new purpose in her life with Kew and Ting, but the fact that Thad has not called for weeks forces the question: What if he never comes back?

    Will she be able to push past her old fears of never being good enough? Will she have enough courage to walk on whether Thad Gannon comes back, or if she never sees him again?

    ** Christian Contemporary Romance **

    Love Begins (Tender Blessings Book 1)

    by Teresa Slack

    “If I wasn’t such a good Christian, you’d be in an orphanage somewhere, young lady.”

    Abandoned by her parents, Michelle Hurley and her kid sister Nicole are reminded every day their livelihood depends on a grandmother who never wanted them. Nearly twenty years later, Michelle has accepted the fact she isn’t worthy of the love she so desperately needed as a child. She lives alone on the family farm and is content in the niche she’s carved out for herself.

    All that changes the morning Nicole abandons her two young children under Michelle’s lilac bushes. Michelle doesn’t want her life to change. She doesn’t want to be responsible for fixing Nicole’s mistakes. Nor does she want to admit she may be more like the grandmother she can’t forgive.

    Having two little kids suddenly dependent on her isn’t the only change in Michelle’s life. The only man to ever make her take a chance on love reenters her world and makes her question every decision she ever made. Kyle Swann reminds her that nothing has turned out the way she hoped it would. He also makes her realize shutting her heart against the world might not be as easy as she thought.

    This thought-provoking contemporary romance examines the changing dynamics of family relationships and issues. Infused with honesty and humor, it will capture the hearts of readers who love children, understand their challenges and appreciate the many definitions of family.

    Otapmir’s Last Commander

    by Joseph Horst

    “The light is flickering. Otapmir’s downfall is at hand.” Jorson Roctel, a humble citizen, knows nothing but the repetitive life of a miner. Events lead to an involuntary change in occupation. Pulled into the ongoing defense of Otapmir, Jorson must train with the sword. While learning his new duties as a soldier under The Red Lamb’s banner, he acquires a new knowledge of the enemy’s leader, Sirith: a seemingly matchless foe. Gaining a new perspective on the war, he throws himself completely into the conflict. Following his superiors into a desperate struggle to hold the border (a wall dividing free Otapmir from the forces of the enemy), he comes face to face with the one whom all Otapmir fears. Who can withstand Sirith’s blade? “The darkness is closing in. All that remains is one candle. That candle is us, Jorson. The wind is coming.”

    The Temptation of John Haynes

    by Shawn James

    The Devil doesn’t like John Haynes.

    To take his soul, Lucifer recruits E’steem a beautiful she-demon to seduce him. If she can persuade John to compromise his beliefs and values, he’ll allow her to join his Elect, a cadre of powerful demons in his inner circle.

    To balance the playing field in E’steem’s favor, Lucifer isolates John by having him fired from his job . Unemployed and emotionally vulnerable, John eagerly takes what he thinks is the job opportunity of a lifetime as CEO of Morris Phillips. Distracted by his new high-powered job and its many duties, he has no idea that Lucifer secretly controls the multinational corporation or that his live-in assistant is a she-demon placed there to corrupt him. However as E’steem becomes romantically involved with John, she’s torn between achieving her theocratic aspirations and saving the man she loves from eternal damnation.

    The Innkeeper’s Wife (Bible Women Book 2)

    by Michele McGrath

    Strangers arrive out of the night

    They need shelter because a storm is coming

    Rivka, the hard working and harassed wife of Ezra, at first does not want to take them in, because her house is full. She is horrified when she learns the woman is pregnant, knowing it means more work for her when she is already exhausted. Then an unexpected event changes her mind. She leads the couple to the family stable and stays to act as midwife. This is her story.

    Ë?Ë?Ë? A 2,000 word short story

    Download a copy today.

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    Free horror Kindle books for 31 Oct 14

    Scary but True: A Collection of True Urban Legends

    by Jeffrey Fisher

    This book offers a collection of popular Urban Legends, all of which are based on real stories or historical facts. Each legend includes the true stories behind them.

    No Light in August: Tales from Carcosa & the Borderland

    by R.L. Robinson

    From depression era America, to fantasy worlds similar and yet different from our own. Journey into the realm of the Yellow King.

    There are many roads to Carcosa, which one will you take?

    Featuring eight short stories and two novelettes inspired by the King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers, as well as Lovecraftian elements, ‘No Light in August’ also includes illustrations by Brazilian comic artist Pedro Elefante.

    Bonus material: Concept art and development sketches.


    by Sydney Long

    This is a strange world we live in. You just have no idea how strange. The same cannot be said for Lily Gomer, an agent for Union. She knows all too well how odd and dark our world is. Over the past four years, Lily has been submerged into a land of monsters and beasts. Follow her into this confusing land in the first installment of the Freak series.


    by David Wright

    From the creators of the #1 horror and sci-fi series, Yesterday’s Gone, comes their first non-series book, Crash.

    Sometimes the ghosts that haunt us most aren’t the dead.

    It has been nearly a year since writer Thomas Witt lost his daughter in a horrible car accident which nearly killed him. He and his wife are attempting to have another child and put their lives back together.

    However, he can’t move on.

    In addition to his daughter, there’s something else missing â?? specifically his memories for six months prior to the accident.

    He finds himself obsessively drawn to accident scenes where he photographs the carnage in attempts to reclaim his memories.

    But what he finds in the photographs may just destroy him.

    Crash is the first non-series book from The Kings of the Serial and bestselling authors, Sean Platt and David Wright.

    Crash is approximately 41,000 words and contains a sneak peek at the opening chapters of Threshold, coming Sept. 2, for a total of more than 48,000 words.

    Stripper Pole At The End Of The World (Schlock Zone Drive In)

    by Eric Beetner

    In the near future, after The Collapse, work is hard to come by. The economy is in ruins, much like the city crumbling around Janet, a woman who has lost everything - her husband, her job . . . her leg.
    When the lure of a job brings her out on the increasingly dangerous streets she must confront the deadliest of new fears - the bands of cannibals who roam the city.
    With a ragtag group of bikers, strippers and survivors Janet must face down the most dangerous night of their lives. When dawn comes, not everyone will live to see a new day and dance at the Stripper Pole At The End Of The World.

    Sin Sally

    by Eden Redd

    Warning: The tale you are about to read is a story of inner most desire that knows no bounds. It crosses barriers and should be read with an open mind and a darkly passionate heart. It is a story of sexual creatures, human or otherwise. This tale is for adults 18 and up.

    Nathan has secret kink. Something so terrifying that if anyone found out, no one would look at him the same ever again. Especially his girlfriend Susan.

    But one night, Susan accidentally finds out his mysterious kink. She loves Nathan so much that she decides to help him with his unusual secret. Little does she know that it will consume her and show the horrific dark power of Sin Sally.

    This tale is 8,000 words of terror, dark romance, erotic horror, strap on and BDSM .

    Bitter Sweets

    by Justine Sebastian

    For six months, homicide detective Ethan Calhoun has worked a serial murder case: six young women killed, stuffed and adorned with candy in a gruesome homage to the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel. The police have no leads, the town is in a panic and Ethan is stuck with a front row seat to the carnage until a call from a witness finally offers him a possible break. He leaves to follow up on the tip… and never comes back.

    Everyone believes that Ethan is dead, taken by the same killer he was hunting, but the reality is so much more horrifying than that. His brother, Justin, has never given up looking for Ethan though. If he cannot bring his brother home alive, he wants to at least bring his body home and put his spirit to rest. What he finds instead is a world he never knew existed and a darkly enchanted forest where the “the end” never means the story is over, only that the nightmare has just begun.

    Angel Eyes

    by Alex Westhaven

    A brutal attack on one of his interns leaves psychologist Jake Werner the prime suspect. Clearing his name is only the first step in a treacherous game of cat and mouse that will pit him and FBI agent Kate Paige against one of the smartest minds they’ve ever encountered. When they finally track down the killer, his motives end up being far more gruesome than either of them could have imagined…

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    Free travel Kindle books for 31 Oct 14

    True Vines

    by Diana Strinati Baur

    When the Italian countryside simply won’t leave your heart …

    After the sudden death of her Italian winemaker husband, Meryl Michelli flees to her small hometown in Pennsylvania, looking to slam the door on heartache and trudge forward. But it’s never that simple, especially when old family ties have been strained by years of geographic and emotional distance. A chance encounter with a childhood friend brings back a betrayal she could never put to rest, and readjusting to life in the States in upper mid-life wears her thin in ways she never could have imagined. Just when Meryl feels she can’t go on, Providence steps in and gives her permission to completely fall apart. Only then can she finally manage to grieve both her magnanimous, flawed Francesco and the unforgettable country she left behind.

    True Vines traverses the manicured rows of northern Italy’s majestic wine country and the winding path of Pennsylvania’s Delaware River as Meryl seeks to reconcile her past and her present. Several people on each side of the Atlantic guide her as she relives her own stories: a spirited sister-in-law, a petulant physician, a strong-willed landlady, a good-guy boss, a determined mother-in-law, an amazing flood survivor, a Senegalese English student, a young co-worker. Each recollection and encounter deepens Meryl’s insight into how to make peace with her new reality.

    Saying goodbye to one existence allows Meryl to swing the door open to another as she weaves a new, uniquely beautiful tapestry that transports her to exactly the place in this short, sacred life she is meant to be.

    Another Year in Oman: Between Iraq and a Hard Place (American Experiences in Arabia During the War On Terror Book 2)

    by Matthew Heines

    What do you do when you are a lone American in Arabia during the War On Terror and you fall in love with an Arab woman?

    In the second of a three book series describing his life in the Middle East after the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, the author finds he is alone again in the remote regions of Arabia. To make matters worse, the U.S. is gearing up for an invasion of Iraq to the north and everyone is looking at the author, the only American in the region, with even greater suspicion. In the middle of it all he finds himself involved in a surrealistic, clandestine relationship.

    But is it real, or is it just a dream? It’s up to you to decide.

    Finders Keepers: The Real Way to find a Thai Beauty

    by D. Farang

    If you wish to meet a Thai lady for a long-term relationship and marriage – by all means fly at it, but do your homework first! As your best self-advocate, it behooves you to do a little research of your own, before you embark on one of the most exciting adventures of your life – discovering the blissful nature of a traditional Thai lady!

    But buyer beware! Inherent feline dangers lay in wait, just under the surface – for the unwary, foolish and foolhardy foreigner in Thailand. There are way more good women in the Kingdom than bad, but a disproportionate amount of foreign men go for the ‘bad’ girls by default. But ignorance isn’t bliss.Like a passion fruit vine, the wrong Thai woman will engulf its host – and consume the hapless farang, wallet, property and all – swallow by swallow.  

    NEW ZEALAND AS MIDDLE EARTH: Magical Landscapes in a Real World

    by Ceidrik Heward

    NEW ZEALAND as MIDDLE EARTH is inspired by the locations used in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ trilogies. Aimed at all Tolkien fans and those who love to travel, this new book is a roller coaster ride around the magical landscapes that only New Zealand has to offer. Starting with Hobbiton, one of the most famous film sets in history, you’ll move further afield to marvel at the spectacular place Rudyard Kipling called ‘the eighth wonder of the world’. Discover the #1 waterfall in the world. Meet the world’s most intelligent bird and a 111 year old first time dad. You will take a trip on the 100 year old ‘Lady of the Lake’, marvel at the world’s largest wooden viaduct, and one of Australasia’s largest wrought iron structures, then spend a moment in an underground power station before a visit to nature’s amazing Wedding Cathedral.

    The excitement continues with a peek inside the world famous Weta Workshop. There are some real cave wetas for you to meet, along with wonderful glow worms in a remote cave.There’s a spooky lake near here too.

    You’ll go back to the 19th century for the ‘Rhine of Maoriland’ tour. Hold your breath as you travel on one of the scariest roads in the world. Walk in wonderment through a magnificent native forest and meet some of the fascinating birds that live there. You can also hear one of them!

    You’ll read about the world’s most accessible wreck for divers to explore. Discover a glacier lake filled with icebergs then travel over the ‘Misty Mountains’ to gaze at the lake of perfect reflections.

    How about a breakneck slide down the southern hemisphere’s only ice luge? – built by a town with only 100 inhabitants. There are a number of other fascinating small towns with dramatic histories to read about.

    Visit two Victorian era factories and pop into New Zealand’s most famous haunted hotel then stop at the country’s most haunted building. The city where outrageously spectacular paper fashion was born, is pointed out on the way to one of the most tranquil places on the planet.

    Be surprised to discover the world’s largest sea cave. You’ll make a brief trip to New Zealand’s third island and find out how dramatic it can be just getting there.

    Looking like something from a children’s fairytale book, check out New Zealand’s most photographed building. You’ll read about Australasia’s famous tourist train trip and the ‘Maori Warrior’s Shower’.

    There is a bonus section at the end exploring the history behind Middle Earth and how Sir Peter Jackson has become the 3rd most successful film director in the world.

    RV Living & Travel: The RVing Lifestyle Guide to Full-time or Part-time Camping

    by Robert Fairbanks

    Live the wonderful RV life

    This book on “RV Living & Travel â?? The RVing Lifestyle Guide to Full-time or Part-time Camping” is filled with useful, effective, time-efficient and economical advice. It is the perfect companion for people who are planning to live in an RV or those who are planning to acquire one for short trips. Having an RV may be expensive but when you put into account the many wonderful trips you’ll have with your family the outright cost becomes minimal.

    For example, your RV doubles as your home away from home which saves hundreds of dollars compared to checking in at a hotel. Secondly, you do not have to eat out all the time when you are on a trip, because you can cook in your RV. And when it comes to vacationing, food and lodging are the two most costly factors which your RV living can easily solve. And above all, with an RV, you can easily commune with nature during your trips because just park on designated places which are almost always near parks and recreational areas.

    So what are you going to learn inside this book?

    • Inside, get to know the many reasons why living in an RV is a good option. This will help you make an informed decision especially if you are undecided.
    • There’s a chapter dedicated to preparing yourself and your RV for full time living conditions. It will help you decide if living in an RV is perfect for you. After, it will guide you in planning what needs to be done next like the types of RVs to choose from, insurance, how to get your mails and many more.
    • One of the top things I love about this book is its tips on finding a living while living in your RV. It details on the many ways that you can earn a good income while moving around the countryâ??which makes this book perfect not only for new RV owners, would-be owners or long-time owners of RVs.

    Download the book and start your RV lifestyle.

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    Free sports Kindle books for 31 Oct 14

    Bumped Up (The Volleyball Series #1)

    by Pam Greer

    Alarm. Breakfast. Bus. Bio. Spanish. Socials. Study. Lunch. Calc. Humanities. Bell. And THEN the day starts. Knee pads, ponytail. Full court. No drama.

    But drama is just the beginning when senior Annette Reynolds recruits incoming freshman Payton Moore to play for the varsity team.

    Payton quickly finds that her superior basketball talent doesn’t translate to the volleyball court, resulting in a divided team and a rift between Payton and her best friend Renika, whose natural ability for volleyball earns her a starting position on the varsity team.

    Will Payton get it together in time to help her team make it to State or will she be left behind while Renika gets Bumped Up?

    3 Home Runs A Baseball Story with Batting Tips!

    by Frank Lucero

    A story about a boy whose dream to play little league baseball, hit a home-run and earn a trophy begins with lots and lots of practice. With a little help from his Grandpa, that dream just might come true.

    Contains useful batting tips, words of encouragement and training techniques.

    Also describes the one most important tip GUARANTEED to make you a better batter!

    Mission Possible: Marathon Training Advice and Tips for Beginners

    by Bryan Campbell

    Mission Possible: Marathon Training Advice and Tips for Beginners

    Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    Are you interested in running a marathon but you don’t know where to start? Does it seem like an impossible task?

    If you answered any of the above questions in the affirmative, then this book is for you. It helps you unleash your best potential, discover your capabilities, boost your self-confidence, manage your weight, look and feel great thanks to the power of running.

    Inside you will find all the answers to your questions and the information and tips that will help you to prepare for the big day! The material in this book is very practical and easy to follow especially for beginners.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Making your commitment
    • Good nutrition
    • Hydration
    • Running gear
    • Training plans
    • Much, much more!

    Are you ready for the ultimate challenge in your life? Download your copy today!

    Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

    Ellie’s Crows

    by MaryAnn Myers

    Ellie is a young woman, not so unlike any other young woman in today’s world. She’s in love, perhaps with the wrong man. She’s self-supporting, if always being a week behind counts. She’s kind and considerate, unless crossed. She’s true to herself and others. She is the best of best friends, is attentive to her grandmother, and she loves horses. What is different about Ellie is the fact that she is followed through life by a flock of crows.

    Ellie’s Crows depicts the last few weeks of her Grandma Betty’s life in a nursing home; a very clean, antiseptic facility, with very little love to go around. Ellie is the sunshine of her days, and as death grows near, her companion throughout her long nights. Ellie’s Crows is a celebration of life, and all it encompasses; laughter, tears, fear, triumph…and the realization that perhaps, just perhaps, happiness lies within.

    An Introduction to Barrel Racing

    by Bonnie McGrath

    Barrel racing is a rodeo event in which a rider attempts to navigate a cloverleaf pattern around three barrels in the fastest time possible. Are you interested in participating in this exciting event, but don’t know where to begin?

    An Introduction to Barrel Racing covers the basics of this exciting sport, giving aspiring barrel racers a strong foundation it topics such as:

    – History of the event

    – The barrel pattern and how to run it

    – Teaching your horse how to run the barrel pattern

    – Rules and scoring

    – Selecting a horse that you are compatible with

    – Controlling your horse’s speed

    – Health and fitness of the rider

    The Christmas Football Quiz Book, Joke Book, Fact Book

    The perfect formation of fun, knowledge, and fire power – this book is the essential gift for any football fan.

    Packed full of jokes that are so good (and so very, very bad) that they are worthy of even the finest Christmas cracker.

    Brimming with quizzes that will have you scratching your head. But when you get the right answer, you can do that goal celebration you’ve been planning, right there in front of the TV.

    Stuffed with facts – fascinating, fun and mostly true – which will take you to the Champions League of Football Knowledge. You can even tell your mates, and pretend you knew them all already.

    Surely the best Xmas book about football ever!

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    Free science fiction Kindle books for 31 Oct 14

    The Future’s Mine

    by L J Leyland

    Fans of The Hunger Games, The Maze-Runner and the Divergent trilogy will love L J Leyland’s dystopian thriller The Future’s Mine.

    I do what I have to doâ?¦

    After the Flood drowned the world thirty years ago, the tyrannical Metropole took control of the remaining land. Soon after came the rebellion led by the mysterious figurehead Regina, but when Regina vanishes after plotting to overthrow the Mayor, the rebels were labelled as traitors and murdered by the Metropole.

    Seventeen year old orphan Maida Winter struggles to survive on the tiny island of Brigadus under the harsh rulings of the Mayor. After an attempt to raid his home goes horribly wrong, Maida is rescued by Noah – the only person who may hold the secret to overthrowing the Mayor’s regime. Determined to expose the Metropole for their real involvement in the Flood, Maida becomes the symbol of a new revolution that is resolute in uncovering the Metropole for who they really are – finishing what Regina started and bringing peace to the land she once knew.

    Maida must battle to discover the truths about the Metropole, the Flood, and ultimately, herselfâ?¦

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    Free science Kindle books for 31 Oct 14

    Survival Essential Tactics – The Urban Prepper’s Handbook To Preparing The Essentials For Modern Day Disasters (Survival Essentials, Mason Jars, Preppers, Prepping)

    by Evelyn Scott

    Survival Essential Tactics To Be Prepared For Worst Case Scenarios

    Best Guide For Modern Day Preppers

    *** BONUS! : FREE Natural Remedies Report Included !! ***

    **** LIMITED TIME OFFER ******

    The fault in modernity lies in the ever increasing feeling of security. This has been brought about by various technological advancements which, albeit having made life much easier, have consequently resulted in lenience. A lax mindset is a precursor for accidents and incurs greater losses during disasters due to insufficiently managed risk.Disasters are sudden catastrophic events, either natural or human-instigated, that result in a grave disruption of normal day-to-day life. Additionally, they cause extensive damage on the environment, multiple deaths, widespread loss of material goods, and great distress amongst those affected. These phenomena are often unpredictable and may lead to irreversible damage if not properly prepared for. And, to top it off, human response to such situations adds to the danger. Chaos runs amok, people panic and fend for themselves, and electricity, gas, water, and telephone lines may be cut off for days to weeks, or even months. Rescuers may be dispatched at the scene immediately, but they cannot initiate the emergency response simultaneously to every person in the area. By the rules of triage, they extend help first to those who need it most and, depending on the severity of the situation, may need to search for the rest of the population. This is a process that could take several days. This is where the prepper comes in.

    7 Reasons To Buy This Book

    = > 1. Its Short And Informative No Fluff!!

    = > 2. This Book Is Straight Forward And Gets To The Point

    = > 3. It Has A Great Concept

    = > 4. Learn What You Need To Know FAST!

    = > 5.Don’t Waste Hours Reading Something That Won’t Benefit You

    = > 6.Specifically Written To Help And Benefit The Reader!

    = > 7. The Best Compact Guide To Learn What You Need To Learn In A Short Period of Time

    Check Out What You Will Learn After Reading This Book Below!!

    1. Best Guide For Preppers
    2. Learn About The Survival Essential Tactics
    3. Learn FAST About Prepping
    4. Become Prepared For Any Disaster Situation In No time

    Get The Book Before The Promotion Runs Out! Only For A Limited Time!

    You Do NOT Need A Kindle Device To Read This E-Book, You Can Read On Your PC, Mac, Smart Phone, And Or Your Kindle Device


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    Essential Oils for Beginners: Amazing healing recipes for Health, Beauty AND Home

    by Katie Lee

    **Easy Essential Oil Recipes for Health, Beauty AND home**

    Whether or not you pay much attention to current health trends, you have probably heard of essential oils. These oils have been associated with a number of significant health benefits and many people prefer to use them over more modern forms of medicine.

    Essential oils are not some magical substance – they are completely natural, derived wholly from plant-based sources. If you are curious to know what essential oils are and what they can do for you, this book is the perfect place to start. Here you will find basic information about essential oils including what they are, what benefits they provide, and how they can be used. As an added bonus you will also receive more than 20 unique recipes for using essential oils to create homemade beauty, health and home products.

    Included in this book are Essential oil recipes for:

  • Detoxing Body Wrap
  • Eliminating Zits
  • Relaxing Bath Bombs
  • PMS Mood Lifting Oils
  • Stress Relief Rubs
  • Insomnia
  • Air Fresheners
  • Bug Repellents
  • Fabric Conditioner
  • And MANY more!

    Start your Essential Oils journey now

    Scroll up and click BUY to download your copy

    Who Is The Real Killer – Ebola or Pharmacy?: Things You Should Know But Pharmacy Will Never Tell You!

    by Tony Milton

    Which is Older, the Egg or the Chicken, The Vaccine or the Virus?

    The vast majority of the papers are packed full of headlines proclaiming the CDC estimates as many as 1.4 million may die of Ebola in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

    The most renowned mass media are covering the stories suggesting that a certain Canadian gigantic pharmaceutical company has already patented the Ebola virus vaccine, which is even now given to certain people in US hospitals.

    Is it coincidence that the stocks of this company have surged together with the speculations of the vaccine approval?

    Open Your Eyes!

    This eBook examines the most popular Ebola outbreak hypothesis and sheds light on the games played by the big pharmaceutical companies.

    No, the Ebola virus did not originated from the traditional African practice of eating wild animals, their poor living conditions or the lack of clean sanitary waterâ?¦.

    The Ebola virus was created in a lab, funded by the pharmaceutical industry driven by the idea of vaccination program that will leave millions of people with some form of illnessesâ?¦

    The Ebola virus was created by greed, greed for new drugs, new forms of drug addictions, greed for moneyâ?¦

    Tony Milton’s book discusses the following topics:

    – The Blood Smeared Diamonds from Sierra Leone and Ebola Virus Vaccines Connection;

    – The American Interest in Nigerian Oil Fields and Artificially Instigated Ebola Outbreak in Nigeria;

    – Kissinger’s Idea for “Natural” Mass Culling of Population Through Ebola Outbreak;

    – The Ebola Virus as the Most Effective Biological Manmade Weapon;

    – The Usage of Ebola Virus as Control Over Anti-Government Protests;

    – Learning the Truth Beyond The Governmental Press Releases

    – And So Much More Head Scratching Possibilitiesâ?¦

    This book will hopefully help you adopt another thinking paradigm and you will stop praying for miracle cures in the form of vaccines and drugs, when you suddenly realize that the keys to the illnesses and viruses are locked in remote government-funded laboratories, not in God’s hands.

    Download this book NOW!

    Tags: ebola virus, ebola survival guide, ebola pandemic, ebola outbreak, pharmacy tech, ebola africa, ebola disease

    The Big Bang and Lines of Space: A Simple Dialogue on Two Diverse Concepts

    by Devinder Dhiman

    Awarded with ‘Seal of Excellence’ by Author’s Cave, this book is an interesting read, written in simple conversational style, with a background story set in India. The author meets his two friends during a training session in Mumbai and discusses the Big Bang theory of the creation of the universe. According to this theory approximately 13.7 billion year ago, an infinitesimal point in space exploded with such a gigantic force that it is still expanding. During its expansion, it caused the formation of billions of galaxies, numerous stars and our own solar system. This is the most popular scientific theory of the creation of the universe, though it is not flawless. Therefore, a perpetual quest for alternative idea is on. A few ideas of the creation of the universe are based on the widespread conviction that there exists something unseen in empty space, that can convert into particles. Author of this book had presented one such idea in his first book Lines of Space, where a medium of space is imagined to be present in empty space, even in vacuum. The book “The Big Bang and Lines of Space’ presents a comparison between the Big Bang theory and Lines of Space concept through the conversation between three men. This book can be read as stand alone without reading the first part ‘Lines of Space’, and is easy to understand for even non-scientific persons.

    Chemotherapy Relief: Combating the negative side effects of chemotherapy on skin, hair, and nails and various debilitating physical reactions to the drugs (Self-help Series Book 4)

    by Joyce Zborower M.A.

    Chemotherapy Relief

    Combating the negative side effects of chemotherapy on skin, hair, and nails and various debilitating physical reactions to the drugs

    The three benefits that can be derived from participating in the chemotherapy treatments are:

    …..Curing your cancer

    Prolonging your life by slowing the growth of the cancer and keeping it from spreading

    Reducing the severity of the symptoms which includes reducing pain

    Chemotherapy side effects are caused by the chemo drugs harming healthy cells and can either be acute or chronic.

    There are at least 24 possible side effects to the procedure that must be considered in relation to the advantages/benefits when deciding whether or not to participate – some of which can be life threatening. This booklet does not and cannot deal specifically with the more serious complications of this procedure. If you believe any of these pertain to you and your situation, consult your doctor or health care professional.

    This booklet provides suggestions for ways to improve your overall health – thus helping you cope with the overall procedure – as well as various things you can do to help your body deal with some of the less serious, but still annoying and deleterious, side effects of chemotherapy.

    Some of the chemo side effects discussed include: hair loss in relation to the prescribed drugs and how to mitigate its effects, what to do about dry skin, how to reduce nail damage during chemo, and a relatively new help for peripheral neuropathy called K-Laser treatments that is a non-invasive procedure as compared with the typical usual treatment with addictive pharmaceuticals.

    Chemotherapy Relief is written in a straight-forward, easy to understand language so anyone with an interest in the subject matter can quickly grasp the concepts. However, self-diagnosis and treatment are highly discouraged. Always discuss any concerns about your chemotherapy treatments or side effects with your doctor.

    To peek inside the booklet and read the first few pages, scroll up this page and click on the book’s cover photo. You’ll get a sense of the writing style and be able to decide if it’s for you. To purchase, click the Buy button on the upper right.

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    Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 31 Oct 14

    MONSTERS IN THE DARK. Hauntings; true encounters with ghosts and demons.: Documented accounts of ghost and demonic hauntings.

    by Stephen Young

    MONSTERS IN THE DARK. Hauntings; Documented accounts of ghost and demonic hauntings. True encounters with ghosts and demons.

    Including; ‘Back from the Dead, The Phone Calls, Rotting Corpses, The Killer, It’s Not Human, Dripping Blood, A Hand Clamped Over his Mouth, Smothered, Attacked in the House, The Silver Bullet, Banshee, Hanged, The Black Figure, Out on the Moor, Shadows in the Dark, In the Woods, Water Ghosts, Return of the Dead Friends, Buried Alive, Never Play With the Ouija.


    ‘Over the next few months it grew stronger. I started having violent dreams; of snakes, fires. It said we were growing ‘closer;’ that it was with me all the time.’

    ‘Suddenly the mist cleared and we saw the figures. The sight will haunt me for the rest of my life; the men can only be described as looking like rotting corpses. Shreds of flesh hung off their emaciated frames. Empty eye-sockets stared vacantly.’

    ‘By the bedroom window I could see gouges and scratches that scarred the woodwork. I knew then that I was witnessing the work of something feral.’

    ‘He stood by the hall window, looking out into the road. Then he left the house. His last words to Joan were, “I don’t know when I’ll be back. They’re after me.”

    ‘The last thing I saw was some indescribable entity.’

    “There’s something living in our house; and it isn’t human,”

    ‘They don’t just live in rivers though; they can come when someone is taking a bath and try to drown you…’

    “Have you seen my mummy? She has brown hair and blood all over her shirt.”

    ‘Blood curdling screams, shouts, groans, agonizing wailing and menacing laughter filled their dark nights. They seemed to be coming from the roof, then the basement, the walls, the ceilings. Every time they thought they could identify the source of the sounds, it seemed to shift.’

    ‘We were both pinned up against the wall by an invisible force. The pressure on my chest was excruciating and I thought I was about to suffer a heart attack.’

    ‘Then very slowly it maneuvered itself into a sitting position in awkward movements, jerkily, a bit like a zombie,’

    ‘there was a headline: FAMILY MYSTERIOUSLY FOUND DEAD IN HOUSE.’

    ‘They would waken and hear a soft whispering. When it left, the light in the hallway outside the bedroom would be overshadowed by darkness as it passed through the hall.’

    ‘The servant began to hear the most hideous of noises coming from inside the rectory that he was sure it was the devil himself inside.’

    ‘My roommate woke to find a man standing over him, staring down at him. He couldn’t see any features on the man’s face. A few nights later he woke up feeling as though he was choking, gasping for air. There was a blanket covering his head and he was being smothered by someone or something.’

    MONSTERS IN THE DARK. Hauntings; Documented accounts of ghost and demonic hauntings. True encounters with ghosts and demons.

    Also by Stephen Young;

    ENCOUNTERS WITH THE UNKNOWN;True Stories of Encounters with Paranormal Entities.: Monsters in the dark. Ghosts, Demons, Shadow People, and other unidentifiable hideous creatures.

    DEMONS: True Stories of Demonic Possessions & Demonic Attacks. Demons and Deadly Encounters.


    MYSTERIOUS THINGS IN THE WOODS; Mysterious disappearances, Missing People; Sometimes Found…

    Featuring true accounts of paranormal and supernatural unexplained mysteries of the occult. Encounters with ghosts, demons, poltergeists and monsters in the dark; hauntings, and deadly attacks. Unexplained mysteries, controversial knowledge, occult satanism and demonology, paranormal and supernatural entities.

    All based on documented and verified accounts.

    The Fleece of Gideon (A Biblical Adventure Book 3)

    by Summer Lee

    The search for the Fleece of Gideon…

    Four thousand years ago, Gideon triumphed against the enemy Midianites. Before the battle, Gideon asked for a sign, so God made a sheep fleece wet, but kept the ground dry. After the victory, Gideon made a priestly vest from plundered gold earrings.

    Fast forward to modern day where Achava, a guardian of Israel with supernatural powers, invites Sam, a retired Biblical Studies professor, to travel with her to view the purported golden vest. Sam declines and asks her something that tears her between her emotions and her vow to protect Israel.

    After their rift, Sam buries himself in research and a mysterious man shows up with a warning about the fleece.

    Further, Sam is shocked when a former foe of Achava’s turns up to assist him in the quest for the fleeceâ??but can she be trusted?

    Sam learns they must reach the Fleece of Gideon before Achava does. So, the race is on to find it first. Each person has their own beliefs about the powers and purpose of the fleece. And their own agendas.

    Will Sam find THE FLEECE OF GIDEON before Achava does? Or will it destroy all they hold dear?

    THE FLEECE OF GIDEON, the third novel in the Biblical Adventure series, unleashes action, spiritual battles, a bit of romance, and all the international adventure that readers have come to expect from acclaimed Christian author Summer Lee.

    Men Praying At 3 AM

    by Janie McGee

    Men edition of the “Prayers At 3 AM. This book was reformatted for men to read, pray and have the victory for their families and community. The book has teaching from the primary book “Why Am I Up?” included with prayers for 3 AM.

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