Free non-fiction Kindle books for 31 Dec 14

2015 Gluten-Free Buyers Guide

by Josh Schieffer

The 2015 Gluten-Free Buyers Guide highlights only the best in gluten-free utilizing The Annual Gluten Free Awards. This year, 2619 people within the gluten-free community voted for their favorite gluten-free brands and products. The guide gives you the opportunity to have all of the results right in an easy to carry book that fits in your purse. The guide highlights over 40 categories and contains valuable coupons and promo codes to some of the best gluten-free brands and products. We believe in quality not quantity. You will not need to navigate through 40,000 gluten-free products in our gluten free shopping guide; our process gives you only the very best. This is the only color gluten-free shopping guide on the market with over 140 color images. Finally the gluten free experimentation is over!

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Free war Kindle books for 31 Dec 14

Shattered Dreams (Freedom Trilogy Book 1)

by Brenda Kennedy

Emma Greyson, age 22, has a loving husband, Max, and a newborn son, James. She is finally living her dream, until fate steps in and shatters everything.

Trying to deal with the death of her husband and learning how to be a single mom, Emma decides to move from Fort Drum, New York, back to her hometown of Sarasota, Florida.

Four years later, Emma has a fresh start with a new job and new friends. She meets an attractive doctor, Alec Collins. Taking things slowly, she is happy with the way things are going until fate steps in again and reveals the ugly truth of Alec’s past.

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 31 Dec 14

One Million Years of War

by Harry J. Patisson

When Clare Stone is assigned the task of writing an article about the impact of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code on popular culture, she imagines she’s drawn the short straw. Then she receives a package that contains something extraordinary: evidence that far from the Priory of Sion wanting to keep Christ’s blood line a secret, they created the myth to divert attention from something far more damaging. A man known to have been present at two key events separated by two thousand years of history, and whose impact on humanity has been greater than anyone who came before or after him. As Clare tries to locate further references to this man, known simply as David, a message is discovered scratched on the wall of a cave high above the Judaean Desert. Although faded with the passing of time, the following could still be seen: AD 33. My name is David. I leave this sanctuary at dusk. And the burden I carry could be described as heavy. They tell me I stand on the shoulders of giants. All those men and woman who throughout history have fought tyranny and oppression in pursuit of freedom. What happens next will determine whether their bravery and sacrifice has ultimately led to success or failure. A burden which, for the sake of my sanity, I cannot dwell upon. The events that led me here are not for the faint hearted. They are the culmination of One Million Years of War. A war between man’s empathic promise and his bestial origins. And those events are about to begin again. Eight thousand years from nowâ?¦

The Man Clothed in Linen

by Robert Earle

The Man Clothed in Linen presents the grandeur of royal power before focusing on humbler kings and queens in dusty sandals. It explores the mysteries of the New Testament with the authenticity of history and the details of a realistic novel, easy to read and yet eerie in its echoes. Here, like the proverbial mustard seed, the smallest incident grows into the largest, world-changing event.

The Man Clothed in Linen answers age-old questions: Who was Jesus the boy, and then the man? What was he like? Who were his real friends and key followers-including many women–and avowed enemies? What caused John the Baptist to emerge and then be executed? What had Herod the Great and Rome done to ensure turmoil in Palestine, and what was the arrogant Pilate’s role in making things worse?

The Man Clothed in Linen begins with a virgin named Mary brought to King Herod’s sickbed to warm him. When Herod hears that the virgin is pregnant, he orders the child killed. Joanna the steward’s wife thwarts Herod’s order, only the first time she’ll play a key role in the unfolding drama.

In Herod’s last will, he names his less worthy son, Archelaus, as his successor so that Archelaus will bear the brunt of widespread discontent, clearing the way for the younger Antipas to gain the throne. Rome acquiesces, but when Palestine goes up in flames under Archelaus, Rome asserts itself not only by removing Archelaus from Jerusalem but also by limiting Herod Antipas to rule only Galilee and Peraea.

And there a man Herod Antipas once knew well, a childhood friend, emerges to criticize him. This is the Baptist. Beheading him does nothing to dispel the people’s disquiet, for soon thereafter the charmed boy who escaped Herod’s wrath appears. Jesus of Nazareth wisely begins threading a path between revolutionaries and zealots on the one side and supporters of the Temple and Rome on the other.

The battle thereafter is set: Pilate wants to control all of Palestine, Herod Antipas wants to reclaim the entirety of his father’s kingdom–not cede it to someone he suspects is his half-brother–and Jesus thinks Palestine is no more than a prelude to the ultimate conquest of the human heart.

Jesus’ vision, faith, and miracles emerge naturally but so does the tragic sacrifice he must make when neither Herod Antipas nor Pilate will spare him from the cross.

Pandemonium: Big Jim’s Shadow

by Archie Black

“The great appear great because we are on our knees. Let us rise!” – James Larkin

Few historical figures are as compelling as union leader James Larkin, and the pivotal role he played both in the history of Ireland. BIG JIM’S SHADOW features 4 short pieces of (alternate) historical fiction by Archie Black, Martin McGrath, Stuart Suffel and Damien Kelly, all set in Ireland in the early 20th century. The tales all take place during the Dublin lockout, and in the shadow of this fascinating man…

This chapbook is part of the shared world of Pandemonium, a slightly alternate history that traces the course of a world almost like ours. Other Pandemonium books include THE RITE OF SPRING, ASH, A TOWN CALLED PANDEMONIUM and 1853. The collections are all designed to be read as either stand-alone volumes or as part of a series, and can be enjoyed either way.

The Adventures of Cornelius Quinn ‘Alabama’

by Ian Dewar

1862 and a second Confederate cruiser is nearing completion at the John Laird shipyard in Birkenhead on the River Mersey. Known only as the Hull â??290′, this new ship is viewed with deep suspicion by the American Consul, representing the Union North.

The â??290′ is being purchased under a private contract by Commander James Dunwoody Bulloch, CSN, an experienced naval officer and now Confederate Purchasing Agent; but Vice Admiral Seymour RN suspects that Union agents are also operating in Britain with an aim to destroy the new ship and assassinate James Bulloch.

Cornelius Quinn, a former sergeant with the Indian Army is awaiting execution for the murder of a fellow NCO. Quinn has been transported back to England and is incarcerated on the prison hulk Aurora. Seymour arranges for Quinn to be freed with the promise of a pardon. His task is to protect James Bulloch and the â??290′ at all costs!

Leaning heavily on historical fact, much gleaned from naval archives, this fictional account of the weeks leading up to the launch of the â??290′ leads the reader from assassination attempts in Liverpool’s back streets to the intrigue and political machinations of London and the British Admiralty. Cornelius Quinn finds his hands are full and there are few he can trust. Murder, kidnappings and blackmail are combined with a heady mixture of intrigue and brutal revenge in this thrilling adventure.

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Free poetry Kindle books for 31 Dec 14

Ohio Nights: A Book of Mirrors

by Tyler Corbine

A collection of poems and short stories about reflection and loss. Influenced by artists such as T.S. Eliot, Joni Mitchell and Astronautalis, Ohio Nights is a collection that plays deeply personal as well as instantly relatable.

A Fragment of My Thoughts…

by La Torrea Muldrow

A collection of poetry; these poems will bring tears, laughter and will make you think.

Life of rhythm (With love)

by Jeremy Hebeler

Love, can with the possibility of showing harmony to the feelings, that is needed to have success in love. Always being there with open arms.

Open Book

by Richard Blake-Reed

Short stories, life writing, poems and vignettes from an Open University student writer. 70% of proceeds will go to the Orbis charity – Saving Sight Worldwide.

Mary: The Last of the Bennett Brood

by Laura Smith

A poem inspired by Mary Bennett, the middle child in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice



This is S. E. McKenzie’s 3rd epic poem and explores the relationship we have with oil.

Shalott: The Rushes at the Waterside

by Laura Smith

A poem inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite painting of the Lady of Shalott.

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 31 Dec 14

David’s Dragon

by L.S.Summers

This is the story about David, a boy and his fire breathing dragon, together they go on adventure after adventure and together with the help of their very special friends they help undo the two century old curses that have been placed upon the lost souls of the land.

The curses were spells that were delivered by the order of the evil Eggett through his unwilling wizard Izar.

David often has to come face to face with the presence of evil but with his loyal dragon by his side and the protection given to him from above, him and his dragon along with his friends concur much fear and many illusions.

CHURCH GIRLS DON’T TELL: Church Girl Short Stories Book 1 (The Preacher Preyed)

by Temple Leery

The last thing 18 year old Destiny Hope Divine thought she’d ever get caught up in was a church scandal. But she’s managed to find herself right in the middle of one. She’s caught between a rock and a hard place as her faith and devotion to God clashes with the lustful passion she feels for the forbidden man who has forced his way into her heart. Her simple small-town girl life quickly begins to spin out of control as she battles her demons and tries desperately to keep her unholy desires a secret. Short story. Approximately 12,000 words.

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Free horror Kindle books for 31 Dec 14

The Realmwalker Chronicles: The Pillars of Natura, Volume 1

by Lee Aarons

For over 3000 years, the Goddess Erta empowered a succession of mortals to champion and protect The Balance of Her world. These were the Realmwalkers.

Wielding all 17 Lani powers as well as the legendary Sword of Angios, each Realmwalker was the absolute guardian of Erta’s will. For centuries, the infinite line of these heroes remained unbroken and peace reigned.

But 100 years ago, when the last Realmwalker died, there was no Successor to take up the Sword. Erta had no protector, no one to shelter and defend The Balance against those wishing to offset it. For the first time since the abominable Realm Wars, those seeking control over the Four Realms were able to push for an advantage, throwing the Realms into chaos and conflict. Meanwhile, the mysterious and powerful Seraph continued their frantic and seemingly futile search for Erta’s missing guardian.

Living in an isolated community of outcasts, Rennick and his twin sister Raine struggle daily with decisions regarding their lives and what awaits them as they leave their childhood behind. After discovering the heartbreaking truth that their past is the key to Erta’s future, the Seraph Kanias imparts a new reality to Raine, that she is the next Realmwalker. He convinces the twins to journey with him to the Temple of Erta, located on the slopes of the mountains called The Pillars of Natura. There, within the ancient strong hold, the Sword of Angios awaits the return of Erta’s defender.

As Raine begins the training that will prepare her to carry the burdens of a world on the brink of war, Rennick struggles with his own burdenâ??protecting the life of the sister he loves. Feeling that even Raine’s most loyal allies are desperate to control her, Rennick must learn to master his own powerful abilities to ensure her safety.

In this new epic fantasy series, Lee Aarons tells the story of Raine and Rennick Sherrill, twins bound to the fate of their world by destiny, bound to each other by more than blood. Only when they uncover the truth about their past can they truly begin to harness the power of the Realmwalker and save Erta from those who seek to destroy it.

The Revelation (The Returned Book 2)

by Jay Rauld

Reverend Guy Brown is lost. After walking through the wrong door, he finds himself in a place entirely different than any he’s been to before. But there’s something about this living hell that is distantly familiar to him and as he journeys with the native people who find him, he finds the truth as well.

Manila Zombie: Episode One – The Tower (Manila Zombie – A zombie apocalypse adventure Book 1)

by Larry Parrott

In this zombie apocalypse adventure, the world you knew is gone.

Imagine millions of hungry zombies wandering the streets searching for warm meat.

There are no more smart phones, birthday parties, baseball games or trips to the mall (unless you’re looting). You no longer have to go to work or pay bills. You just have to survive.

Manila Zombie is the story of a small group of people caught in the wrong city (Manila, Philippines) at the wrong time – when the zombie apocalypse begins.

An estimated 25 million people used to live in Metro Manila, almost 8 times the size of New York City and its surrounding suburbs.

The story follows ex-Army helicopter pilot, Jim Taylor, an American who was working in Manila, and his small band of followers as they fight to live through the apocalypse. Jim and his friends watch (from a 20th floor formally luxurious condo, now without power or water in the 100 degree heat) the bloodbath in the streets below where the zombies feed.

But they must venture out of their safe haven! Their food and water is almost gone. It’s starve or risk being eaten!

Jim and Glenn, armed with only penlight flashlights and aluminum baseball bats, descend the building’s darkened fire exit stairwell. Will they survive? What will the women and children left behind do if they don’t return? Or will they come back dead and even more hungry – for human flesh?

Jim doesn’t know that his old friend Marine Sgt. Sharnita Stewart and the crew of a C-130 have left Japan in route for Manila. They are in for a surprise when they arrive at Manila International Airport.

Down load Manila Zombie now and follow the adventure… Read on your PC, MAC, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

“That was seriously a great read! It really grabbed my attention and I simply devoured it (pardon the word choice).” Kathy B

Tags: zombie, zombie apocalypse, walking dead, apocalypse, horror, Philippines, Manila

Zombie Awakening: Zevolution Book One

by Adrien Walker

The world ended twenty years ago. A new world arises from the ashes.

Diamond City, the last refuge for humanity after the zombie apocalypse, is on the brink of collapse. Their water source is drying, a rebel faction launches attacks on the Council, and worst of all, it appears the Horde descending on the city is actually evolving.

Mayor Robbie Wilson, the man lifted up by the people and elected into the Council by overwhelming popular vote, struggles with the eroding ethics of leadership and the grey moral territory he must navigate for his people’s safety. Are secrecy and deception necessary for their protection?

Scout Eric Bakman traverses the scorched, dead, and lifeless terrain outside the city walls, left blackened by the Zed Bomb. As he feels the invigoration of danger in his journey, he must also face the difficult reality that perhaps the scum of the Earth may in fact become its future.

The mysterious leader of Diamond City’s rebel group, a deformed man known only as Green Skull, plots his strategy to position himself as the forger of the world’s next dominant race, utilizing advanced knowledge of the virus that devastated humanity to rebirth it.

On a planet covered in ash and ruin, agents on all sides, human, zombie, and otherwise, engage one another in a power struggle for the fate of all.

Zevolution: Zombie Awakening is a 30k word book that begins a new zombie series unlike any you’ve read before.

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Free travel Kindle books for 31 Dec 14

The Adventures of Ranger Granger: One Baby Boomer’s Life Journey – So Far…

by Eric Granger

Baby Boomer, Eric “Ranger” Granger shares his light-hearted, unlikely adventures and convoluted life’s journey over the past 60 years; from West Virginia to Maine to the Adirondacks to Costa Rica and beyond. Follow his days as a Forest Ranger to landing an airplane to Luge racing to being bit by a scorpion and, of course his fishing stories.

Auckland Travel Guide & Surrounding

by Simon Grant

Why should you choose this e-book?

This e-book was written with lots of love and passion for Auckland and of course New Zealand itself and gives a good overview and understanding what you can discover in Auckland. We live in Auckland and know the best spots to visit. We are NOT hired writers from a large company that have copywriters all over the world who actually never were at the destination they write about.

We are small which makes us even greater 🙂 We have put in the most special landmarks in Auckland and surrounding, such as islands to visit and the best beaches. This guide is perfect for you if you want to explore Auckland and find your way around..

We wish you a wonderful stay in Auckland and hope you enjoy the e-book!

A Gringocua Travels Puerto Rico Arroyo (Pueblos of Puerto Rico Book 8)

by Greg “Froggy” Boudonck

Greg is an American who married Maggie, a native Puerto Rican. Puerto Ricans call themselves Boricua and Greg has fallen in love with this beautiful island. He is now a Gringocua. This couple is traveling to each and every pueblo developing a series of books. Learn the history and sights to see. Many tidbits are in these pages with pictures and maps. This one is for Arroyo. Collect the whole series.

Free Books Catalogue: Budget Vacations Europe (Catalogues Book 2)

by Llewelyn Pritchard MA

A free books catalogue with budget vacations in Europe links consisting of ebooks to read online, paperbacks and more books. [Amazon and Smashwords formats]

hudson river park photobook

by chris cintron

these are some really beautiful photos I took at the hudson river park, in new york city, new york. there are 15 photos for you to enjoy.I loved these photos somuc, I really needed to share them! my name is chris cintron.

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Free sports Kindle books for 31 Dec 14

Two In One :Ultimate Guide for Texas Hold’em

by Gerone Adams

Beginner’s Guide to Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em Poker is one of the most popular variations of poker that is known by many all over the world. You see it on TV as the main event in World Series of Poker and other televised tournaments. It is also a popular game at home with family and friends. Texas Hold’em is very easy to learn and understand. Playing for only several games will let you play the game fairly well and by playing often you will become a poker expert in no time.

If you’re feeling left out because you do not have a clue on how to play Texas Hold’em, worry no more as this guide has all the details you need to learn the game. Inside this guide are the things that a beginner needs to know about Texas Hold’em. Learn about the different kinds of Texas Hold’em plays and strategies, Texas Hold’em variations, poker player’s etiquette and more tips.

Reading this guide will give you a good idea on how to play the game before going in to play the actual game itself. So before you play with your family and friends, make sure to read this guide and you might just be on your way to having a good reputation in playing Texas Hold’em.

Texas hold ’em is a card game that is similar to the standard game of poker. This game is composed of two face-down “hole cards” that are given to each player. In addition to this, five “community cards” are dealt face-up. The cards following these cards can be checked, bet on, raised or folded after each deal by the players. There are also a series of three cards called “the flop”. This is followed by an additional single card that is referred to as either “the turn” or the “fourth”. Lastly, another single card will be given called “the river” or “fifth street”. To put it simply, all players start with two cards of their own, then three cards from the deck will be opened for the first round. After all bets for that round, one more card will be opened and another round of betting or folding ensues. After that, one last card is opened; making it five community cards in the middle, and the last round of betting ensues. After that’s done, everyone shows their cards and the winner is determined.

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Free science fiction Kindle books for 31 Dec 14

Big Pete (Privateer Tales Book 4)

by Jamie McFarlane

The fourth in the Privateer Tales series, this short story (47 pages) steps back in time to the Great Amazonian War. .

Shot down behind enemy lines, all Marine Sergeant Pete Hoffen can think of is getting the remainder of his beleaguered platoon back to the extraction zone. But when a cocky, PITA lieutenant orders him to leave behind one of his own, he’ll have nothing to do with it.

Big Pete fights to locate his men and get the wounded out of the city, rescue his missing pilot, and avoid ripping the entire city down around him. His capture brings an entirely new problem. Who will rescue the rescuer?

There’s a reason Liam Hoffen goes up against great odds in order to do the right thing. He learned from his father that sacrifice and honor go hand in hand.

Self-Aware: A Zombie Series With A Fresh Twist!

by Steven Wolff

During the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, a mutated strain of the zombie virus created a new type of zombie with the ability to regenerate skin and bone tissue back to normal. They walk, talk, and look human, but in order to survive and maintain their appearance, they must feed on another human once every three days. How does a zombie who looks human survive in a lawless,savage, zombie post-apocalyptic world, while trying to convince other humans they’re on their side when they really just want to eat them? This is the story told through the eyes of one such zombie… one who is self-aware.

The Rollerboard

by A.E. Hodge

To what lengths would you go to survive? Put yourself in the worn-down shoes of a child, lost in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and slowly starving to death. When you stumble upon the ruins of an ancient gas station, you hope to find the food you so desperately need. You don’t realize these ruins are already inhabited–by something just as hungry…

This story is also available in the short story collection SPOILED LUNCH AND OTHER CREEPY TALES by A.E. Hodge.

The Future of Sex

by Lexi Maxxwell

In the hyperconnected and artifical-intelligence-enhanced future, sex is like a cyberpunk video game: a realm where no desire is left unexplored, and even the unimaginable is possible.

In the year 2063, the civilized world exists only within the North American Union, walled off by a defensive shell called the Lattice, protected from the barbarian East and rising sea levels while life goes on in a hyper-stimulated dystopia.

Life inside the NAU is overseen by the Crossbrace network, soon to be supplanted by the next-gen AI of an arriving entity called “The Beam.” And sex — which hosts a bevy of technological wonders within its toolset (nanobots, bodily enhancements, computer-simulated immersive porn) has been turned into a commodity, diverted away from humanity and toward profit.

The monolithic O corporation has mainstreamed sexuality through social engineering and political manipulation — not in order to legitimize it, but to advance its own market share. O is in search of the elite to please the NAU’s wealthiest and most demanding men and women — true to its mission to strive toward “the future of sex.”

Among those recruits is Chloe Shaw: new, green, and downright inexperienced. But as it turns out, Chloe has a gift that even far-seeing O doesn’t suspect. She’s a strong female lead and a prodigy for sure â?¦ but will her abilities prove to be more than even O can control?

The Future of Sex takes place within the world of The Beam, a groundbreaking sci-fi serial by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant. This cyberpunk trip down the rabbit hole straddles the line as a hybrid science fiction / erotica series, and as such contains explicit sex scenes.

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Free science Kindle books for 31 Dec 14

My Wilderness Calling

by Ken Santiago

After years of living addicted to pain pills, Ken Johnson finally had a plan to get clean. It wasn’t a typical plan but a plan that would take him far from his home in Albany, NY. He would travel to Alaska where he would undergo an inpatient rehab to get clean from the drugs that have held him hostage for so long. From there, he would venture out into the Alaskan backcountry (Lake Clark National Park) on an expedition that would test his new found sobriety and once again connect him to the wilderness he loved. Little did he know that along the way he would connect with his soulmate and fall deeply in love.

Myofascial Release: Your Guide to Self-Myofascial Release Techniques with a Tennis Ball

by Merl Buchreich

If you’re looking for an easy-to-follow guide for at home myofascial release exercises, using an object as simple as a tennis ball, then this book is for you!

Today only, get this incredibly useful guide for only $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Myofascial comes from two words “myo,” meaning muscles, and “fascial,” meaning surrounding areas or connective tissues. Self-myofascial release techniques are essentially stretching techniques with the purpose of reducing chronic body pains to allow you to move around freely. Perfectly healthy athletes love to practice myofascial release too, since it helps speed up their recovery period between workouts, and also keeps them flexible. Self-myofascial release is extremely useful because you can perform the exercises yourself, in the confines of your own home. Its unprecedented popularity is a testament to how effective it is as a therapeutic technique for pain. The exercises presented in this ebook are simple and easy to follow, not to mention inexpensive yet highly effective. All you’ll need is a tennis ball or other similar object. Continue reading to learn more and get started now!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understanding Myofascial Release
  • Self-Healing Myofascial Release Techniques
  • Other Variations of Myofascial Release
  • Pros and Cons of Self-Healing Myofascial Release
  • Valuable Tips on Myofascial Release Techniques
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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NRP Manual

by Julie Johnson

This manual contains vital information for the Neonatal Resuscitation Program.

Gradient/Differentiation 1: Calculus Begins – Book 26 of The In A Minute Series

by Paul Carson

This book explains differentiation in plain English and without use of jargon or technical terms. Once you have read through this book you will understand and be able to appreciate how important calculus is in mathematics – setting you up perfectly for further study and to become a mathematician. This particular method is part of a holistic and exciting technique derived from first principles in this series.

This particular book is designed for the beginner and only uses algebra to define a derivative, rather than use limits or any too technical terms.

Calculus has been a topic that has caused a lot of argument, from its discoverers (yes Leibniz discovered it too), to its practitioners (Richard Feynman’s divorce was on the grounds that he did â??too much calculus’).

Luckily, it is a wonderful thing of practical and theoretical importance that changed the world. It is a wonder of the human race that it was discovered, and one of our crowning glories.

Get Rid of Shyness

by Rita G. Henderson

Everything you want to know about shyness, overcoming shyness, how to overcome shyness, how to get over shyness, shyness and social anxiety and more. Guaranteed to answer all your questions, this book is a must have for anybody passionate about self improvement and personal development. Do you know anyone that needs help with shyness or do you need to overcome your shyness, overcome shyness with girls, beat shyness and identify ways to overcome shyness? This book will help with overcoming social anxiety and shyness, overcoming shyness and social phobia, including shyness in children and shyness in adults. It is packed with information on how to avoid shyness, how to beat shyness, how to stop shyness, how to overcome your shyness and how to overcome extreme shyness. The book is written in an easy to read and understandable style, based on years of experience. Rita G. Henderson covers all aspects of getting over shyness and provides practical tips to overcome shyness. It is full of sound advice and answers to your questions – including some you didn’t know you had! Get your copy now and kindly leave your honest and fair review for the benefit of other readers.

Growing Rose Flowers

by Harshita Joshi

Roses are known as â??the Queen of Flowers’. Roses are always in demand as they are the only flowers that are associated with beauty, fragrance and eternal love. Regarded as the most important cut flower world-wide, commercially as well as aesthetically, roses are traditionally grown as perennial woody shrubs. Generally the growth habit of the rose plant is to grow as an erect shrub; however trailing roses or climber roses with stems having prickles are not so uncommon.

Sharing some Understanding : A simple guide to living with Herpes

by Joshua Osenga

Herpes is an infection caused by the etiologic agents Herpes Simplex Virus-1 and HSV-2. HSV-1 is the type generally known for causing oral herpes outbreaks, also known as cold sores or fever blisters. Contrary to popular belief, both types can cause genital herpes. Herpes cases are common enough locally that dating groups and support groups have been formed for carriers of the disease. When a person is initially infected the recurrences, if they do occur, tend to happen more frequently. Over time the remission periods get longer and longer. Each occurrence tends to become less severe with time.

The origin of the herpes virus is unknown. One should take proper precautions, Always be smart, responsible, and respectful of your partner (HSV+ or HSV-) â?? and your love life will be amazing. Awareness and education in addition to honest and consistent communication make HSV a virtual non-issue in a relationship.

MillenniuM MysteriuM II ‘Los Caballitos del Diablo’

by Ben Lux

Come with the author on a hair-raising last-gasp journey of discovery, piecing together the cultural and scientific evidence that supports the predictions outlined in MysteriuM. Will the puzzle be solved in time? And more disturbingly, will anyone have the presence of mind to assimilate the consequences and contribute to averting hysteria?

No absurd pseudo-science, no mystical dimension gates or tediously protracted analysis of the etymology of Babylonian deities. No reliance on alien intervention. Simply comets; their visits, trail of evidence, our history of their influence on our culture, and their appearances within our various ‘religious’ mythologies.

An insight into the hierachy of disintegrations that has shaped our world and superstitions over the last 40,000 years

Definitely not the end of the world; against the full context shown here, a serious but survivable affliction.

Clues to the real reasons behind stonehenge, the mysterious cup-and-ring-carvings, and the origins of the swastika

comprehensively illustrated

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