Free non-fiction Kindle books for 28 Feb 15

Slightly Stalky: A Romantic Comedy Walks Into a Bar… (Slightly Series Book 1)

by Amy Vansant

Emily never expected to find love in a dart bar, but the moment she spots tall, sexy Sebastian, she’s determined to catch his eye.

Ex-girlfriends, perpetually shirtless rich boys, frantic best-friends and a mysterious orange handbag converge to stop her.

No one said stalking was easy, but if romance was left to the boys, the human race would die out while they logged fantasy football points and punched each other in the balls.

Everyone knows that.

Emily’s not stalking Sebastian…she’s saving the world.

Herbal Remedies For Healing With Home Remedies: 3 Books In 1 Boxed Set

by Speedy Publishing

As disease is on the rise despite the advances in pharmaceutical technologies, many people are turning to more natural herbal remedies. The benefits of herbal remedies are bountiful and different for everyone, but just a few are that the remedies are less expensive, have fewer side effects, and can sometimes work much better than their chemical counterparts. Herbal remedies help those who are trying to live a more natural life treat everything from the common cold to cancer in their own way.

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Free war Kindle books for 28 Feb 15


by Misty Alfonso

In Germany in World War II, a young nineteen year old American soldier hears the cries of a sick little girl and pulls her from a mound of rubble that was once her home. The child has a small baret shaped like a blue butterfly in her hair. She dies minutes later. Sixty-eight years later and now eighty-seven years of age, a strange woman in her sixties comes knocking on his door, and thus the telling of this story of the resurrection of a child with a blue butterfly baret in her hair and the mission God had planned for her life. With the stranger present, the story is told to the old man’s Sunday school class but through the eyes of a nineteen year old American soldier, and the class is stunned when a miracle occurs at the end of the Sunday school lesson.

The Tarnished Gentleman

by Mark McCarrell

In World War one Jonathan Treadwell felt it honorable to join the military and do his part, aching for action and adventure. But as war goes it never seems as it appears, falling him into the horrors of battle and the pain of combat that no man can imagine. After becoming wounded in battle he befriends another man while recovering in the hospital; closely bonding with the fellow American only becoming more distraught as his friend’s growing love interest, Emily Stroud, eats at his soul as he witnesses the writing bond the two share. Upon his death bed his friend’s last wish was for Jonathan to deliver his final letter if he ever perished. Honoring his friend, he sat out after the war to deliver his comrade’s wish; only helplessly falling in love with the beautiful French girl, taking his friend’s identity rather than chance on losing her affections. Torn as to whether to reveal himself or pursue the dishonesty, he battles a feeling more destructive than the enemy, as Emily herself has professed her love for him.

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 28 Feb 15

A King in Time II

by Mary Enck

Arthur, Prince of Wales and future King of England, must decide if he wants to return to his own time in 2100 A.D.

Like his predecessor, the Legendary King Arthur, the passion of the young prince is to rebuild ancient Camelot. When he visits the original site, he encounters a prophetic gentleman who seems to know the future, or perhaps he speaks of the past.

Later, as Prince Arthur ponders the true identity of the man, a total solar eclipse occurs and propels him into the Fifth Century. It is only when the prince finally accepts the eclipse has directed the event, time begins to slip once more. It is then he discovers there is more to consider than space-time theories.

Remembering the Alamo: A Novella

by Alicia A. Willis

When Pastor Mark Siegler takes his youth group on a midsummer vacation to San Antonio, he anticipates teaching them about honor and sacrifice at the Alamo. But arrival at the historic landmark brings cutting disillusionment. A troubled teen is determined to make things difficult – and spread his embitterment to the rest of the group.

Mark has two choices: give up or try again. Midst his own discouragement, he decides to give them the story behind the legendary Alamo. And his perseverance results in the unforgettable.

The sweeping events of the Alamo comes to life through the eyes of an 1800’s wheelwright named Silas Edwards. As his tale unfolds, his decision becomes a difficult one. Is defending the Alamo so important? Or are the principles behind opposing General Santa Anna worth sacrificing everything for?

Join Private Silas Edwards, David Crockett, William Travis, and Mark’s youth group to discover the gripping events behind America’s battlecry: “Remember the Alamo!”

Intensive Purposes: …an Ian Penn short story (Searching for Summerland Book 1)

by Barry Friesen

“Intensive Purposes” is about a young kid from the mountains trying to fit in to life on an orchard in a small desert town in 1957. His best friend turns on him, his teacher hates him, and his little sister can’t stop digging a hole by the river. It’s that time in life when you find out that grownups don’t say what they mean or mean what they say, and you can’t tell if you’re a bit crazy or everyone else is. And you have to protect your sister from rattlesnakes and her love of black widows.


by Pamela Nyman

Carl Becker’s father hates Hitler. Unfortunately for Carl, his dad might be the only living Bavarian willing to openly admit it. Living as an outcast has become a way of life for Carl. Arriving home one day after a fight with bullies from the Hitler Youth, he sneaks into his room and changes into his last set of clean clothes. Too bad his parents discover his dirty clothes because, as a result, he now suffers the second beating of the day.
Clearly, Carl’s problems are not isolated to his relationship with his parents. Remarks by his father have all but destroyed his life. His friends could be counted on one hand, including one young female tagalong. Trouble brews in town and finally the Gestapo snatches Carl away from his family in retribution for his father’s inflammatory remarks. Life in Hitler’s punishment camp will quickly toughen Carl, or he will die. No longer will he be afraid.
Within hours of his return home from camp, his troubles start again when two young men accost him. This time, a stronger and angrier Carl is able to fight off his attackers. Learning of the fight, his father intends to add his own typical brand of punishment. However, he snatches his father’s switch away and breaks it. The message he sends hits its mark.
For a short time, Carl’s life calms down to a comfortable routine. Approaching seventeen, he falls in love with his grown-up tagalong friend, Marie. But their relationship is cut short when the army notifies Carl of his impending induction into its ranks during the spring of 1944. Marie tearfully says goodbye to Carl as he waits for the bus. He realizes she is his reason to return home.
Carl arrives at camp and goes through six weeks of extensive training. He is exhilarated at being chosen for the SS. After graduation, he is tattooed with his blood type and sent to Russia via Berlin and Warsaw. Most soldiers he encounters on his trip to the front either avoid him or are overly impressed with his Waffen SS insignia. He’s not convinced their reactions are justified. He still is the same farm boy.
While waiting for orders during a stopover in Prague, Carl meets up with several other Waffen SS soldiers. For the first time he learns about his formidable unit. The awe and touch of fear he reads in others’ eyes now makes some sense. But he doesn’t have time to dwell on all he has learned because the train is closing in on the Russian front, and it won’t be long before he is assigned to a unit.
Before he is able to settle into a routine, Carl is forced to kill three Russian soldiers, one with his knife. This first barbaric act confounds Carl’s strong sense of morals, but his actions are now those of a soldier. One battle bleeds into another, and his personal fight to stay alive looks as if it will beat the odds. He thinks maybe the tattoo of his blood type on his arm will prove useless. But in October, only five months after arriving in Russia, Carl is severely wounded in the face.
The British overrun his hospital and, noting his SS insignia, Carl is removed from the other prisoners of war and left to die. The Brits blame him for the atrocities at the death camps. Unable and unwilling to defend against their prejudice, Carl faces abuse and starvation. Well after the war’s end, a German colonel properly identifies his brigade, and Carl is immediately released and sent home.
Facing his own mortality has transformed Carl’s thoughts on Hitler, the war and his father’s disgust of the Third Reich. Carl wonders if the world will ever return to normal, or if his deformed face will ever allow an ordinary happy life. To his relief, his parents are waiting for his arrival, and just as he was ready to give up all hope, his Marie declares her love.

The Burning Palace: An Archibald Mercer Mystery (The Brenac Murders Book 3)

by Andrew Mills

For years, Archibald Mercer has been able to track down many of the nation’s criminals and bring them to justice. Now he his tracking his most difficult opponent ever. Will Mercer learn from his past or will the past repeat itself?

1066 – Death of a Nation: Saxons! The Norman Invasion. (Historical dramatisations. Book 5)

by David Beeson

Experience Saxon life as 400 years of rule falls apart. King Harold should have beaten Duke William of Normandy at the battle of Hastings – yet he lost his life.

See the events unfold as seen by people who were, or could have been, there.

You will absorb the atmosphere of Saxon England in this lively book that will appeal to ladies as well as men.

The history in this book is accurate, so you will end the book feeling both entertained and educated. No super heroes here – just people living their lives.

Sit back and now be absorbed into the end of an era that fell apart with possibly the most famous single battle in the history of Britain.



by T. H. GEARY

At the time of the American Civil War, there were many threats to the Union. A secret intelligence network is established by the War Department to spy on Southern sympathizers around Washington D.C. Donovan Patton is a battle-worn veteran recruited to find any and all potential threats. He discovers a dangerous and secret organization that has infiltrated the government and the army and is preparing for an attack. Donovan must do everything he can to stop an attack without getting killed by enemies on both sides.

Sodom And Gomorrah: The Tale Of Two Cities

by Mark Rich

A fictional account of two of the most infamous cities in history.

The wicked, violent and evil cities of Sodom And Gomorrah.

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Free poetry Kindle books for 28 Feb 15

THE SOUL: Poems of Life

by China Cancio

When life is too hard and there’s no one else to hold on to, this book will bring you to passionate journey of varied emotions: voices from the pain of loneliness and yearning for love, the glory of innocence and renewal, the ardent passion of the youth, the joy and sadness of love in the rain, and the desire of death for losing one’s love.

This is a tale of emotions delivered through poems. It conveys its message to the people from all walks of life through the depth of feelings reflected in the words that can touch your soul. This is the melody of poetry.

Read it. Embrace it. Love it.

A New Beginning: Love Poems and Others

by Samrane Savangsy

A collection of my personal poems will take you back through time, way back to my high school years and few years thereafter. Most of them echo love’s smiling and laughter and agony and tears, and some others deal with life’s miscellany.

Saint Crow: poems

by Ruth Harrigan

This volume of poetry contains six poems, ranging from the whimsical “Saint Crow” and “In a Stew” to the reality of a factory worker’s short vacation and what Independence Day means to one family. Who Wrote This Poem is an autobiographical piece about what happened when I wrote my first poem – in school.

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 28 Feb 15


by Karen Baney

Niki Turner has finally arrived. Her career is soaringâ??she has just been offered the company’s most sought after account, Helitronics. Life would be perfect, if she could stop her roommate from playing matchmaker.

Then Kyle Jacobs mysteriously re-enters her life. As painful memories resurface, his presence turns her life upside down and threatens to waylay her career. She must find a way to work with himâ??after all, he’s the helicopter flight consultant for the new flight control system she’s programming.

Kyle Jacobs struggles to find his place in the civilian world following a tragic accident in Afghanistan. He must learn to move beyond the guilt he feels. As he picks up the pieces of his life, he longs for a second chance with Niki, the girl he carried in his heart during the war.

Can Niki forget the past and see Kyle as the new man he has become? Or will her resentment keep her from finding what she has always been searching for?

This contemporary novel is an upbeat and compelling story set in the Phoenix Metro Area. Karen Baney shows a new side to her writing with great whit and banter between the main characters. Inspired by her love of romance and of computers, this story takes readers on a journey filled with laughter and tears.

Moonbow Over Charleston

by Terry Ward Tucker

Cultures clash in a big way when saucy sassy teenage project princess, Larissa Harold, blows into the life of retired Southern widower, Dr. Bedon Calhoun, Sr., and permanently knocks his ordered existence off its aristocratic foundation. When Larissa shares her personal problems with Bedon, problems so horrific they appear to have no solutions – poverty, violence in her home at the hands of her mother’s series of deadbeat boyfriends, not to mention her own advancing pregnancy that not even her mother is aware of – the good doctor forgets about the miserable loneliness that has plagued him since the death of his wife, Hildie, and takes Larissa on as his secret charity. But as he reaches deep into his bank account and deeper into his inner soul in repeated efforts to provide healing for the sweet and salty girl, he somehow finds healing for himself, plus a special kind of love that turns out to be far more meaningful than simple romance. But then enters Buddy, his grandson, and a juicier kind of attraction to the beautiful and intelligent Larissa begins heating up the story. You’ll laugh and cry as the pregnant little stray sprinkles her special mix of spice and magic into the lives of Bedon and Buddy. Enjoy this fast fun read about this fast fun gal as she revs up the engines of two sheltered male Charlestonians who never saw the antics of a gen-u-ine project princess coming their way. They – like you – will never be the same for having fallen under her spell.

Dust Storm: A Christian Western Short Story

by Cliff Ball

In this Christian western short story, fifteen years after the Civil War, Matt Taylor comes through Tucson as part of his travels. He stops at the local Cafe, meets a woman he instantly falls in love with, only for her father, a former Confederate Colonel to order him to leave town. Matt doesn’t, the Colonel tries to bribe some Bandidos to force Matt to leave, but instead, his daughter is kidnapped. So, Matt and the Colonel have to lay aside their differences to rescue her. Find out if they do in this short story.

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Free horror Kindle books for 28 Feb 15

Soul and Shadow (A Lily Evans Mystery Book 1)

by Susan J. McLeod

eBook list price $3.99
#1 Bestseller in Ancient Worlds

In ancient Egypt, a young priestess of the goddess Hathor is laid to rest in a beautiful tomb with everything she needs for her journey into the afterlife…

Three thousand years later, archaeologist Ursula Allingham discovers the mummy of Amisihathor and is confronted by a mystery. Is the man buried with the priestess really her husband? Or was she actually in love with a scribe called Kamenwati and separated from him in life as well as death?

To answer these questions, Dame Ursula turns to Egyptology student and artist Lily Evans, who reluctantly agrees to help. Lily learns that she is psychically linked to Amisihathor and experiences a strange, unsettling phenomenon–the memories and emotions of the Egyptian woman. Luckily, Lily has her beloved pet Cleocatra and her irrepressible friend Katy to keep her grounded in reality. Or so she hopes.

Dealing with the challenges of falling in love with Ursula’s grandson Kent, the reappearance of her ex-fiance Stephen and the demands of her mother and her boss Professor Briggs, Lily soon realizes she has taken on much more than she bargained for.

Book 1 in Lily Evans Mystery series

Editorial Reviews:

“SOUL AND SHADOW is a deep and complex tale of deceit, danger and love. Well plotted and extremely engaging this novel is more than your typical romance, it’s full of vivid images and a story so engrossing that I couldn’t put it down. Ms. McLeod knows her Egyptology and she manages to weave a story that is bold and yet never left me feeling confused.” –Romance Junkies

“Filled with greed, desire, romance, Egyptian history and betrayal…a beautiful story about two very different women and can be read by young and old alike.” –Linda Tonis, Paranormal Romance Review Team

Engaging…a double-storyline that weaves seamlessly back and forth between the present and the past through a clever plot… Recommended to readers of mystery, romance, and those who are captivated by ancient Egypt.”–Rai Aren, co-author of Secret of the Sands

“Soul and Shadow has twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat…McLeod mixes romance, mystery, and paranormal to create dynamic read.”–Debra Gaynor,

“Interesting twists and turns along the way and an unexpected ending…adventure, romance and history.”–Sunni Morris, author of Haversham Hall

“Greed, desire, politics, love, betrayal, and romance are timeless.”–Todd A. Fonseca, author of The Time Cavern

“Finely-crafted…two love stories wrapped in a mystery. Beautifully done.”–L.C. Evans, author of Talented Horsewoman

“A highly entertaining and suspenseful story, complete with plenty of romance, action and intricate historical detail…moving and touching.”–James A. Anderson, author of Deadline

A Deeper Shade of Red

by Dominick Anderson

What happens when a simple mist brings seething horror? Or when a married couple considers murder to re-claim their lives, while the assassin they hire has his own plans of revenge? Even the police have their own bloody secrets, as do most residents in this small mountain town. Yet all evils seem to come together on a single night, as it’s good versus evil in a final showdown where the only way out is to kill or be killed.


by Dominick Anderson

Beast kept his trophies buried deep in the woods, resting in the ground while he carved their numbers on the trees that grew above. In his last kill he was rushed. He ran and left his trophy lying on the forest floor for whatever came out of the woods to find it. It happened to be mentally disabled Melvin. One too many times he was picked on, and into the woods he headed for sanctuary. There, he stumbled on the lifeless body of a young woman.
Melvin however, didnt know the body was lifeless, and when she began to speak to him, he thought he found his new best friend: A best friend that he took home and hid in his closet. Unfortunatly for Melvin, Beast, the man that had murdered the young woman, wants his tophy back, and he wont hesitate to collect more along the way.

A is for Antichrist (A-Z of Horror)

by Iain Rob Wright

***A short story of 22 pages***


A boy’s sixteenth birthday is a special occasion. It’s a time where he becomes a man. It’s a time that brings many changes.

But Isaac’s sixteenth birthday brings him more changes than most. He is not quite himself and suddenly his friends don’t seem so much like friends anymore. By the end of the party, Isaac will not just change from a boy into a man, but into something else entirely.


From Bestselling Author of Horror & Suspense, Iain Rob Wright

“Iain Rob Wright scares the hell out of me.” J A Konrath

“A Master of the Modern Horror Tale.” Matt Shaw, author of Sick B*stards

“Cuddle up to this novel and it might rip your throat out.” David T. Wilbanks – Co-author of Dead Earth: The Vengeance Road

“One of the BEST horror books I have read in YEARS!” – Eric S. Brown, author of Last Stand in a Dead Land

“Wright has achieved a hell of a lot with this novel, pulling together an enjoyable and quite light-hearted apocalyptic romp” – DREADLOCKSMILE

“I found myself identifying with and rooting for some of the characters while being disgusted by others. I’d definitely look up Iain Rob Wright’s other works”

“Iain Rob Wright brings true excitement to the horror genre, with wholly original stories and characters to route for.” – Ryan C Thomas, author of Hissers, Rating’s Game, and Origin of Pain

Valley of the Shadow of Death

by CJ Hogan

There is a valley

where no flame can light

where no one can die

from where God is banished.

There, victims are doomed to eternal life in their rotting corpses.

There, no one can hear their prayers for mercy.

In the depths of winter, a team of rookie soldiers begins their training in the shadow of the isolated valley.

They are all linked by a secret unknown to them; bound by an inescapable curse.

Thrust prematurely into a war they could never have prepared for, the soldiers soon realise – they must fight, not for their lives, but for their deaths.

This valley is the Devil’s dominion.

On this night, when Eosphoros burns bright over the valley, he will come again to judge the Living and the Undead.

On this night, the last recruit will join his Legion…

Werewolf: In The Lair Of The Dungeon Master

by Greg Stanina

Dungeon Master. That was the name branded him by the newspapers. Caine Tucker is a psychopath with an affinity for kidnapping and torturing young girls in the cellar beneath his house.

Jock Harrison is a werewolf.

When Jock awakes to find himself chained in Caine’s dungeon of horrors, he becomes an unwitting participant in the madman’s macabre games…games involving Jock’s unholy alter ego and the bevy of imprisoned beauties.

Pixie Tamer: A Short Story Prequel to Sanyare: The Last Descendant (The Sanyare Universe)

by Megan Haskell

It’s Nuriel “Rie” Lhethannien’s twenty-fifth nameday. She should be celebrating her rise to maturity, not sweating in the training hall. But life isn’t fair, and humans aren’t equal to the elves, at least not in the High Court.

After losing a practice bout to the one man she wants to trust, Rie is thrown into the most challenging test of her life. Will the rewards outweigh the risks?

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Free sports Kindle books for 28 Feb 15

Run into a skinny you: How to lose weight without dieting (Healthy ways to lose weight, Running for weight loss Book 1)

by Lyanne Simmons

Have you tried to lose weight before and found it very difficult to stick to your diet?

Now “Run Into A Skinny You-How To Lose Weight Without Dieting” book offers you a easy practical solutions on how to lose weight by running. You will find a few technique that are easy to follow and will help you stay motivated in your weight loss journey.

After reading this book you will have a simple guide plan to help you achieve you weight loss goals.

You will learn?

  • Introduction why running will help you lose weight
  • How does our body burn fat?
  • Lose weight now with six weeks running plan for weight loss
  • How to make better choices without going on a diet
  • The correct running gear
  • Track weight loss process while running
  • Keep motivated while running
  • Frequently asked questions about running and weight loss and their answers
  • All you have to do is read this book and start your journey to a â??skinny you’!

    Click on the buy button an you will have access a great load of information to help you in your weight loss goals.

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    Secret Chambers and Hiding Places: Learn How To Stash Your Valuables Safely At Home Or On The Go

    by Butros Fraiha

    Stash Your Stuff

    Read For Free With Kindle Unlimited Subscription

    Download today for just $2.99. Regularly priced

    at $5.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    We’ve all had the need to stash something at least once in our lifetime. We have all had the need to hide something to well, that no one on earth could possibly find it. This could to hide something as simple as a birthday present or a stack of cash.

    These hiding places can be as simple as a hollowed out book. Sometimes though, a hollowed out book just isn’t secure enough for you. In this book we will discuss many different hiding places, from the simple to the complex projects. Weather you want to hide your stash from your thieving roommates or from the prying eyes of the government. From family heirlooms or gold bullion there’s a creative and safe place to fashion a hiding place. Not only valuables but also weapons can be safely stashed in clever hiding places. In case there is an emergency or a natural disaster, don’t you want to be protected?

    Learn how to hide your treasures, items and documents securely: Whatever the case may be, this book is here to help by detailing over twenty ways and places that you can stash your stuff.

    In Your Home

    On The Road

    When You’re Traveling

    From Hackers/Cyber Thieves

    Download your copy today!

    Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only

    $2.99! $5.99

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    GEMS: A Book of Award Winning Rhymes

    by Muhammad Shanazar

    Book of Rhymes

    Kettlebell Swing: A Simple Guide To Learn Kettlebell Exercises & Perfect Kettlebell Training To Get Results Fast

    by Erik Smith

    If you have ever wanted to learn how to use kettlebells the right way so you could get the best results with them, then this is going to be the book you need.

    After you have read this book, you will already be ahead of most people when it comes to learning the art of working out with kettlebells.

    You will be able to know how to use them effectively and also know exalt what workouts to perform in order to get the fitness results that you desire.

    What You Will Learn In This Guide:

    The benefits of kettlebells

    How to purchase the right kettlebell

    How to make your own kettlebell cheaply

    The top kettlebell exercises that give you the best results

    Learn the best workouts that provide high intensity that will make you a kettlebell machine!

    Nature Claims All: Revolution: A Primer

    by Josh Hess

    A non-fictional essay detailing the causes and effects of our current political, economic, and social situation. Main ideas include income inequality, imbalances in power and future prospects.

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    Free science fiction Kindle books for 28 Feb 15

    Far From Home: The Complete Second Series (Far From Home 13-15) (Far From Home Box set Book 2)

    by Tony Healey

    The sequel to the best-selling smash hit Far From Home: The Complete First Series!

    Picking up where the First Series left off, the three novel length adventures Enigma, Nemesis and Vengeance take the best-selling series in a new direction as the mysteries of the past are explored, new enemies are revealed and events take a shocking turn that will leave readers breathlessly waiting for the next installment!

    Follow Captain Jessica King and the intrepid crew of the starship Defiant as they embark on adventures that will take them far from home, to the furthest, darkest reaches of uncharted space. The series has proved a best-selling sensation and has captured readers imaginations the world over. So buckle up and prepare for the ride of your life!

    Two Tales from TOMORROW

    by John Patin

    In this first issue of Tales from TOMORROW you will enjoy two original Science Fiction short stories (a total of 11,000 words) by John R. Patin:

    Passengers – 4,100 words
          Humanity had just built its first starship, but it seems version 1.0 always has a few bugs.

    *** and ***

    Aid Station – 6,900 words
         When a retreating mankind dug in on the strategic world they named Blackrock, most were little interested in the discovery that someone had been there before them; someone who had blasted the wretched place into an airless cinder in an ancient war. Humanity had its own war to fight against the implacable NeDan and it looked like the outpost on Blackrock was about to become an Alamo. The past would have to wait. Or would it?

    A scene from Aid Station follows…

         “Miller! Get in here and help me pull this sheeting over the cots… Ah, hell.” A particularly strong shock rolled through the cavern. Captain Raines, MD, CMAF, scrunched his head between his shoulders and clung to the lightweight frame he’d been erecting to support the sheeting. He knew better, but no logic could convince his reflexes that the poles were a ludicrous defense against the kilometer of groaning rock above him. As only dust rained down in response to the latest NeDan strike, he pried white-knuckled fingers from a crimped stanchion. One more time, physics and geology had failed to convert mother Raines’ once fair-haired boy into a meat patty.
          “That one was closer than the rest,” Miller shouted through the open doorway of his workshop. “One of the outer perimeter shields must have gone.” He stepped through the partition dividing his workshop from what had been his quarters before Raines commandeered them. Grabbing a corner of the plastic sheeting, he helped drag it over the frame that stood above the new row of cots. It would protect them from the almost constant pelting of rock dust sifting down with each blast on the grim battlefield above. Empty now, the cots would soon fill with the mangled results of the last strike.

    Now, find ALL of the first THREE  issues of Tales from TOMORROW, in a single, bundled, 3-fer package for the price of one! Just 99 cents for; Three from TOMORROW at;


    by Jason Halstead

    Vitalis Omnibus contains seven novellas that launch the futuristic science fiction series, Vitalis

    Follow the group of brave survivors as they fight to survive pirates and hostile alien life on an undiscovered planet beyond the fringes of human controlled space. They must not only learn to adapt and survive the deadly threats of Vitalis, but learn to work with each other and protect their interests against the off-planet humans that seek to plunder Vitalis for their own interests regardless of the costs.

    Look for these other Vitalis books:

    Book 1 – Vitalis Omnibus (a collection of 7 novellas)

    Book 2 – Vitalis: Resurrection

    Book 3 – Vitalis: Provenance

    Book 4 – Vitalis: Genesis

    Book 5 – Vitalis: Invasion

    Book 6 – Vitalis: Chrysalis

    Book 7 – Vitalis: Communion


    by Brad Ashlock

    Coyote, a teenage girl in a post-apocalyptic landscape, must save her little sister by crossing a desert to reach the fabled town of Midian, all while being hunted by a pack of bloodthirsty mercenaries and outlaws.

    But is Midian harbouring even darker secrets than the moonlit dunes of the Akchain Territory? Through her barbaric journey, Coyote must find the strength within to keep her humanity without losing her life.

    It’s violent. It’s mad. It’s Waceland.

    Verum: Exercitum ex nihilo. (Morningstar Book 1)

    by Ruairí Ducantlin

    Verum – Exercitum ex Nihilo

    NT never really learned to keep his head down and mind his own business.

    Nathan Tiberius Brooks is called NT by his friends; which is OK because NT does not have many friends. Unless, of course, the Alpha Team is included in the “friends” category. How NT became the de facto leader of a counter-terrorism strike force was more surprising to NT than it was to Alpha Team’s trained warriors.

    Jan, Lucinda, Ragnar, and the rest of Alpha Team took an immediate liking to NT when he agreed to lead the fight to stop Morningstar’s plans for population control. “Population control” is a polite euphemism for extermination. Extermination of almost six billion people.

    Except a funny thing happened along the way to happy, happy, joy, joy. The Morningstar test subjects turned out to be more than anyone anticipated. More than they expected themselves to be; ever.

    Morningstar’s experiments had grown beyond their petri dish and had taken over the laboratory

    “Verum – Exercitum ex Nihilo” roughly translates to “Truth. An army from nothing.”

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    Free science Kindle books for 28 Feb 15

    Urban Agriculture: Farming and Food Production in Heavily Populated Areas (Self Sustained Living)

    by Jonathon Toth

    An Introduction To Urban Agriculture!

    Get this Kindle book for just $2.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device.

    Urban agriculture or urban farming is one of the hottest topics nowadays especially when governments, city planners, gardeners, farmers, food justice advocates, and other concerned groups discuss food security. Worldwide food supply is definitely a huge concern for many people all over the world.

    This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to set up a food production system in urban areas where there are large populations.

    This book covers the advantages and benefits of urban farming. It also outlines some of the best strategies for establishing and growing a farm in limited spaces. It also points out some of the challenges that you may face as well as some of the easiest solutions that are readily available to you.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • What is Urban Farming?
    • The Benefits of Urban Farming
    • Starting a Sustainable Urban Farm
    • The Usual Challenges
    • Growing In Limited Spaces
    • Challenges and Solutions
    • And more….

    Learn about urban farming today. Download “Urban Agriculture!” now for a limited time discount of only $2.99!

    Download your copy today!

    An Introduction To Rose Growing: Choosing, Preparing, Caring For, and Protecting Your Roses (Self Sustained Living)

    by Jamie Halladay

    Learn About Garden Rose Growing, and How To Get Started!

    Get this Kindle book for just $2.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device.

    From among the many varieties of cut flower species, roses are definitely easy to tag as one of the most popular. Its sophisticated beauty and the symbolism it carries are the main reasons why this flower has never been left out of the list of flower growers and hobbyists. Roses are preferred as the typical gift item during occasions such as weddings, graduations, Valentine’s Day, and others. The cut flower business industry undoubtedly benefits much from this high level of popularity that roses have these days.

    You might think that you’ll need the knowledge and skills of a professional cut flower grower or a botanist in order to grow lovely roses in your home. In reality, cultivating this type of flower can be a walk in the park. Of course, you’ll need basic information and guidelines for this to be true.

    This book is designed to cater to the needs of those who don’t have any formal training in the area of cut flower cultivation and care. If you are planning to plant roses for a hobby or just want to explore the possibilities that come with small-scale cut flower cultivation, this is the perfect book for you to read. You’ll learn the most important concepts of rose variety selection, planting, care, and pest/disease prevention and cure.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Plant Variety Selection
    • Planting Site Selection
    • Prepping the Soil
    • Planting Procedures
    • Plant Care and Maintenance
    • Disease and Pest Management
    • And more….

    Learn about Rose growing today. Download “An Introduction To Rose Growing” now for a limited time discount of only $2.99!

    Download your copy today!

    The Diabetes Cure: What You Need to Know About Diabetes: Diet, Treatment and Solution for Life

    by David Brooks

    The Diabetes Cure: What You Need to Know About Diabetes: Diet, Treatment and Solution for Life

    Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that is characterized by high blood glucose and either insufficient or ineffective insulin. 5.9% of the population in the United States has diabetes, and diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in our country. Diabetes is a chronic disease without a cure, however, with proper management and treatment, diabetics can live a normal, healthy lives.

    Diabetes is a condition where the amount of glucose in your blood is too high because the body cannot use it properly.

    This is because your pancreas doesn’t produce any insulin, or not enough insulin, to help glucose enter your body’s cells – or the insulin that is produced does not work properly (known as insulin resistance).

    Insulin is the hormone produced by the pancreas that allows glucose to enter the body’s cells, where it is used as fuel for energy so we can work, play and generally live our lives. It is vital for life.

    Glucose comes from digesting carbohydrate and is also produced by the liver.

    If you have diabetes, your body cannot make proper use of this glucose so it builds up in the blood and can’t be used as fuel.

    There are two main types of diabetes: Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes.

    Diabetes develops when glucose can’t enter the body’s cells to be used as fuel. This happens when either:

    – There is no insulin to unlock the cells (Type 1)

    – There is not enough insulin or the insulin is there but not working properly (Type 2).

    This book constitutes a great overview of what Diabetes actually is and how you can manage it in order to live well. It is a short and useful read that will help you understand better this condition in order to live a normal life with it or to help friends and family if needed.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

      Chapter 1 – Understanding Diabetes

    • Chapter 2 – Diet
    • Chapter 3 – Physical activity
    • Chapter 4 – Cure And Solution
    • And Much, much more!

    Download your copy today!

    Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99! Start managing your diabetes to live a normal and helathy life now!

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    A Hot New You! In Only 12 Minutes a Day: Easy Peasy Exercise Program for Women over 40

    by Ryder Management Inc.

    A 12 minute makeover! In only 12 minutes a day this exercise program is designed to give you more energy, vitality, stamina and loss of inches. This easy peasy 12 minute daily exercise program consists of 10 progressive exercises that focus on abs, hips, legs butts, and arms of women over 40. Using the same ten exercises that progress through 24 advancing levels of difficulty that is designed to be completed in a total of only 12 minutes a day, you will be staring at Hot New You in the mirror in no time at all!.

    To assist you with making the easy peasy daily 12 minute routine as part of your every day lifestyle, the author has included a “Three Step Model of Habit Formation” that includes a number of techniques to ensure you don’t quit or skip a day, even when you are looking hot!

    What are you waiting for, take that first 12 minute challenge right now by downloading this book and start your 12 minute work-out today!

    Our Universe Rotates inside God’s Mighty Hand

    by Ifeanyi Chukwujama

    Working at the speed of God, God created space in the 24 hours that constituted Day 2 of creation (Genesis 1:6-8). Then in another 24 hours that constituted Day 4 of creation (Genesis 1:14-19), God populated space completely, to form our universe. This is why God said in the Book of Isaiah: “My own hand laid the foundations of the earth, and my right hand spread out the heavens; when I summon them, they all stand up together” (Isaiah 48:13). The last sentence alludes to God’s commands in Genesis Chapter One which brought each of the creations into existence.
    The Bible says that our entire Universe fits into God’s mighty hand (Isaiah 40:12); and rotates in God’s hand (2 Peter 3:8), suspended over nothing (Job 26:7). The Bible also says that our earth is right in the center of the universe (Isaiah 40:15) (Genesis 1:6-8), further confirming that the universe was created for the purpose of the humanity, and not humanity resulting from some freak accident of nature.
    The Bible says that the space has a rigid frameworkâ??supported by pillars the same way we support heavy framework in our earthly structures. Here is that passage from the Bible: “The pillars of the heavens quake, aghast at his rebuke.” (Job 26:11). And this quaking of the pillars of the space is a reference to the cataclysmic explosion of Day 4 of creation (Genesis 1:14-19) which rocked space, and reverberated throughout its expanse; bringing the universe to life.
    Nature was created to give humanity support and stability, not because of our value and contributions in the larger scheme of thingsâ??because we do measure up to anythingâ??but because of God’s love for mankind. The entire universe was designed to provide stability, and safety to the human race.
    Just as our sun powers the earth and all the planets revolving around the sun; the glory of God directly powers our universe and causes the universe to rotate before God. Just as is the case with all the planetary systems inside our universe, one full rotation of the universe before God is “one universe day” before God. And “one universe day” is equivalent to “365,243 earth days” (2 Peter 3:8).

    Animal Assisted Therapy: Discover how animal assisted therapy can improve your life today

    by Susan Bowman

    Discover How Animal Assisted Therapy Can Help You Improve Your Life Today!


    Did you know animal assisted therapy has been used to help people Lose Weight, Overcome Phobias, Treat addictions, help with Disabilities and more?


    The human animal bond has existed since the beginning of time but only recently has been used extensively to promote natural healing.


    Can Animal Assisted Therapy change YOUR life? You are about to find out�


    According to the National Taipei College of Nursing, animal assisted therapy or AAT is a “goal-directed intervention”, which, when used properly, combines multiple health disciplines to IMPROVE the QUALITY of our lives physically, mentally, and physiologically.


    Did you see that part about “when used properly”? That’s what you about to discover in my new book! How to use animal assisted therapy properly to improve your life today!


    You are about to discover a revolutionary model that will change the way you think about your pet, and just about any animal, forever.


    • Top 10 mental & psychological benefits of pet therapy
    • Find out what and where the top 3 National Organizations are supporting AAT programs and how you can connect with them.
    • Learn about 7 little-known local resources to find an Animal Assisted Therapy program
    • Find out what your doctor might not be telling you about the benefits of AAT, and how AAT may be MORE effective at helping you conquer depression, anxiety, addictions and loneliness than counseling or medications, and moreâ?¦


    Get started with Animal Assisted Therapy Today! You’ll Be Glad You Did!

    Vitamin And Supplements Hacks – How To Optimize Your Vitamin And Supplement Intake For Optimal Health (Vitamins And Supplements Guide, Vitamins And Supplements … Vitamins For Wellness, Food Supplements)

    by Janelle Watkinson

    Vitamins And Supplements For Overall Health And Wellness

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    This eBook contains the basics about vitamins and supplements and what they can contribute to your overall health and wellness. It will also give you some recommendations and suggestions on how to optimize your vitamins and supplements intake in order to maximize your energy, strengthen your immune system and fight diseases, and maintain optimal health.

    7 Reasons To Buy This Book

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    Check Out What You Will Learn After Reading This Book Below!!

    • How To Keep Your Healthy Lifestyle
    • The Tips And Guidelines For Everyday Nutrients
    • The Common Myths And Misconceptions Of These Elements
    • How To Optimize Your Vitamins And Supplements Intake

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    You Do NOT Need A Kindle Device To Read This E-Book, You Can Read On Your PC, Mac, Smart Phone, And Or Your Kindle Device


    Tags: Vitamins, Food Supplements, Vitamins For Wellness, Supplements, Vitamins And Supplements For Health

    How to control your diabetes: Learn inner truths about diabetes

    by Ed Thorn

    Diabetes is on the rise. The American Diabetes Association reports 29.1m Americans or 9.3% of the population having diabetes and leading to the 7th leading course of death in America in 2010.Some $245 billion were spent on diagnosis and treatment of diabetes in 2012.

    A wealth of information has built around diabetes and at times for those with diabetes it can be confusing. We all know that diet and exercise are important but what is the real context?

    This book aims to demystify some of the built up myths around diabetes. The author’s aim is to educate diabetics so that they can take action to start controlling their blood sugar and sensibly manage their diabetes. It will stimulate your thinking and accelerate actions.

    You will discover some of the common misconceptions and a challenge to conventional thinking. Stress is laid on both diet and exercise in a changing environment in which just about every key stakeholders, whether it’s the physicians, food industry, pharmaceutical industry all have their self vested interests. Ultimately control will remain in your hands.

    Use this book to improve your understanding about diabetes and challenge the conventional thinking.

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    Free romance Kindle books for 28 Feb 15

    Mine (A Dark Erotic Romance Novel)

    by Aubrey Dark

    People wear masks. I cut them off.

    She doesn’t know it, but she’s already mine.

    They all are.

    They cry. They scream. They beg for their lives.

    Truth of it is, they’re all wearing masks. Even me.

    I’m just the only one who’s not afraid to look at what lies underneath.


    My hands are tied behind my back. Even if I could get loose, I’m locked inside the plastic surgeon’s library.

    He’s in the next room.

    Killing someone.

    And if I said I wanted him to let me go, I’d be lying.

    Author’s Note: This is a dark romance novel with mature themes that might make some readers uncomfortable.

    Betting It All: A Hellfire Riders MC Romance (The Motorcycle Clubs Book 11)

    by Kati Wilde

    Betting It All is a 35,000 word novella with a satisfying romantic ending — no cliffhangers. It is the first of three novellas featuring Jack & Lily, followed by Risking It All (Feb 15) and Burning It All (April 1st). The Motorcycle Clubs series is a novella series for women who want all of the heat and emotion, but who don’t have all of the time.

    As the only female member of the Hellfire Riders, I’ve fought for everything I have. But now I’m going to lose it allâ?¦

    One stupid bet made years ago is going to ruin me. I’d forgotten all about it â?? but the Riders’ warlord hasn’t. Now the club’s most dangerous member is determined to collect his winnings: a night in my bed.

    But it’s not me that Jack Hayden wants. He’s been trying to get rid of me since I patched in. He thinks I’m weak. He thinks I’m vulnerable. The only possible reason he’s following through on this bet is to try and tear me down in front of our brothers. So I won’t let him get to me, no matter how much pleasure he gives. I’ll never crave his touchâ?¦

    Available Now in the Motorcycle Clubs series:

    HIS WILD DESIRE by Ella Goode (Death Lords MC #1)

    OFF LIMITS by Ruby Dixon (Bedlam Butchers #1)

    WANTING IT ALL by Kati Wilde (Hellfire Riders #1)

    HER SECRET PLEASURE by Ella Goode (Death Lords MC #2)

    PACKING DOUBLE by Ruby Dixon (Bedlam Butchers #2)

    TAKING IT ALL by Kati Wilde (Hellfire Riders #2)

    THEIR PRIVATE NEED by Ella Goode (Death Lords MC #3)

    DOUBLE TROUBLE by Ruby Dixon (Bedlam Butchers #3)

    HAVING IT ALL by Kati Wilde (Hellfire Riders #3)

    THEIR FIERCE LOVE by Ella Goode (Death Lords MC #4)

    BETTING IT ALL by Kati Wilde (Hellfire Riders MC #4)

    Coming Soon:

    DOUBLE DOWN by Ruby Dixon (Bedlam Butchers MC #4)

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